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Monday, April 7, 2014

Gian diving!

Gian owh gian nak bulan 4~early april mcm..
1) busy
2) masih penat dgn feb & march nye travelling - physically & financially.
3) mcm x sempat nak kumpul gang.
4) mcm peak season org opis bercuti so ausah nak cr standby.
5) belum beli gopro!

Ade peluang nak gi diving tioman, yg menarik siap ade free basic underwater photography.
tapi hmmm...refer di atas.

Plus....early may will be critical making sure my masters application goes smoothly.
proses hanta docs, hanta application fees plus the interview. Interview tu pulak xtau bila, kena ever ready je sensei panggil.

Tapi den gian.
Before bulan 6 kena adjust satu lg diving trip ni memandangkan x lama pastu dah nak posa.
Posa mmg x la nak gi diving.

Set target utk gi diving kat tpt sifu diving ku kat perhentian in may, AFTER sensei mai sini bg confirmation.
set target as a motivation tp self to make it all work!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lelaki garang?

Ok. Benda baru.

Saya rasa saya suka lelaki garang.
Garang, tapi dalam hati baik dan caring.
Garang, tapu dalam hati ada taman mcm tu.


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ielts passed!

..with a results slightly lower than my target. I targetted to get band 8 for the average results.
But one of the sections gave me only had to make do with average 7.5.
Good enough la for this time around. I needed maybe 6-6.5.
and considering it was last minute, i shoud be happy!


Saturday night me & the bunch had dinner with the sensei that is helping us with our application into the program.
He brought good news that the other 3 passed the interview. They are now, off the record, yamaguchi dai management of tech's research students.
Actually the interview was just a formality. They hd pretty much pre-decided on it based on presubmitted proposals and discussions.

And as for me, i couldnt submit last month because out of 4 of us, i am the only one who graduated from a non-english medium degree program. That was why i had to sit for ielts.
Sensei did promise that he will open second intake application for me...but to be honest, i was worried there was no official document.

But on sat night..after announcing the results for the rest, he turned to me and passed me a stack of documents, "this is application form for 2nd intake..actually only for you." Smiled.

Alhamdulillah, lega hati. Although not confirmed like the rest yet, throughout dinner he did indicate that the int.students quota is filled up by us 4, and they have high expectations that we could be good partners to the japanese students.
In addition for me, since i am the only one who speaks japanese sensei voiced his hope that i could help them with japanese and also be the bridge with the other senseis n students.
Well my pleasure of cos!

So one month to re-write my proposal and re-fill up the forms begore submitting them early may. And then will be having the interview soon after that.
Sensei will be coming again middle or 3rd week May, to convey the results.
We joked how then we are going to have another round of celebration dinner, but honestly i am still very nervous.

On another note..i cant believe this is the road i'm taking. I like my one year old job but honestly its a tough world to progress in it so the opportunity came at perfect timing.
I'm just so glad that i went againsf my 'malas' that day, and went to meet the sensei when they held their first briefing.

I can imagine it will be hard as expectations will be very high. Sensei told me, in japanese, before he left, that they are aware that it is difficult for us if we dont get full funding assistance, so they are working towards that. Full scholarship for fees + monthly allowance, so thay we can focus on getting on the program and work hard.
owh what a pressure! But if that goes as planned, i know that we owe it to him.
On a lighter note, i think it be fun.
Out of 3 of the rest, 2 are already old friends from work, eh previous work heh.
The other one i just knew recently and seems ok, since we are the only singles maybe we'll stay at the same apartment block.
The other two are married people so probably would need a bigger type of apartment in case they re bringing spouse n kids.

Nyway..second chance of japan life.

Who would have thought?

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