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Thursday, December 31, 2009


the title says it all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY amal!!
so this entry is dedicated to this bestgirlfriend of mine ;-)

this very laidback girl is probably the person who`s been most understanding, and patient with me. we share common interest in reading, travelling, eating..we even love the same tv series! when she`s reading she`d get really hooked up most of the times she wont notice when you call her. so dont try to talk to her when she`s got her nose in her books coz big chances are that u`ll be ignored hahaha ;-)
though we love trying out new places for good food..we`re different in many ways. i love meat, as in red meat like beef and lamb while she`s not much of a meat eater. and unlike me, she`s very well with papers and scissors. always be the one initiating things to gather up friends. and though she`s very laid back and cool, she is one strong pillar of strength and emotional support for friends like me ;-)
we`ve known each other for almost 10 years, and now is the time when i think we bond the most. we got to speed time together a lot this year, sometimes we cud just lazy around her living room couch watching our favourite tv show, or just reading in silence..guess its true they say; a good friendship is when silence between two people is comfortable.
there`s too much to say about her it cud take me the whole night...definetely one of the first persons i`d share my stories with, good or bad. and always have the right words to make me feel not so bad.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR. and thanx for being such a great friend. i hope we stay the best of friends for the years to come, and forever.
have the best birthday ever this year ok ??!
hugs & kisses,

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


breakfast; wholegrain bread+ fresh milk+kueh bubur asyura mak sheera <-- guilty pleasure~
lunch; chilli lamb pasta + ice lemon tea <---pasta tak sedap, manis mcm letak gula satu senduk! sendiri buat sure lg sedap~
dinner;karipap 2 ketul+ soya bean

*dah 5 days lupe naik atas scale...think i lost another kg. so total lost in 2 week = 3kgs ;-)
kurangkan makan nasi sket2 pon bleh turun...kalau bersungguh-sungguh?weee~

oh ya..
hari ni saya tidak sakit
dan saya bukan pms sbb saya br lps cuti.
so, sorry kalau saya oversensitive..
saya tak marah atau merajuk, cuma 'kecik hati' sket tu ade laaa~
walaupon saya tau tak ada sbb utk itu...

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Monday, December 28, 2009

annuall BBQ - vers.2009

adek-ku yg montel

mcm past years sejak aku start keja kat tpt skrg, akhir thn (after bonus), aku buat BBQ dan mkn2 utk the whole Yusof+Hasnah family~
so last friday during christmas holiday, we had the annual bbq as usual. cuma kali ni, atok n makwe takde-dah berkampung kat rumah adik beradik atok yg kawenkan anak on saturday tuh.

this year we`re having it on 25th december - a significant date for mak+abah-their 29th anniversary. ni sbb nak kawen time public hol punye keja lah ni~
which is kinda good, senang nak ingat anniversary diorg hehe..
lamanye dah diorg husband and wife - utk org yg masih single mingle mcm aku ni, cant imagine mcm mane nak hidup dgn someone for that long ( and longer...)

BBQ mcm biasa got chicken, lamb, kupang, otak2..then i made some macaroni goreng, mokde plak bawak n.lemak bungkus (so sedap!)..kupang ade jugak version rebus yg sgt best, rugi nye mak tak makan kupang, naseb baek aku tak follow in that sense hehe. also had a cake - classis cheese cake from SR - sbb kempunan ari thursday sempat beli satu slice tp tak sempat makan ;-)
good food, great company, great laughs..definetely a must every year.

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monday blues~

breakfast; wholegrain bread + fresh milk
lunch; nasi separuh+ikan bakar+tempe+ikan masin masak lemak
dinner; nasi separuh+sambal udang+sup sayur+telur dadar

yes i`m back with my meal notes <---no rice didnt work. now i know the malay+jawa part of me is quite powerful haha~ will cut down on the carbs slowly. but i learnt that low fat diet is healthier than low carb diet. so, my excuse for not letting go rice totally~

monday blues was too obvious to ignore, still in cuti2 mode. post cuti - and pre cuti. baru sedar that i`ll be having 5 days off beginning thursday. with no real plan except for 31st dec...sudah mula panik. i cant spend 4 days without a plan~
have a wedding to go saturday. somehow malas nak tanye others if they hv plan. its always me asking. this time i`ll just go if i feel like it. tp rase mcm weekend ni, baik aku jauhkan diri dr UTARA dan membawa diri ke SELATAN. i might just drive to JB, lepak2 with ucu and paksu there and ask heret them to singapore for a day. azian, if you feel like it, mari2. thats pretty much what i have in my head now.

sesungguhnya dunno how to act when i got to know sthg i`m not supposed to. i dont blame the person yg membawa cerita as he doesnt hv a clue. if i were in a movie, maybe i cud be the best actress. but serious, my week cud hv started with a happier note but wallahh...the big news. not that its such a big suprise anyway...entah kenapa berita ni buat aku rase seperti dikejar masa utk jalankan strategi menyelamatkan diri....i think 2010 will be a BIG year for everything.

well, aku tak mahu tau, tp sbb aku dah ter - tau, i`m wishing him all the best.
Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar dan dlm keberkatan...
May God speed them in everything that they plan.

hey, i am trying.

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jibun he no go houbi - ichi

tahniah dee & azrul

i hv a long wishlist...and it is according to its order ;-)
but yesterday i broke the rule and went straight down (almost) to the bottom of the list and got myself what i`ve been eying~
yey...sgt best.
but being me...i am now so blurr i dunno how to use it!

kekyoku...yg penting buleh guna to make calls and text messages ~~


had a small get-together today at 1U - sempena ke-bercutian misz een dr nihon + cik puan dd yg dah kembali for good ;-)
had fun with the girls, ayra pon ade. hari ni ade benda baru, dia suka main teleng2 kepala and cak2 hehe..
sori ayrea cant resist gambar kat atas tuuuhhh.

HAPPY 11th month birthday hehe...sebulan lagi jek nak setahun yek ;-)

later pastuh went to dee`S majlis ijabqabul at shah alam..dee came to me about a week ago, telling me the big suprising news. instead of getting married next year the plan suddenly changed to a majlis bertunang and the ijabqabul in one day. but the reception will still be later next year. kata org tua2 - nikah gantung.
she only told the rest of them at the office the day before christmas holiday...quite a suprise for everyone.
bagus gak agaknye kalau buat planning senyap2, sebelum nak cuti kawen tu baru bg kad haha...baru suprise. kalau jadik alhamdulillah..kalau tak jadi, tak siape yg kalau mcm dee ni kat s.alam takpelaa..kalau yg jauh sampai ke johor nuuunn mau kena ketuk agaknye~

nway...had a busy weekend with family kat BP.
will update laterzz...

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


i`ll be off to johor in a minute.
network will be very-very slow so tak sure bleh update tak from home.
so alls, HAPPY HOLS.
take good care of urselves ya.
to those, whom i`ll be meeting this sunday, see yaaaa soon~~

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i`m back

sayang ayra sayang ~
lupe nak komen gambar di atas.. comei kan?
ayra chang ni waktu lahir dulu kecik jek, dahi kerut2...skrg dah besar jd baby-dara sunti, biler senyum mmg kawaii. kerut2 tetap ade hehe..maybe sbb once in a while kitorg akan jumpe sekali ngan mommy dia, she seems to recognize me ;-) ( bangga2~)
thanks yam for the super-kawaii candid pic!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

notice that i`ve been off-line this past week?
or maybe u dont.
my 5-year old vaio desktop buat problem.
came back home late night saturday, switched it on but couldnt.
dgr bunyi kipas jek running.

made my own conclusion...must be the motherboard or sthg.
so been asking around...and there were advises to take the harddisc out and extract the data- well, thats the most important part for me anyway. cant bear loosing all my photos!!!!

but these few days, despite easy-breezy days at work, been busy on the evenings. monday at OU, tuesday at the curve...only because tomorrow i`m leaving for BP already so i realized i have to get the harddisc out by tonite!

so after 2 episodes of CSI, started to operate the pc...godek2 punye godek berjaya gak bukak pc - serious ari tuh tgk *budak jiwang* bukak tak sampai 5 mins, but i took like 15 mins urghh...but anyway berjaya bukak. pastu belek punye belek seriously tak kenal harddisc yg mane. serious rase cam looser.
sambil2 tu dok usik sana sini...kot2 ade yg longgar kan.
then switched it on and wallah ~ it`s on!!! mcm normal. more than normal! error "fan abnormal" pon dah takde~

rasenye pc ni merajuk mintak dibersihkan huhu...mgla sgt byk habuk kat dlm...sorry pc.
promise to give more love and care in the future.

so tomorrow start cuti - supposedly friday but i`m taking halfday leave tomorrow evening. need to do some errands before leaving will be a busy long weekend.

meanwhile at work, its that season of the year. appraisal, bonus, promotion bla2....well promotion as usual will be a bit late maybe somewhere in feb or march...but as expected we had our BIG BIG announcement on tuesday. the only time of the year when all 7000 over staffs gather to hear the good/bad news.
Alhamdulillah, despite the economy downturn, bonus is still quite good - not as good as last year but still, its not that bad. many complain that its not enough but honestly, i am quite happy with it.

and due to hectic schedule for the past 3 months or so, we only had our apraisal session with leaders this week. in fact i had mine just this morning.

wasnt a bad one. feel like my hardwork for the past one year had been a worthy one. feel appreciated but at the same time cant ignore the pressure of higher expectations. seriously, i feel like celebrating not really because of the money, but more because of the evaluation grade. but we have to be discreet. its a sensitive issue best kept within oneself rather than shared among each always. tak semua akan tumpang happy utk kita..
so instead...will share this joy with family this coming weekend. and maybe closest friends~

and on a totally different matter, after what happened last week, now rasa betul2 mcm hati kering. couldnt be bothered anymore. all this while i`ve been too weak and too scared to loose all. but seriously, for the first time in 5 months, now i dont feel anything. no pain, and no feelings. being emotionless doesnt happen to me often but when it does, its for the good. just anxious to be totally out of his way, and far2 away. and by doing so, i believe i`m doing him a favor. for all i know its what he wants anyway.

i know i said we`d stay friends and everything will be ok.
but maybe we cant. we just cant.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

diet day 7

5 days of (not so) diet down the drain i could say...
weekend sgt susah to resist those temptation~

breakfast; none
lunch;nasi minyak, ayam goreng, beef rendang, feef curry whoohoooooo...&lotsa sirap ais!!
dinner;seafood bibimbap + waterchestnut juice

lunch; ikea sweedish meatball(10), daim cake, mineral water and coffee
dinner; rice, seafood curry,plum calamansi juice

back-up plan --> starting tomorrow will (try to) have no-rice diet.

hmmmm....boleh ke?

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

k.a.w.e.n dan Y.E.S

every weekend for the past weeks had been full with weddings of friends and families.
tak sempat nak bershopping sempena the year end sale...
yer...walaupon sale adalah sampai 03012010....terasa sgt gataiii nak shopping dah skrg...
bukanlaaa nak shopping besar2an pon...but hv a few items in mind yg WAJIB beli ekceli ( ya rite hehe..)

stuff like...
-shoes for work
-billy bookcase!!! <--- wajib2!!
err.....and while i`m at that buleh jugak kalau dpt;
-sandals! <--- i want flats! kesian kaki lately asyik pakai that C&K wedges.
..& that sleek,black smart little thingie i`ve been eying wohooo...yg tu kena tunggu pakcik aminar rashid buat special announcement laaa this monday br bleh adjust ;-)

but for now, nampaknye hari ni sekali lagi off to a wedding. this time @ UPM banquet hall.
kalau sempat maybe bleh singgah midvalley.
tp mcm gian nak shooting something other than weddings nih.

lihat sajalah ke mana kaki ku pergi nanti...

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Friday, December 18, 2009

salam maal hijrah

sebelum terlupe..
salam maal hijrah utk korg sumer~

some of you might know about the story how i once sent an sms to a wrong person - the person yg paling TAK PATUT dpt sms tuh, and let it ruin my emotion and my life for months.
i think i`m somewhat cursed by this.

woke up this morning feeling like hell.
ada sms from someone yg obviously TERSALAH send mcm my case dulu. maybe dia nak balas dendam...
now i know for sure how bad it makes me feel. like i want to puke la ok..sgt tak berminat nak tau what and how u text to her laaa ( the sms was meant for the gf...i guess).

and being me yg sgt kuat instinct, i think i know whats going on...hv this feeling she knows something and she`s not happy.
seriously, if only i could say to you girl, stop worrying and just be glad that he`s yours.

so, bleh tambah la satu azam tahun baru, stop commenting his FB or whatever.
and we might as well just delete each other`s phone no. from our phones (..and memories). next time somebody mistakenly send a text i dont know what else it would be.

i dont feel like crying or screaming like i still would up to 2 months i guess i`m over it.
it just takes some more time to heal the scar it left me.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009


breakfast; coco crunch+low fat milk+horlicks
lunch; rojak ayam+air kelapa
dinner; nasi putih+ ayam masak merah+sayur campur

kalau mcm ni lah gayanye...alangkan 10kg..5 pon susah nak hilang!!!
tp takpelah...hari nih best mkn ayam masak merah masak sendiri..dgn nasi panas2 lawan air sejuk. and i am not ashamed to say that it was quite tasty hehe..
pehh mmg best dan tak berapa bagus utk diet!!

tp sempena kemenangan MALAYSIA ke atas VIETNAM ari cuti lah ;-)

satu hari di opis ari ni, sakit telinga dgn kata2 org yg skeptikal.
"ala naseb jek masuk final nih..."
"sure tak bleh menang punye.."
dan mcm2 lg ayat losers.

utk org yg pada satu zaman dulu(zaman skolah daaa...) byk spent time outside the classroom and on the field, u`d know how its like. u dont get to win everytime. but the spirit and the hard work tu yg priceless. and it always makes a difference when u hv loads of supports rather than alone ;-)

i mean, u can bash them if they didnt win lah...but belom main lg dah underestimate mcm tu is a bit...childish.

then u see biler dah menang (1-0), surely akan ade suara2 sumbang yg kata..
"gol naseb tuuu.."
"alaaaa 1 kosong jek..."
dan bla2..

betul kata mabbits, kalau org tu rase buleh main dpt 14 gol...dipersilakan lah main. tak kuasa nak layan.

tp ntah2.
org tu sendiri kaki bangku, kaki kerusi dan kaki meja ...
selalunye mcm tu lah~

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


breakfast; toast(x2)+horlicks panas
lunch; sup tulang+ nasi separuh+telur dadar+ teh ais <-- sah takde gaya berdiet~
dinner; claypot chicken rice+barli suam
( FAIL!!!)

ye..saya mmg takut kumbang. sbb kumbang busuk dan suka menghinggap di kepala.
tp mungkinkah kumbang yg takutkan saya?

takde maknenye~


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


breakfast; egg sandwich + milo susu
lunch; nasi separuh + ikan masak tauchu + sayur kubis + hati sambal + air kosong
dinner; roti bakar + horlicks panas <-- kegilaan minum horlicks sejak supper horlick panas bersama mabbits ;-)

kata saya sudah finally GO!!
buleh tarik nafas sket...keeping fingers crossed that there`s no any big issues in the future. kalau timbul problem pas kata (die) dah tooling ni lagi haru deh.
mau kena potong gaji nanti haha ~~

end up today balik pon takde la awal sgt..ngantuk sgt sampai tertido dlm cadroom,sedar2 dah kol 6, opis dah almost kosong! tinggal 2-3 org bangla & nepal jek tak abes2 keja heeee...rase mcm pelik nak balik awal - mmg selalu ade sindrom nih.

purposely had light dinner - diet la konon ;-)
but already, i`m thinking abt tomorrow`s breakfast waaaaa~~~

diet mmglaaa satu cabaran hebat utk org suka makan mcm aku ;-(

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Monday, December 14, 2009

capati kuah saden ~~

bfast; teh tarik + egg sandwich - hard boiled, no mayonnaise ;-)
lunch; nasi separuh + ikan goreng + sayur taugeh + hati ayam + jus kedondong
snack ; 2 pcs guava, oat biscuit
dinner; capati (x2) + kuah sardin + teh tarik

muhasabah; mcm takde lah byk sgt mkn, tp too much teh tarik and failed bab 'eating time'...shud hv taken bfast earlier i.e latest by 9am & dinner by 7pm!!

issued the drawings today. office mood was quite tight, i found myself avoiding some of the leaders haha. semua dah mcm gunung berapi nak lemetup. what to do...korang boss..korang la yg tanggung~~
yg penting, i`m glad its all over. i can now take a really deep breath in.

berkira-kira utk cuti beberapa hari lps ni~~

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

girls` day out & friends weddings

fav pic of the day ;-)

us again, with aiza and hubby ;-)

gambar kami yg tak baper cun ( my shooting in dewan skill sucks~), tp ni kira bukti la kami dtg mlm tu ;-)
p/s; mimi, sila upload gambar kami ngan pengantin yek ~

Mr.&Mrs ANI ;-)

it was the long weekend~
the big d/line overshot a bit. but its almost over so i had the weekend for myself. except for a couple of hours in the office today~

the long anticipated girls day out. sorry baby-dara ayra, mummy tinggalkan at nursery to spend some time with aunty fara* & amal* ;-)

we went to this spa in bangi - serenity spa - had a session of full body massage & manicure pedicure. my first ever for both. the massage was super SAKIT ok, but amazingly body feels so good afterwards. jari-jemari tangan dan kaki pon berkilai-kilat and kemas jek after the mani&pedi hehe..kena maintain la pasni rajen2 gi nail salon LoL. had lunch later kat mines - original plan nak gi pavillion la konon but masa tak mengizinkan - we all had a wedding to go malamnye ~
punyelah asyik...we actually forgot to snap any pics!!! blame it on yam yg bawak camera tp perap dlm bag haha~

so later that evening we met again at ani`s wedding in kepong.

wishing u all the best in married life, semoga berbahagia dunia akhirat ;-)

sorry dear, my shooting skill su*ks. amek gambar dlm hall+at night, still fail ;-(
lg satu segan plak nak amek lebih2, dlm dewan sumer org nampak hahaha....
nway, it was a beautiful wedding, pelamin cantik gilerr i sgt suka. and yg penitng sekali, its good to see u having teh time of your life ;-)


another wedding to attend.
i had two actually, but chose to go to aiza`s in nilai since she made the effort to snail-mail the card and all ;-)
so singgah to bangi to pick ma`a up, then straight to the wedding. met the girls mostly from last friday nite`s wedding!
mmg muka2 yg sama je selalu hehehe..
i take it as a good thing. ni dah mcm gang kenduri kawen~
since everyone was in no rush, we stayed for a while, chit chatting and gossiping...even had some teh tarik session later at a cafe nearby. the girls planned for a third session in OU later on, but i made a pass lah. sent ma`a back home then went back to sg.buloh ( by now, you guys must hv known sg.buloh is like my 2nd resident lol)

hari bermalasan.
konon pagi2 nak keluar to jln TAR tp end up after melodi br gerak ;-)
jln2 jln tar from around 2.30 - 5.30 - maybe record paling kejap kat jln tar heh.
objective to get a selendang for next week`s team building dinner achieved.

bla bla bla....

stopped by the office around maghrib and did some work for a few hours.
hakikatnye sgt mengantuk daaaa but nak jugak update on the long weekend.

oh yes....
tomorrow starts the 14weeks diet challenge!!!
made a pact wih iman (amal`s sister) to loose 10kgs by middle march!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

impromptu team-building/retreat

6.58pm today, got an e-mail.
about an impromptu team building/retreat for our dept.
all of the sudden?
apparantly its going to be very-low-budget thingie. 2 days one night only, tu pon tak berapa jauh pon dr klang valley.
sure lagi penat sbb walaupon sehari surely ade xtvt2 yg memenatkan.
how abt building the team throughout the year, and actually give us the chance to rest that one weekend huh?
u even MAKE us work on weekends, and now u`re talking team building in one weekend...
sorry i`m so full of negativity~

the thing is...i`ve made plans to attend KURSUS (taknak) KAHWIN that weekend.
lucky no reservations been made it can be rescheduled. but still feel bad for again delaying it.

short notice obligations suck.

no, i`m not getting there anytime soon yet.
but i`m curious and keen to find out about certain things...


"...needs to start hunting"
status ni mengundang diskusi yg panjang lebar kat FB.
seimbas lalu sumer ingat i was talking abt job hunting...well maybe i am.

tp seriously...ayat tu sebenarnye membawa lebih drpd satu maksud.
sekurang-kurang nya dua...
tiga mungkin..

people just need to read between the lines~

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Monday, December 7, 2009

minggu akhir...

minggu ni hopefully akan jadi minggu akhir utk stress at work.
after one year plus in the project, finally drawing yg almost-final dah nak issue...
so by next week, be prepared to jump from super hectic to super free...thats always the case.

bukan first time nak melalui saat2 mcm ni..only now rase mcm lain sket.
sbb dlm hati dah ada niat.
dan kalau niat ini yg terbaik, dan doa dimakbulkan-Nya..tak perlu la lagi nak go through another circle of this madness...

sibuk bekerja mmg baik. lebih baik drpd terlampau senang-lenang tak ada kerja. tp bila hati dah resah gelisah, tak boleh nampak rasional kenapa perlu memaksa diri bekerja mcm org gila, ditambah dgn masalah non-work-related yg menyesakkan dada...unless i cud find a new way to stop myself being sucked into depression everytime, finding the way out seems to be the only call.

in the meantime,plan to spend some more time hanging out and doing stuffs ngan people that i care about here. dlm ramai2 only a few yg quite close pon....tu pon ade yg pernah close but for some stupid reason berckp pon biler betul2 ade purpose.

only 3 weeks left of december.
i`m trying to see this whole year positively. been many good things and fond memories with friends and family.
but somehow..i miss me one year ago.
akhir2 thn mcm ni last year rase mcm good things than bad.

takpelaa...another 3 weeks to be all emo and dramatic.
then it will be time for a whole new chapter.

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ukur lilit

yummy-mommy babe,

i dont hv a measuring tape!
so tak bleh nak ukur lilit and panjang lens as requested huhu~~
esok i`ll try to borrow from whoever yg ade measuring tape and will get u the measurement okeh.

i`m excited.
i`ll babysit ayra for u if u need me to ;-)
*bukan ajak2 ayam kenalah sediakan bm cukup2~~
wee seronok dah tau term ibu2 haha

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

boring sunday~

i`m still adapting to this whole house-sharing thingie.
housemate`s family is here - dah seminggu almost.
ok jek nak berbual-bual.
but it feels awkward to go on doing chores around the house - cooking etc.
so end up spending most time in this crumpy room.
rite now lapar to the max but somehow malas nak turun.

wiken2 ni....diorg ni taknak kuar berjalan ke?

org selalu ckp i get along well with makciks.
i really do. thats y i`m close to families of my best buddy.
but i guess, it doesnt happen everytime.

ada masa..sgt malas nak bersosial.

so now u know y ari ni rajin sgt nak tukar the look of this blog. yg lama tu cincai-bancai sgt.
but i totally suck at this now tatau camne nak enable comments.
dd, help!!!

sket lg lah br kuar, singgah by the office jap - this dude mintak tlg applykan cuti esok - still dont know how to say no to him no matter what...
then heading straight to BRP5 to pick up mabbit`s cookies.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


4.05pm...sampai opis card tetinggal....
so dudukla dpn pintu opis (pintu dpn) dgn harapan sape2 yg dlm cad room tu kuar nak minum ke,gi toilet ke ape kan...

10mins later..still tak nampak bayang. hp plak tetinggal gak kat umah hmmm..

tukar strategi, kuar building then masuk balik ikut pintu belakang. supposedly dkt sket ngan pintu cad room tu maybe senang sket nak attract attention.


tercangok la kat pintu belakang plak.
deym ade 2 org dlm cad room tu, alfie and aloy tp both facing the other direction and both pon having their headphones on!!!

ketuk2 pintu...dan ketuk lagi.

dah naik boring sampai almost pk nak balik jek....
khusyuk giler bekerja diorg nih.

finally aloy took her headphones off!!!
finally aloy perasan huhu....penatnye.

mmg abes kena gelak ngan aloy and alfie.

sgtla inconvenient nye biler office tu fully secured with accessed cards.pintu tu once tutup mmg takleh masuk dr luar kalau takde kad.
nak balik td pon terpakse tekan this one button pastu lari2 sebelum pintu tu locked balik.
percubaan ke-2 baru berjaya haha~
logikla...pakai heels maaaa....

or sebenarnye lebih inconvenient lg biler lately suka sgt mamai dan pelupa.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

law of attraction

sometime ago i read this book - the secret by Ronda Bryne. quite famous for its subject - law of attraction.
maybe one day bleh buat review on this book.

but the point is, suka atau tak, i do believe in the law of attraction.
adala sorg Hamba Allah ni suka ckp, kalau kita ceria mesti ramai yg suka...kalau monyok je pulak nanti org lari. and tho i like to argue every single time, deep inside i know its true all along.
in theory, our minds are like magnets. when we think about something intense enough - conciously or not - they tend to become real.

so datangla petua, kalau nak gi shopping tuuu think positive-on the way to the mall try to think of a nice parking spot near the entrance. in theory, we will get a parking spot just as we think...mcm hantu kan. tp mungkin betul..

law of attraction explains how sometimes we`re singing a song in our head and suddenly a friend beside starts singing the same song! or how twins get sick at the same time even when living listening to a sad love song after an awful day only makes it worse...or how we sometimes text an sms about someone and then send it to THAT person-ni normally kes mengumpat atau meluah perasaan yg believe me, sgt boleh berlaku to any of us.
like pg td almost ter-send sms ngumpat boss kat boss itu himself...pheuwww..this mamai-ness is really going to kill me one day!

i dont know about others. but i do have that illness. i get to be totally lost and mamai when i think about someone or something too much.

like today, while mengadap kerja kat office lewat malam, sambil geram2 workstation yg mandom and hang dan memujuk perut yg lapar..tetiba terfikir nak call this one good friend yg duduk jauh nuuuun kat perlis. nak tanya khabar. and nak planning merambu cuti2. serious dah lama tak sembang since both busy.
tak sampai 15minutes pastu phone ring2.

"woi makcik. dok buat pe?"
haha..talking about law or attraction.
"panjang umur ko babe. br jek terfikir nak call td "
(..and the conversation continued for the next 20 mins) <-- keja punye pasal somehow had to cut it short. zaman kat nihon dulu we used to talk and talk and talk on the phone sampai battery abes. tu pon tak tentu stop. kdg2 gi cucuk battery pastu sambung balik!
one time we actually talked dr mlm sampai subuh and sedar2 mcm dah cerah...amazing how dah 15 years kawan still tak abes lagi benda nak ckp kan ;-)

seronok plan pasal cuti. cuma gomennasai...selagi tak lps issue drawing dan sebagainye bulan ni, selagi tu kena simpan dulu niat tu.
lps issue nanti, rasenye kalau mintak cuti seminggu pon boss tak kesah...

tp taknakla cuti seminggu.
berazam ni nak simpan cuti cukup 23 hari~
kenapa 23 hari?

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

mabbits cookies-mookies

the promo


tokeh biskut haha~~
people who know me wud know that i love eating - other words, i enjoy good food ;-)
thats y lah i love cooking and baking..its hard to be satisfied with food others cook hehe...most of the time, buat sendiri lg sedap~
so, i wud only recommend something that i myself really like.

ok. enuff intro.

my bestfriend`s sister makes mar-velloussss choc chip cookies. i`ve tasted the early version - and trust me, she had put so much effort perfecting the secret recipe and now it is almost purrrfect ~

she is now selling it online under the name mabbits bakery.
urmmm i am so not good at marketing, but i can say that with the price they`re selling, it cud make the in-famous famos *mos a run for its money!

check out for details - price, how, where and whats.

a reminder though, it is still on a small scale biz, so everything is very home-made. no deliveries for now, but its very convenient for those living around sg.buloh and nearby ( the likes of damansara and pj) - or if u`re in rawang, heck i can deliver ;-)

not really a dealer or anything...i`m just amazed at this 14 yr-old kid`s seriousness in doing sthg she likes ( and making money along the way!)

u go girl!!!


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