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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A week to go yey!

Went to apply for the visa today! Wah..last minute huhu. Supposed to go pick up on monday..and flight is wednesday!
i thot it'll be settled on friday..but this friday is holiday for them. Uhh.
Whatever it this time next week i probably am already in japan!yey hehe...excited!

Just a little anxious that i still am not sure abt my later part of the trip..originally planned to do tokyo during the weekend and then to kawaguchiko and yokohama before return to kl..but still cudnt get anyone in tokyo to confirm anything. Was excited and ok abt walking abt tokyo alone, i mean it is safe i think..errr right?

Tokyo is supposed to be exciting and fun....what if i get bored?
i decided to go up the sky tree tower- supposedly the tallest tower in the world now, but no one to share that view and feelings with  seem a bit urmm..wasted?
Besides, if i were alone in tokyo, no point doing it that weekend la. Shud i change plans n spend time in yokohama with dot's family first, then only do tokyo untill departure time?
anyway accomodation no longer the problem - free lodging in tokyo no need to worry the logistics matter anymore.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Totally chocolate cake & espresso affogato.
Happy birthday myself. Haha.

Terima kasih mak kerana melahirkan ku 31 tahun yg lalu.

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Double yey!

went to see a friend, bought yen for him and got bettet rates than money changers.
yest.rate in money changers was 3.45~3.5. But he gave me 3.35.
Untungla jugak sbb tukar byk gak. Yey!

Another yey, since he's currently in malaysia and his apartment kat tokyo xde org when i'm there, he offered me to stay at his place.
its a service mansion so senang je no keys whatever but security code. so semalam terus dia ajar camne nak masuk rumah, the pin number and all.

ok if its somebody else maybe rase pelik n i'll probably pass, but well under the circumstances plus its in japan and its someone i've known pretty well, so i guess ok je.
kebetulan mmg xde book mane2 hotel lg..dan mmg ikut plan asal nak carik tpt budget2 jek.
So ni dpt dok service mansion 150000yen sebulan, kat area ginza lagik. Haha.

errrr...need to remind myself to bring a bed sheet or blanket je lah kot.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013


...rm16bucks of parking, 1 starbucks coffee, 1 bubble tea, one tokyo guide book in japanese and 5 hours later - back at home with empty stomach and mind.
misi setel urusan bank berjaya.
Tp keinginan menonton movie dan makan like a king after a humble breakfast n lunch tidak berjaya.
The more crowded a place, the more difficult it is to ignore the feeling of being alone.
Literally fed myself with sugar today. Almost got a cake at starbucks but xde cake yg menggoda nafsu.

Food is the only thing on my mind now. As in fried, greasy fattening food.
oh yeah.

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Keep hitting the hammer.

Well, kadang2 macam saja tgk benda yg kita tau bleh buat kita sakit. Saja nak test of it still hurts that much.
Besides when i stop doing it, it can only make me feel better and not worse.
its almost as if i put a nail on my head and keep hitting the hammer on it. It wud surely hurt as hell but once i stop i know its gonna make me feel so so good.
Its like the goodness feeling wud double or triple if i feel the pain first.

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The weekend.

On my way to doing one of my checklist for 2013!
Since the penang plan was cancelled..i was just looking for ways to make this weekend productive, and coincidently got this invitation by Muslimah Divers fb grp to attend this try scuba lesson. And so i signed up.

So after a few hours of craze shopping session with budak botak at the sogo day card sale, rushed to the panasonic sports ctr in shah alam for the scuba try lesson.
it turned out there's only the two of us with one instructor, which was good so we got the full attention we needed!
actually there are other groups which were bigger grps but since we were under the muslimah divers group, so well..lucky us!
Anyway, from today's lesson i most definetely say i have to make sure when i'm taking my full scuba course, it has to be a female instructor.
It cud get pretty up close and personal when u're under the water depending mostly on the instructor.
we had a female instructor today of course *tho there were other guys instructors for other grps who actually are from the same diving group, so errmm..cant do anything abt that.

Will update details of the lesson today..but all in all it was AWESOME! first time under the water was kinda scary but very exciting!
I am more determined that ever now to take up the full course and be a certified diver, so i can see more of the world and have more fun in life!

P/s: guys who dive mmg wajib cool and smart eh? U know..tan2, tough2.
Kidding  :)

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rejection & silence.

I can handle rejection.
But silence makes me nervous...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ade org mmg suka eh amek gamba sendiri muncung2 comel2 pastu ade org puji kata 'cute la' then dgn gembiranya jawab 'tq!'.

mmg kalau dah lawa aksi camne pon perlukah?
and by saying this, am i being sourgrape?
sungguh x faham.
tp yg mcm2 itu jugak lah 'mereka' suka i guess.
Suka suka2 ke suka serius ke tolak tepi, suka la kan?

5:22 PM

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Aiseh..this wiken patut pi penang ni br member tu kansel, br pasan parents dia xde kena jaga adik2. Hmm ni pasalla malas nak plan dgn org..kalau nak plan tu check la awal2...tu pasalla jarang nak wat planning ngan org lain kecuali org2 yg biasa tu...
so wiken ni tetiba free dan xde pape..dah looking fwd dah nak jjcm penang.
ade yg book hotel mane2 in kl je ni kang!
or gi je penang sorg nek bas? Malas nak drive sesorg.

Its that time of the year again that i wish i dont hv to plan for anything but just wake up to a great day..guess i still hv a few days for that to happen!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mode bebel.

What is it with org berniaga yg promo bagai nak rak tp suruh p.m for price?
takut competitior tau ke org harga x munasabah nak iklan ke?
i suspect its the later.

Cukup pantang. Dr berminat terus pangkah.
kalu kat kedai pon mmg x suka barang xde tag ni, apatah lg online.

Simple je kot letak harga.

Lagi satu yg barang promo kat radio2 nye iklan tu..nak beli sila call no sekian2. What the...nak beli sabun seketoi contohnye sampai nak call.
Sah2 lps tu dia ceramah suruh jd member la agent la..selalu sgt. Promo kat radio bleh, tp nak beli giler leceh. Bodo2 pon jual online pon xpe.

Tu belum masuk lg barang diragui objektif dan tujuan yg berharga x munasabah.
Contoh: ubat kurus 20 peket dgn harga 180. Satu hari 2 paket.
Mcm ni mmgla kurus. Dah spend rm18 sehari utk telan air penuh gula dan perasa, xde duit dahla nak beli nasik.
atau pon susu paket yg mengandungi colastrom kambing.
Errr...colastrom tu kan keluar pada awal2 penyusuan je  bape titik je dpt kan. Bp byk kambing jd mangsa kaluarknn colastrom utk jd bahan minuman manusia ni? Sian anak kambing x cukup colastrom.

Pastu secara semulajadinye ade sebabla kenapa Allah jadikan colastrom tu sikit je di produce oleh ibuw baru bersalin dan bagus utk bayi br tua minum bakper?

mcm2 betul idea nak manipulate kecenderungan manusia pada kesihatan skrg ni.

Mcm2 ade..lom masuk lg habbatussaudha dlm bentuk pil yg mahal..padahal beli habbatussaudha original makan gitu je 100gm rm3 je.


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alhamdulillah. went smoothly. But as usual, there's no way i can guess what the outcome will be.
The most challenging part is convincing them why i am looking at joining a totally different sector and doing a completely different job.
Uhh..the most difficult part is actually doing it without sounding frustrated at my current work  :)
it was a nice day..had lunch with sister whose office is just next door, finished my thing around 4pm..lepak a bit at alamanda, and then met a friend for the first time - that new friend i m going to tawau with in june  :)
And now spending some time with ilyas bucuk.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Road to hijrah!

Went to mph yesterday looking for i.t for dummies..but uhuh, there was none. Found other books, but didnt think i wud have the time to read then anyway. So instead, i got this!
Flipped through the pager over my solo-dinner at delicious. Good tips! Very focused and case-study oriented.

Gotta skip on the earlier chapters for now, and just read the interview part hoping i wud relax a bit for tomorrow.

It will be a long night reading stuff and practising my all 3 languages that is!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Feeling adventurous and excited but all nervous at the same time.
Big thing this friday suddenly, very short notice and i hv no clue abt, satu hari je nak study and buat2 pandai.

Whatever it is, mudah2an ada cahaya baru mengubat hati yg dah tawar dan luka ni.
For me as long as i'm given a good chance of doing sthg, and then a fair credit at it, i'm up for anything.
Guess thats better than holding on to the pain and forever feeling lost.
I vowed to myself, to not loose the faith & spirit this time.

May there be rainbow at the end of this dark tunnel.

Robbi Yassir Wa Laa Tu Assir!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


?Kiri kanan dpn belakang kosong je tpt wat keja skang. Sungguhlah bosan.
bleh bisu lagu ni.

x sabar tunggu 5.45..mintak2 bossx mintak pape last minute cam smlm. X pasal blk kol 7. Skrg kena jd cinderella, balik sblm gelap sbb lampu keta ade yg x idop.
Papepon mlm ni wajib siapkan benda itu yg dah janji nak fwd ke org2 tertentu a.s.a.p. sementara semangat ni.
smlm dah fail gara2 tido terlampau awal.
So malam ni wajib! tetiba rase nak shopping daiso aah plak. Ade satu barang mau carik..daiso je ade.
Tp paling dkt pon rawang aeon la.
biler masa nak start dok bertapa dpn laptop siapkan keja kalu keluar?
owh..dan berbalik jugak pada masalah lampu keta. Ok je nampak jln sbb bulannye x idop terus tp kalu ade roadblock, naya.

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Wah..sehari dua ni clumsy giler. Fon asyik jatuh je..semalam sampai terkeluar trim cover kat tepi tu, gatai lagi x pakai pape cover or casing. Malas aah.

Pastu hr ni dah start problem nak charge..
jgnla mcm tu fon, awak lom cukup setawun lg. Sket je lg ye.
Sy byk nak guna duet utk lain lain dan lain ni  :p

P/ s: lately tgh semangat survey harga rumah utk rent@buy within 30km radius cyberjaya.
Tu dia sewa serv.apt pon double rumah teres skrg. Tp normal la kot..bukit beruntung ni yg x normal.

Why cyberjaya?

Jeng jeng jeng ~


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Far fetched wish.

Uhh..friday night br notice kereaa nye main headlight sebelah kiri x nyala, seb baek ade lampu atas, if not totally sepet.

X sukanya leceh2.
Membawa perasaan yg sama like when lampu bilik air rosak or sesat x tahu jalan tgh2 kl.
Wishing someone else is doing the driving and the same someone dealing with technical manly stuff like these.


4:01 PM

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

From bukit merbah to enstek, tkc on majalah 3.

Watch "Majalah 3 Promo - 12 Jan 2013" on YouTube

The talks of tkc being moved to a new location had been around for as long as 4 years i think.
But every year, we returned to the school on May 1st and laughed about it.
The idea seemed ridiculous and impossible. We wud make all sorts of reasons why, trying to make ourselves sound reasonable when the actual painful truth is, we just love the place to bits to let it go.
We know too well that the current students can benefit a lot from a new state of the art campus because we worry that we will loose all the memories and sentimental values.

But it happened finally. The students returned to school this year to the new campus in Enstek, Nilai. Apparantly when they bid goodbye in Nov. For the school holidays, they were supposed to return to Bukit Merbah and only move to the new campus later, with a caremony in plan to officially close the school.But during the holidays, the pengetua was called and instructed by the MOE to vacate the school by jan 1st.
Hence, instead of a proper farewell event for current and ex-students, there was none.
No closure for everyone. I'm sure its even more complicated for those teachers and students.

Only a documentary filmed by TV3 somehow took place, which will be aired this saturday, fortunately for us to see the school one last time. Watching the promo already sent me goosebumps, no suprise if watching majalah 3 this saturday wud cause a lot of tears!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Just saying.

What is with men in striped shirts and rolled up sleeves?

Tak aaron aziz pon ensem ~

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Utara mai!

Got a call for an interview but the location is up north!
No, not penang..kedah nuuuun~

I know la i said that i love those places up north..but am i ready to actually relocate there?

Errmmm...but it cud be a start to getting an utara mai husband. No?

11:12 PM

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Planning for the trip!

The excitement is unbelievable!
Planning out for a solo trip overseas is actually fun..its nerve wrecking, especially the part where i will truly be alone in tokyo for 2 days.
But that is actually the most fun part.
All i did in tokyo back then from my visits as a student was just jalan2 tanpa tujuan, makan2, shopping etc.
its unbelievable how much i have missed!

Maybe because i am going for sightseeing this time, and that i am into photography now thats different.
Too bad i can only squeeze one and a haf day of tokyo in between gunma, yokohama & kawaguchi-ko trips.

I still cant quite decide on the hostel@hotel to stay for that one night in tokyo, but the itenerary seems all set!
Gotta figure the best transport pass i can get to benefit me far i though the kanto pass is good since i'm also traveling outside tokyo.but i cant figure out how to get it since my arrival in haneda will be way past its opening wud be great if they permit ppl to purchase the pass for somebody else, then i can probably get somebody to buy it for me.

Whats also interesting is finding out how cheap accomodation in tokyo can get if oee doesnt mind sleeping in a  dorm or a 6-jyou tatami room - with shared baths and toilets.
Reminds me of the year i was living in the kaikang.
As i go through my little ground itenerary plans, i pick up little things here and there that i need to study and confirm - like luggage issues,lockers, train passes, schedule etc.

I really got to pass the big hurdle first though, the visa!aiyai!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New blog - welcome 2013!

Thats my new blog. Will be my public blog on everything travelly and food-ly, and all other adventures. Hehe..

Azam 2013 dan seterusnya kan untuk cross one by one all 'to go' and 'to do'.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year.

Memories are but life history.
Praying hard for another year of extended health, prosperety and the ultimate happiness.

Looking fwd for a new job, new healthier me in all senses, new friends, to fly, walk and see new places. To learn swimming so i can explore new things. To get rid of fear of heights so there's no limit to where i can go and what i can do.

Untuk lebih bahagia dan membahagiakan.
To seek more of His approval and less of others. To learn and live.

To be myself and try my best to enjoy life, no matter alone or with companies.
To see the good things in life and laugh at the bad stuffs.

To get up no matter how hard i fall. To never look back again and stop being mellow and sentimental.

2013, game on!

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Jamak@qasar tengok bola.

UAI kata harus jamak dan qasar utk tgk bola.
Bab jamak tu rasenye insyaAllah, *selagi perlawanan xde unsur2 haram*

Tapi teringat lg dulu zaman belaja kat jepun, disebabkan waktu solat yg pendek terutamanya pada sesetgh musim (fall~ winter), dan kelas yg abes lewat petang, atau lab yg agak panjang, memang terpaksa buat jamak, kalau tak mmg tak sempat.
Eap.time winter, kalau ade class last sampai 5.30pm, maghrib 4 lebih gitu. Kalau tunggu class bbes, dah masuk isya'.
Kami pernah tanya ustaz, ustaz kata boleh buat jamak tapi bukan qasar kerana tiada kesusahan untuk solat penuh tanpa qasar.
Cukup bersyukur time tu sbb yg penting jamak tu melonggarkan keadaan.

So..itu untuk urusan belajar.
Ni untuk tgk bola...rase mcm lebih berat ke ringat untuk membolehkan qasar?

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