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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bukan diet

penyakit itu dtg lagi
lapar amat

tp bila pulang
nasi sebungkus terbuang
tak terasa nak makan

cukup milo secawan
dan kuih raya suku balang ~

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

raya, makan dan jalan~

*warning;this will be a verrryyy long entry...

Raya - Day 1

As always, we begin our raya with salam2-syahdu2 session at our own home. yg lawak, adik melalak sampai teresak-esak time nak salam ngan abah. rase cam byk dosa la tuh haha~

went to makwe`s house later, for another round of salam-salam, this time with the whole family of Yusof-Hasnah. the morning of the 1st day of raya have always been this way as far as i remember.

mak has 3 sisters-she`s the eldest.

our family always celebrate the first raya with mak`s side first - even when our grandparents on abah`s side were still alive..note to self to find a man as sporting as abah laaa haha~~

the 3 aunties; m.ngah and mak usu got married with men from just around the corner. so its not difficult to find that few hours to gather.

mak uda`s husband comes from the furthest- melaka je tapi hehe..

and he`s something like abah...doesnt care too much about spending the morning of raya at his place.

so thats how we get to gather the whole big family every year-maybe with a few exceptions lah.

and so, after the salam2 session, the big raya photoshoot. untill a few years ago, we would have someone around the neighbourhood coming to our place to click the shutter for us.

now the tripod and the camera do it for us ;-)

it was a bit crazy this year...i hv to get one of those shutter remote soon lahs..

some very close relatives came after that...went to visit an atuk sedara place later..then went straight back to our own place-makngah n family came together and became the first raya visitor this year ;-)

we would normally leave for abah`s kampung in muar after zuhur but this year is a bit different.

we left a bit late, but decided to have a sleepover there. sthg we havent done for years-about 8 years maybe. since Arwah Nyai left us...

so this year, we went there, brought some mercun and bunga api with us and had a lot of fun!!

--> came up with this idea to take some bunga api shot and wallhh, see the photo above? thanks to very cooperative sisters and brother~~

penat wooo...

and it was good seeing that pak utih who live alone in that house was enjoying our presence here.remember when we were small, he wud prepare mercuns and bunga api for us every raya.

note to self lagi, to visit him and the house more doesnt have to be raya..

the night was spent doing nothing...mak itam and family arrived later that night.

the night and the morning are freezing cold just like old times.

Raya-Day 2

took us hours to get ready - taking turns for the bathroom la as usual.

made our round around our normal route later-some relatives houses-and more food and sweet drinks.

halfway through we split with mak itam`s family but met them later at mak uda`s place-our last destination for the day.

went back to batu pahat later, dropped by a few a houses on the way, and oh yaaa...went to see this makcik who could treat people - had her take a look at adik and his bisul raya..giler lawak.

raya2 tunjuk bu*tut kat org~~

why laa bisul always come out at the best places haha

malamnye nothing special, mak itam n family came over and stayed for dinner- the kids are just adorable!!

even though we only meet once a year, its amazing how the kids get so warm and cozy with us. its like they understand we`re related or sthg.

Raya - Day 3


sudah ngantuk plak.

esok la sambung lagi haha~~

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

post raya

Despite lack of mental preparation for the Eid, it came anyway.
And it was celebrated with great joy with my family back in batu pahat and other parts of the state.
5 days in a row of going back and forth in the name of meeting relatives and savouring the moments.
left bukit beruntung for my hometown on friday night-suprisingly, the road was clear! we were prepared for the worst, but traffic was ok all the way even around seremban area.
reached home before 11pm. which is a record - we always arrive somewhere around midnite or later in our previous trips back home.

saturday, was the busiest day. went to get everything for the masak-masak. the lines for chicken and beef were especially long~~
preparations for masak-masak commenced right after we got back from the pasar.
we had ketupat, rendang daging, ayam masak mambo(family recipe, will post the pic and recipe later), sayur lodeh and sambal sotong kering.

we only finished cooking around buka puasa time. as always, ketupat & lauk-pauk were then packed and sent to neighbours and relatives house --> in johor this is called 'mengunjung'. in total i think we sent out about '15 bungkus' of mengunjung this year.

later that night, we went to do some very-last minute shopping at BP mall ( 5 minutes before closing time~~)..
then to the bazaar at BP walk - where they had everything from songkok to tudung and ready made baju kurung.
lepak2 for a while at one of the stalls, had some overly-salty maggie goreng, then went back home at around 1am!

and we were still not done for the day!
mak and others still had bits to do for the baju rayas - common scenario on malam raya ;-)
and me, still stuck with that dirty-messy white car.
urghhh...had to wash the car since the carwash had already closed down obviously.
so there i was washing the car at 2 in the morning of eid!!
the outcome was satisfying, but deymmm tiring~~

err baru pre-raya nye story dah panjang giler.
the rest nye story sambung later lerr..
gotta chow dulu.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

eid mubarak, maaf zahir batin the plan so far is to pack everything by tonite, leave the office right ON TIME tomorrow, and start the trip via bukit beruntung toll by 6pm~~
contemplating to leave saturday morning ( nak tgk nurkasih!!)..but i know sure terlajak sampai ke siang nye nanti, so might as well make that trip tomorrow night. i know the traffic will be crazy though~~

the past 2 weeks, this week especially has been BZ gell.
i`m at this stage where i cant seem to think straight anymore. and i secretly wished a few times that raya is another month away~

but raya it is this sunday. so i`m gonna balik kampung anyway, but will be back a bit early-maybe friday- to settle the never ending work.
serious, i dont think i can do this any much longer unless i start making sense out of this stu*id schedule.

another one day to go before the break. tomorrow will be work as usual.
still got things to do tomorrow noon;
- send car to carwash.
-pick up baju raya#2 at the tailor <--- super duper important! kalau lupa kempunan laa~~
-send baju raya(s) to the laundry for ironing <-- no, i`m not lazy. am just practical, lets just leave it to the expert!
-top up touch n go, check tyre pressure etc.

if we make it according to the plan i.e to leave via BB toll by 6pm, maybe we`ll make it by midnite ( normal driving hours even at my speed is 3.5).

saturday will be masak day. it will be bz bz and this probably is my chance to wish all
happy eid mubarak, ampun maaf dipinta dr hujung rambut hingga hujung kaki ~

drive safely and take care.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new toy~~~

a reward for myself for working hard...

it aint over yet i know...

but this is to keep me going ~~

p/s; deymm...rina was rite. sgt menguji kesabaran~~

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Monday, September 14, 2009


tak sure mcm mane ejaannye..
tp lately, aku rase aku lah manusia paling kememeh dlm dunia
and at this age?
it doesnt feel good at all.

aku mmg mudah menangis.
baca buku, menangis.
dgr lagu, menangis.
tgk movie/drama/dokumentari even berita-waktu banjir besar johor dulu- pon bleh menangis.
heartbroken? toksah ckp...

zaman2 belajar dulu, aku bukan jenis yg rajin tepon rumah.
dr kat skolah sampai laa ke zaman uni kat nihon..
sbb nye, aku tak baper reti nak ckp on the phone.

tp satu benda aku ingat...kalau ckp ngan abah, kena time tensen study zaman2 nak spm dulu...
abah tanye satu soklan jek - ok tak?
dah bleh rase sebak dan berair mata.
soalan dia simple, tp menyusuk.

dan skrg, rupa2nya masih x berubah.
kala otak tgh beku, kepala pening, badan panas dan perut lapar
tambah2 risau keja sangkut

mcm tau2 je, abah call
pelik kenapa aku still kat opis

abah tanye, sibuk ke?
terus rase sebak dan mata berair

ape aku buat ni?

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retail therapy~~

a person (read; woman) should not go to the mall with 2 things;
-empty stomach and a stressful mind.

went out today with both.

and the results 12 hours later.
horibbly sore feet, and a happy mind.
well at least for a few hours.

tomorrow and the next few days to come will be he*l.
but its ok.
i`ll get through this~~

except for some minor2 details, objectives today were met - urmmm maybe even overshot a bit~~

tudung bawal each for emak, ila n ina - sori yek yg dah keja k.long dah x sponsor~
a nice pair of renoma t-shirt for abah - urmmm, kaler agak utk org muda, jgn abah takmo pakai sudah...boring asyik beli kaler hijau ngan cekelat~
a pair of south china sea shirt for zaim - urmmm hopefully he hasnt grown that tall since i last saw him!

for self...ada lah 'a few' items ~
common raya stuff- brooch, tudung, baju raya for this family color theme etc...

from TAR and sogo we then went to the Pavilion for dinner, and another round of shopping.

and when i thot i was done at charles and keith with that very feminine black peep-toe heels,found this really nice black loose cardigan at i totally cudnt resist - so not related to raya!!!

totally on impulse, but definetely the winner for the day, just like a really nice suprise on a very good day.

so the verdict, very worth the itchy and sore feet~~

..trying to seal a deal over sthg i`ve been eyeing for quite sometime.
hopefully cud squeeze sometime after work tomorrow/tuesday for the meeting~~
urmmm..cant wait!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


baru teringat...
smlm, 11 september
genap 8 thn

bukan, bukan tragedi di world trade centre NY
tp tragedi di kampung 8 thn dulu

semoga roh Arwah Nyai
dicucuri rahmat

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Friday, September 11, 2009


realiti buat masa ini
yg walau sepi
lebih nyata dari mimpi~

nurkasih boleh buat otak pusing
berfikir dan berangan
mata terbuka, hati terpejam

masa utk tidur
esok bangun menghadap realiti

kena OT!!!!!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

mahu cuba??

sungguh tidak suka bila org panggil meeting without prior notice..
for 2 reasons - one, hate going to meetings unprepared. without proper preparations-documents, study, MENTAL preparation...i dont want to look and sound stupid in meetings.

two, comes in the way of my SCHEDULE!!!! especially when the mtg basically requires me to be there but not exactly involving me in a very active manner~
1-2 hours is fine but 5 hours is ridiculous. unlike some people who conducting meetings is part of their job scope..we have REAL job ok...
yg anchor tu pon conduct meeting sgt slow..and the ve*dor yg unprepared and blurr is even more irritating..

came back from the mtg feeling like h*ll, with the work piling up like crazy, and still stuck here and there, its almost impossible logically.


got this info from ALEPS abt some uni opening up places for masters/phd for next year`s intake - maybe got sthg to do with that phone call home today, takde plak call kat hp.
spent some time reading the requirements and stuffs...
speaking of perfect timing.

now, where did i put my thesis hardcopy?
deymmm..softcopy is in the laptop yg dah broken itu...
maybe need to send Kojima sensei a little e-mail ~~


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


perbualan di surau siang td...

"ada lg 6 helai jek ni.." Mrs.FW.
"Haah laa..kita bace esok, jumaat rest. Isnin abeskan!!" Mrs S.
" Ok jek..cun!" AKU dan Mrs.L.

eh tp gang, sori.
nampaknye, tak dpt la nak khatam sama ngan korg....
too bad...ingatkan siaran tertangguh bulan ni. rupanye right on time.

*A.B.C; Allah Bagi Cuti... :-)
cuti berganti~~

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mental ~

ari ni yg stress..

stress sbb tak dpt achieve target keja..buat,delete,buat,delete...
time idea tu takmau mari, mmg x jadi ~

stress sbb ari ni tak byk berckp..
ke tak byk berckp sbb stress??
biasenye mmg tak byk beckp pon (..rasanye laa)
tp sbb keja byk, tak smpt nak berckp!
sekali-sekala makcik2 dan pakcik2 tu dtg bertenggek kat sebelah tu jelah bertukar sepatah dua..

kalau topik best, layan jugak walaupon otak serabut..
tp mane yg suka sgt rotate topik yg sama-anak, laki, anak, rumah bla2..sori, tak cukup mood nak layan ari ni. hope it didnt show on my face.

stress sbb tau keja setimbun
tp mcm x ckp masa nak settle semua.
mcm mane nak raya ni??

stress sbb ari ni buka kat opis
mkn kurma lawan nescafe susu instant
ditemankan alfred dan ken
biar betul ken tak penah mkn kurma ~~

br tau bulan puasa ni o.t hour ends at 7.15pm
so esok, mungkin style yg sama
buka di opis, balik masak for dinner and sahur

boring ~

mental note;
to try the recipe i took from yam`s magazine --> bull`s eye cheese cake...gambar, adalah hiasan semata-mata yerr~~

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

its been one busy week.
monday-merdeka off day, iftaar dinner with colleague at Seoul Garden,OU.
tuesday-keja,keja dan keja, iftaar dinner at shogun,sunway lagoon.
wednesday-keja dan keja lagi, iftaar dinner at the royale bintang,the curve.
thursday-meeting, keja..keja lagi, iftaar nasi beriani bukit sentosa <-- beriani kureng power ari ni~~
friday-meeting lagi...keja piling up..iftaar at IKEA with am*l, e*mi, sue* and zal*na <-- miss nur kasih aiseh~
saturday- lepak2 di rumah, iftaar and lepak at yummy mummy`s place, UNITEN bangi <-- seronok dpt main2 and shoot ayra chang, tp serious susahnye nak focus!!!
and today-sunday, finally some time for me.
minus that 4 hours in the office, had some time to settle chores around the house, reading newspaper, doing teh laundry etc.
...hasil chit-chat with f,ani*a in the morning, thought i would make some roast chicken for today`s dinner.
so after work around 4.30pm, berkejar-kejar la kejar ayam, sembelih lagi..cabut bulu lagi ~
kol 6 br sampai umah...pesal la susah sgt nak dpt fresh chicken kat bs ni!!
long story cut short, hasil nye is like in the picture ;-)
serious, the method i copied from martha is good, the potatoes were baked together with chicken..they tasted yummy!!
only one lesson learned though, the oven is no good for roasting~~
in the end had to transfer the roast into a pan, and cook over the stove.
so in the end, berbuka dgn kurma dan kuih sahaja.
roast chicken + mushroom and cheese pasta later sambil layan nur kasih dpt dr budak yg suka kacau org.
sedap ke tak?
awak rasa ~ ??

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selamat tidur sayang~

evening with the girls was very fun.
yam`s home made nasi beriyani ayam-kambus style awesome..and the lamb stew was quite a kick!!! we were all too hungry by the time buka i actually forgot to snap some pics of the food haha~

and ayra chang- who just turned 7month 'young', is verrrryyyy cute and playful!!

sudah boley merangkak and memanjat ini time flies ~~

maybe i will, or will not write about this in more details..but for now..

selamat tidur ayra sayang..dont let the big bad bugs bite!!!


Ci*yam and am*l are two of my bestfriends, probably are my very-bestfriends.
our paths crossed almost 10years ago in UM, when we were doing preparations for uni in AAJ.
we were in the same college in our 1st year, and then roommates in our 2nd.

though we were all in different places in Japan, we never fail to meet up and catch up every single year of that 4 years!!
i`ve been to am*l`s place in nagoya so many times i`ve actually memorized the road to her house from the station..
and me and ci*yam had that trip to seoul just the two of us although we had to come all the way from our places to meet up in tokyo!
not to mention that trip to gold coast with a few other girls that`s still up to day the best trp ever~

ci*yam got married 2 years ago - i was there to witness her aqad nikah, and went all the way to setiawan for the majlis menyambut menantu (..i was the pengapit actually haha).
and now the couple is blessed with a very cute-beautiful-playful-girl named ayra nabila.
serious wey...she was actually born 2 days before my we`re bonded by that u know ;-)
she was the one who got me interested into photography, the first to actually have a more 'serious' camera compared to our compact cams.

am*l is my partner in crime in everything. we meet almost every week when we`re not too busy, and still occasionally even when we are. i still have sleepovers at her family`s place, the father called me 'anak tiri' (??!!) while the guard actually suggested me to hv one of those regular visitor stickers~
there were times when we would even meet on weekdays, esp. on those hard times when i simply need a shoulder to cry on.
us together going to the mall is 'no good' cause we always support each other when it comes to shoes, and cloths and handbags ;-)
she`s always making efforts to get us doing stuffs together, a rare example of a a girlfriend who never changes even after she met her other-half.
ironically, maybe she makes more effort than me..sorry babe.

and though the 3 of us all have our lives to live now, we still find that time to spend some quality time being just us.
even when ci*yam was heavily pregnant with ayra, and am*l getting busier preparing for her BIG day to come soon(..soon eh babe??!), and me getting all wrapped up in work (..boring..)..our little 'gathering' time is always sthg that needs not much planning, but always ended making me feeling warm and lucky.

and last evening was no different. ci*yam`s hubby is very understanding as always, and ayra is a beautiful add-on to our little group ;-)

thanks girls.
for last nite.
and for everything~

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Saturday, September 5, 2009


..i`ve deleted my photography blog which i`ve just started under this domain, and removed it to a new one.

so that it`s possible to share with more people ;-)

for now, mostly are photos of current events of my personal life, some photos i`ve uploaded here anyway, but planning to upload more serious stuff in teh future...
plan is a plan haha..

nway, feel free to drop by.

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Friday, September 4, 2009


esok antara hari yg dinantikan for the past few weeks

malangnye, esok kena kerja
so that ahad bleh rileks sebelum mula balik a whole new circle
motivation, is a good pushing factor ~

yg penting
tak sabar utk esok.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

keja giler...

final s*yling data for the *rid dwg is out 2day, and i`m officially in crazy mode. the thought that by a week after raya the dwg + 3D will hv to be completed, for both my exclusive part and others, just makes me sick to the bone. what`s normally done in 8 weeks, squeezed into 3...
ingat limau ke hape~

so actually brought some kurma for berbuka at the office 2day. plan was to break fast with kurma n maybe my fav.berbuka drink - nescafe susu, and then stayback until around 8-8.30...later only eat sthg heavy, tapau la most probably.

tp pg2 lagi dah ade soksek2 cadangan berbuka at a nasi beriyani place - a new restaurant in bkt sentosa... kekyoku, left the office at 7pm, joined the gang at the beriyani house, and later came back to the office at 8pm.
continued working till around that time actually dah x ngantuk n dah start syok buat 3D, but thinking that i still hv to wake up early tomorrow for work, plus even colleague alfie who always go back last had already left, just saved my work n went home. yg gelap n sunyi is so not cool...

so this weekend - probably sunday- will hv to spend a few more hours at the office. kinda suck.
but at least i hv sthg to look 4ward to - a little break fast dinner thingie with the girls ^besties am*l, cik*am and baby ayra chan-g^ owh, of course yummy mummy`s hubby pon will be there too lah, but mcm biase us girls will conquer haha~

been having too many buffet dinner these past few days so a little dinner in the comfort of a 'home' is sthg i`m really looking forward to- esp. when done with my favourite people ;-)

loved it when adam B plays my demand on air...if only reality is as beautiful as that song~

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

good food, great company

a friend from work suggested a breakfasting dinner on merdeka monday with some other friends - it actually initiated as a small dinner for 4, but for some reason, thought it`d be a bit odd, so i actually brought up the idea of having more people. little did i know that this innocent idea almost bring my day into disaster...or so i thought it would be.
serious, macam almost jatuh dlm perangkap buatan sendiri ~

but things turned themselves around, and though by monday i wasnt looking forward to it that much, i turned up for the dinner nway. it was mostly out of guilt to my friend who made the effort to gather people up for the evening.

we had our dinner at the Seoul Garden Koren Bbq and Steamboat Buffet Rest. in OU. the food, was good as always. but more importantly, the whole thing turned out pretty nice. the company of these friends, were great.

i`m grateful that what i feared the past few days did not take place, though i feel slightly guilty about it. `cos i know how much difficult it`d have been if it did happen, and i`m not sure i can handle it right now. i realize it could happen in the future - sure will - sooner or later, but at least not now.

at the end of the day, i`m glad the night ended well, with good food, great company, nice laughs and a new friend along the way.

Thankx guys for making my day.

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