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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Updates : On study plans & the long averdue swimming lessons!

First, on study plans.
After struggling and sleeping on papers (read:laptop!) for a few days, finally managed to finish writing a short proposal and fill up the application forms. I wish they'd give us a word format soft copy though, so i didnt have to handwrite on them.
Dah lama x menulis dgn tangan, x tentu arah jadinya tulisan.
The short proposal is on sthg that's very relevant to my current work but it's also sthg that i wonder if it can be used in an environment like my previous workplace.
I just had a difficult time deciding whether i shud write in a more focused context or be general. Hope the sensei got my point.

So while the sensei is reading n checking...guess i can only take a deep breath first.
We're meeting on 27th - just the day before i'm leaving for mabul for the island photography trip + diving. I just hope he doesnt expect anything from me within the next week as i wont be around untill the 4th.
Next will be on taking the ielts exam...duit lagi huiyo. Pokai jugak 2-3 bulan ni. Hopefully it pays off.

Next...on swimming!
Finally taking swimming! I've first eveloped the habit of going to the pool with a friend for the past month, duduk bangi ni byk pools sekeliling. Nak pegi ke x je. tambah pulak most pools ade ladies session so x segan la. So i've gotten some confidence and free lessons hehe..not so scared about floating anymore. They are right, we float!
Actually with the rate i was going i think i will eventually be able to swim even without proper lessons.Tp tah bape lama amek masa kan. usual. I like doing things properly.
so finally last week i went to my first swim lesson, the second session was last night.
My session is every monday night.
its a grp lesson but since everyone is at different levels, the instructor wud go to each student one by one and give specific lesson, then we'd continue to practice.

First lesson was introduction to bubbling. Selama ni dok dgr mcm2 versi lah org ajar. baru tau yg betul. Breathe in always with the mouth but bubble(breathe out) in the water only with the nose yek! Barula x masuk air lam idong.
and since i was already comfortable with bubbling n static floating, i was thought how to kick! Err..the frog kick.
Turns out the most basic form of swimming they teach is breaststroke.
so last week, every visit to the pool was spent with incredible amount of kicking that my thighs hurtttt huhh..lenguh!

2nd class last night...i learned the hands pulling action and already incorporating that with the kick and also pushing my head out of the water for breathing. learner kata cikgu. Dia tatau yg cek practice 4x a week  :p

So after 2 lessons, dah pandai kick, dah pandai pull dan dah pandai naik utk breathe. Tp x baper jauh la nak pi..baru 3-4 stroke dah semput! Haiyo. Kena jogging ke pulak?

Yg bagusnye the style of teaching dia,dia ikut phase each student. Mane yg lambat tu dia x push. Bila org tu dah nampak comfy with certain step baru dia ajar benda baru. Sgt cool!
Adik2 je pon yg ngajar n our group is for ladies only. Tapi errr....during lesson time tu ade byk grp2 lain yg conduct lessons jugak termasuk for kids and guys.
Our group amek bhgn hujung skali tepi wall..but somehow the guys grp makin lama amboi makin dkt plak..sekali2 dgr cikgu kami ckp dgn cikgu depa "bang bleh ke sana sket tak?"

Tapi nampak gayanya, semua khusyuk belajar pon - yg guys nye cikgu lgla garang2! Di pegang2 nye muka org tu nak ajar amek nafas. Mak aih ganas.
so maybe derang x sengaja kotttt...haha.
P/s: cek pon kdg2 terusya org sana gak hehe..
sambil menyelam sambil minum ayer kata org  :p

Petang ni as usual akan ke pool uniten utk practice, and my weekly date with bestfriend, and her two kids  :p


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