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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sabar itu indah.

Senario 1.

Mamat a berkawan dgn minah a, amek masa mengenal hati budi katanya.minah a ni btw average girl next door la. Baik, sopan santun, hormat org tua, bertudung etc. Simple person.

Tiba2 mamat a jumpe minah b. lincah, cantik, seksi meksi, kontroversi, ramai past boyfriends.
tapi jumpa 3x tuptup mamat a lamar jd isteri.

I know, jodoh dan ajal maut di tangan Allah. Tp sy juga percaya manusia membuat keputusan juga berdasarkan pertimbangan akal dan hati.

Hakikatnya ramai yg membuat keputusan kerana nafsu, sambil beralasankan fitrah dan agama.
Syukur terselamat daripada yg seumpanya.

Sabar itu indah.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hi mr.stranger! do you go from stranger to non?

And when coincidently today he was walking just in front of me heading towards the door to leave the office, and when my heart started to pump fast and i started questioning myself whether i can handle being in the lift with him -takut kang tersadung kaki ke ape kang malu jek - the door decided to play prank and slammed on me!
Padan muka berangan sampai lambat tolak pintu lepas touch access card.

Stranger la sampai sudah.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

sengkek atau memilih?

Went to have lunch 'sotong bakar' at d'limau nipis bangi seksyen 8 today..lps makan masuk 7E nak beli newspaper and mags kalau jumpa yg menarik.
semua mags yg menarik sudah ada kat beli paper shj.

Tetiba perasan this magazine, yg x sesuai utk saya beli sbb magazine 'lelaki'.
Ape tah title x at first it caught my eyes sbb the cover was featuring Aidil Zafuan - u know, the famous (and handsome) football player. ermm penah tgk mamat ni in real life..tgk?mcm benda pulak hahak. mmg sehemmm. dahla tererr main bola.
aik..sejak jd 'duda muda' ni, jd model majalah pulak? tststst.

nway, pastu terperasan satu tajuk artikel kat cover tu - bujang terlajak, sengkek atau memilih.

no.1,kalau majalah itu majalah perempuan i wonder what the title wud be.
no.2, i think bujang terlajak suka menggunakan alasan sengkek padahal sebenarnya diorg terlebih memilih.


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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mimpi lagi...

Mimpi datang lagi dgn jeng jengggg *dgn intonasi tora ye*

Mata2 mimpi yg mendebarkan..kali ni masih x nampak muka si dia, tp siap nampak muka 'mak mertua' siap dgn kaum kerabatnya..
nampak juga rumah, ruang tamu, dapur, bilik...errr..

Plot membawa ke babak yg sedikit suspens..seb baek terjaga on time!

Sungguh misteri. Kalau nampak siapa orang nye kan ke bagus...

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Monday, November 18, 2013


A few locations i decided to start the list with. Places i can see myself settling down - well at this point of writing. if sudenly i'm getting married to someone..say, who lives in penang or jb(??!) the list will be invalid! heh!

The list:
- putrajaya
- bangi/kajang
- cheras
- sri kembangan / serdang
- puchong
- shah alam

Cyberjaya itself is not on the list yet..a lot of reviews on cyberjaya claim that it is still to early to say that cyberjaya will be a good place to stay. too many new projects are on going now people are talking abt a possible more supply than demand. Many ppl are still looking at cyberjaya as a place to work rather than stay, night time population still on the low, too many foreigners/students population is also not to my liking.
SO for now, cyberjaya is on the wait n see list.

Shah alam suprisingly has quite good rates. Found a couple thats within my range (on the smaller space), and at good locations. Need to narrow down to areas more towards batu 3 area. Need to consider the distance factor.

Thats all for a start.

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house hunting officially started!

2013 was about career change.
made it after almost a year of searching.

The first company I went for an interview was really out of desperation. It was May 2013 - I remember because it was that long company shutdown just before the shuffling of my department where I had a breakdown for having tossed under this monster bos!
i honestly thought anything would do as long as I got to leave.
It was some singaporean office equipments manufacturer in JB, very nice chinese bosses with very basic remuneration.
They were willing to pay just a bit more from my pay at that time..which in the end I turned down.
Basic survival instinct.
Great way of brushing up my confidence and interview skills.

The second was quite an extensive and tiring process. 3 interviews including one with the director of an automotive company - a company i probably had dreamed of joining when I was studying in uni.
Turned out, the director was friends with my then department's dgm. haha.
well its a small industry. pi mai pi mai tang tu.
Anyway, they seem to like me and promised a lot of positive things in terms of career prospects and responsibilities - which of cos translates to good or at least better pay, which seriously wasnt that high anyway.
But the official offer that came from HR was far from that. With just a few percent increase despite the possible increase in responsibilities and expectations, I had to let it go. Tempted at the possibility of big bonus like my then companies - and also possibile expansion of the company, it was a bitter pill to swallow. In the end I decide to stick to my original plan, move on to a new place that's less stressful and provide me a better MONTHLY pay. Bonus comes as well..a bonus.
Do i regret?
I was just mad because I clearly put my expected salary on my resume, if they cant give a number thats at least a reasonable difference to that, dont make me drive there for 3 times!!
It was quite a distance from where I lived, about 2 hours drive.
Anyway, a good practice ground.

Work then got better..settled down into my new role at work. I got something new to do..good but sometimes it did feel as though I was new even though it was my 7th year.
Its been quite a while since i got a chance to do something challenging, go outstation or something. almost as if i was invisible.
It was seriously getting boring.

And then the final blow came towards the end of the year. Low performance rating for stupid reasons really did it for me.
Major blow to my motivation and emotional state, broke down all that I believed in. Feeling underappreciated and cheated. I sanked into my lowest point.
Thanks to a few friends who listened and made me feel better. It wasnt something I could talk to anyone family.
So although i calmed down after sulking and crying under the blanket for a few days...I wasnt going to let it go. I even searched for answers, talked to some people who SHOULD be able to make me understand. But I still couldnt so the best thing to do is to go.

So finally after so many times of turning down offers from friends to join them in the IT field, learning IT while taking advantage of my japanese language background, I took the chance to give it a try.
Ohh...all these years I thought the only option available was becoming a helpdesk which I just dragged. I dont want to work TAKING calls through out the days at work. Turns out there's a more technical role available, becoming a wintel engineer. Easily put, server monitoring analyst.
Since I had no IT background, of course I had to start from level 1, but I could go up to level 2-3 and so on if i get ambitious later - which I wasnt at that moment.
So I passed my cv to a friend, got a call an hour later for an interview session the next day.
Requested to reschedule to a friday afternoon though as it was too short notice.
So two weeks later I was told that I was shortlisted...and during my trip to japan I got a call from their global hr personnel from India that I got the job.
superb feeling!

Their screening process took quite a while..more than a month after that call.
I took some risk and nego on their initial offer, luckily they actually agreed to it.
Ok maybe they were that desperate!

Sent in my resignation the very next day after i signed the official offer letter..served almost a full month after that as i didnt have many more annual leave balance.
Worked just as normal up to my 2nd last day.
I loved my job for 7 years, but some people, the working environment and the politics was really sucking out my emotions.
I was sad to leave simply because a few really good friends cum colleagues I met there..feeling really insecure if I would do well at the new place.
But it was a decision really well thought of..and so I had to just do it.

7 months later, i got the confirmation email from HR just last week..feeling chills in my stomach.
Its time to really move on in this new field.

So that was 2013..almost coming to its end now.
Adjusted to this totally new working environment, still rocking on singlehood and soon will be moving permanently out my old place in bukit beruntung.
Hunting for a place to rent just gave me an insight that i could actually get a place on my own if i am keen on buying sub-sale apartments. Its on the back of my list, but keeping it on hold as if possible i'd like a new place with a secured, well planned neighbourhood.

So 2014 will be for house hunting, giving myself another year of renting, hopefully enough time to get a cosy little singleton-pad of my own.

As with getting a career change, first thing first is getting my objectives set.
So here they are:

- within a year.
- prefers on going projects, ready-to-move-in units or sub-sale. projects that is taking more than a year to be ready is a no-no.
- apartment/condo....for security reasons, and honestly i cant afford landed.
- location to be well connected with highways to south(seanang balik kampung!) and north(senang nak jumpa kawan!),  no ghosttown that might take more than just a few years to bloom & good rental prospects in case I will be renting out. No more than 30mins travel & rm5 return toll cost from cyberjaya/putrajaya - since I will probably be jumping around the area now that I've grown to like the industry.

Bottom line, a location I dont mind staying, that goes the same way for the mass majority.

-budget!! woahh..mind blowing factor. 250k ~ 300k pricetag@+-1.5k$/monthly repayment. not even sure if its possible..but will work it out from here.
this plan hopefully get me more motivated to get some extra income by then too. cos i also still want to travel and eat out!

At the moment it is very very very tempting to just get one of those old apartment units around bangi@kajang thats actually do-able with just 100~120k, and then reno it into a pretty scandinavian or minimalist japanese style interior. so tutup mata at the exterior and be happy with a nice interior....but most of these old places, neighbourhood wie not so appealing so have to hold on that thought.
Unless i find a really nice neighbouhood later...then i can really consider the idea,

for now, lets go house-hunting!!!!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moving down under?

Heard of people migrating to overseas..but never actually met one. Untull recently. So it
Is it too crazy an idea?
IT is among the field in the demand list...besides o&g, mining and ityy bitsy labour works.
well pickinh fruits sounds fun..but professional field still seems more interesting.
Since in 2014 will be getting myself certified as an IT service professional plus business japanese speaker - based on my 'lovely' boss planning for individual and career growth, is it possible to acquire a job and move down under by the age of 35?
Thats giving myself about 3 years...considering the money needed for the expensive move.
Tempting enuff.

Its not like i have anything to loose  :D

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Traveling blog updated!

::my foot notes::

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