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Monday, May 31, 2010

keja gila

kadang2 bila rase mcm tak berapa betul, mmg aku buleh buat tindakan2 impulse yg kadang2 mengarut, kadang2 gila.
pernah drive all the office to the curve just to go to the bookstore (mph ke borders tak ingat..) when the truth is i just did not feel like going back to that lonely home (waktu tu duduk sorg..)

this time around, last wiken, i did sthg on impulse that many people might not understand. attended a friends wedding on saturday, then instead of going back home, took the long drive back to BP.
2-3 hari ni mmg rase tak boleh duduk rumah. walaupon rumah tu ada org. dunno why.
ada masa rasa sunyi walaupon dikelilingi ramai org. org dengar mungkin pelik. tp its ok kalau tak faham sbb the truth is aku sendiri pon tak pernah faham. dan lately, dah malas cuba utk faham..

so actually...around 7pm br gerak from kl. arrived home at 9.30pm, suprising everyone at home. memula ambush umah makwe dulu..adik2 ngan makcik2 ,sepupu sepapat sumer ade situ. pastu dah mlm sket after puas bergebang, baru balik umah sendiri. mak ngan abah mcm terkebil-kebil jek tak ckp ape...haha~
lama jugak bersembang catch up ngan diorg.

well, sometimes short is sweet but in this case, short is simply not enuff. rindu mcm tak habes...felt good tho to meet everyone...sthg's weird tho, time nak balik tu dok salam2 family, terase sebak waktu salam parents esp.mak..terasa mcm dah lama x bwat sthg utk/dgn diorg..need to take leave one of these days to go back just to be home lah. or maybe ask them to come over so I cud bring them around..uhH ingat blk umah bleh ilang raSe sabishii n homesick..rupanye lg sabishii ade~
made a mental note to go back more often..mak n abah are getting older..dont want to regret not spending enough time with them.

journey back to kl was just not worth saying anything about.
a long and exhausting 5 hours drive that cud hv been done in 3 hrs.

so hari is not just normal monday blues.
it is that monday blues topped up with post-balik kampung blues.
yg best cuma havoc pantry lps keja ari ni sbb ade 2 bijik kek bday - yg ironic nye bday boy/girl yg belanje hehe
k.iza`s bday last friday & po*an`s bday today.

happy birthday to both these important people in my life.
k.iza the big sister i wish i had..
and po*an the BIG little bro i used to wish i have.

among those very few ppl who know my good n my bad, my pain n my joy.
byk bagi advise and honest opinions yg walaupun kadang2 perit dan menyakitkan hati tp beri kekuatan to keep going.

my prayers that they have the best in life, and be happy always.
k.iza, for you to get what you wish for, a baby maybe and a happy family brother emy and the rest..
po*an, for you to keep doing what you do best, dimurahkan rezeki mudah2an tercapai hajat nak BINA MASJID next year hehe..lg awal lg baek ;-)

dah cukup iklan pasal birthdays org...

ni ape citer muka naik jerawat kecik2 nih?? rase mcm jerawat cam pelik. jarang dpt yg kecik2 camni...pastu kat area upper lips, bawah mulut gitu..

adakah kena mengena dgn keja gila aku buat threading sabtu ari tu?
ikutkan malas..tak pernah imagine pon nak buat benda ni. dah laaaaa sakit ya amat! ni baru buat upper lips+ lower lips + chin area. kalau buat full face mcm yg akak tu suggest, mau meraung kat situ. ini pon dah bergenang mata tahan nangis!

serius weh sakit...
dah sampai skrg aku puzzled camne dia buat benda tu....

aku rase mcm betull
benda kecik2 yg tumbuh kat muka ni ade kena mengena ngan tu..kulit tak biase. jadi irritated...

dah buat skali ni nampaknye kena la buat selalu..
and with that pain??

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Friday, May 28, 2010


 Smlm bgn tido rase mcm tak besT..mcm br bgn drpd mimpi serius x ingat la plak mimpi Nye aPe.....Sampai la smlm lps keja sedang bengong2, baring2 mengadap siling, tetiba teringat.. aku mimpi jumpa kakngah..dgn seriusnye dia kata dia nak bertunang dlm thn ni!                                                    Owhh aku rase aku kAkak moden yg x bother, tp nape bila bgn dr mimpi tU aku resah gelisah??

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"farah hana!!!i'm 6weeks pregnant!!" texted a close friend.                                                                                      i i felt a sudden surge of joy for a moment. then it suddenly felt weird n theres tears in my eyes.               

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dear heart..

dear heart,                                                                               CAN U PLS STOP BLEEDING OVER IT? ENOUGH ALREADY, I'M TIRED OF CRYING AND BEING VULNERABLE...        XOXO,                                                                                       me.                                                                                       

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

singapore revisited - 3ikon seminar

ours truly was in singapore last weekend with a friend. a crazy decision made as early as march to join this photography seminar. the speakers were 3 renowned photographers - and initially who got my attention the most was S.N. been following him since around 2006, just 2 years after he started as just another man with a camera...somehow he made it big and still is one of the most famous.
the other two speakers were CHOT and MIO CADE. googled them later and fell totally in love with CHOT. i mean his work of cos ;-) he is said to be the person who started the street shoot boom.
MIO CADE somehow is a little bit more mysterious. i cudnt figure what type of work he does. learned about it later during the seminar.

so here`s the summary of the fun weekend;

friday- took the flight to singapore via lcct at 9pm. well it delayed a bit...touched down changi airport budget terminal at almost 11pm and arrived at our backpackers hotel in bugis street at midnite.

saturday - left the hotel at around 10.30am, jln2 around bugis street and then made our way to the first meeting point for a street shoot with CHOT. got there around 2pm, an hour ahead of schedule. we were among the first to get there it got closer to 3pm we began to see more people with big cameras loiteirng around. aah btw the meeting point was ION in Orchard street.

the organizers came with CHOT himself at around 3.30pm - 30mins late than scheduled. well typical. i guess in singapore its not that much difference anyway. but never mind. CHOT was introduced, then he talked a bit about this whole stret shoot thing. some guidelines, what he`d normally go for when he`s hunting etc. there were abt 25 of us...we split into 3 groups and started walking around looking for sthg interesting to catch.
we were advised to use either a wide or a prime lens. suprisingly, CHOT is not fan of tele lenses.
at around 5pm, we gathered back again, exchanged cameras with each other and mingling around. everyone was free to show CHOT their work to get comments and stuff. me n rina were actually too shy to show him ours unfortunately..well we were waiting for the crowd to clear out but....
at around 5.30 we were dismissed. next was the street shoot with saiful nang. we did not actually plan to go, but we went anyway somehow.

SN meeting point was near the fullerton hotel. awesome looking hotel!!! 6 stars kot!
everyone thought SN will be conducting his show there...but instead, he brought us along with 3 models to the back alleys along boat quay.
the alleys were dark, little source of light..yellow mostly. talked about how to make bad places into nice backgrounds. told us to keep our flashes in the bag and explore the lights with higher ISO. which i never like to do...its sthg new to experiment. my first experience with models too. it was fun ;-)

everything finished at around 9pm..were so tired and hungry by then. this one friend we met there, sarina brought us to this thai place for dinner. after few meals of fast food, i hv never enjoyed mee hun tomyam more!!

we split after that at the mrt heading back to our hotel. made it there by 10.30pm...took our shower and ready to rest. the hotel area is full of internet cafes, i cud not resist to spend an hour in one of them ;-)
sunday- checked out of our room as early as 7.45am. met sarina and a few others for breakfast. the seminar took place in the masjid sultan on muscat street/arab street-more like in between.

we got there around 9am just in time for registration and a good seat ;-)
the rest of the day, we were presented by the work and life of the 3 speakers.
all different and fascinating. must say am truly inspired and jealous!!!really cant keep being where i am right now. need to do sthg extra if i dont want to end up being just another man with a camera.
sleepy lah.
will update on the talk later ;-)

note; SN is suprisingly err...short. he`s actually quite friendly. i cant see why some ppl might not like him. big talkers and a big fan of himself. but well, he is where he is today because he worked for it so i think he deserves it.
talks too much though ;-)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

soal dunia

back in town after my little trip in search of my soul and fresh air but been having such bz nights still havent the chance to update on that one ;-) back from spore on monday...spent the night going through the weekend photos and unpacking.

TUESDAY blues the next day hehe..a round of badminton at nite which waS awesome ~after two yearS not playing its no suprise my arm still hurts till now...
WEDNESDAY, another mandom day at the thing abt our office, everything is kinda extreme. Hv to be prepared to work our butts off till midnite or sometimes bore ourselves to death when there's almost nothing to do.
night, last minute planned dinner with the guys i owe BIG one. cudnt decide till the vr last minute...Had chillis N marche in mind but kinda bored with those places oredi sbb dah pegi a few times..
so after maghrib, just walked and went straight to tony rom*s at cineleisure.
dah bertahun gak mengidam ekceli..tunggu org belanja tak dpt2 huhu~
end up belanja org kat situ ;-)
food was veryyyy nice~
the ribs were awesome!!
the shrimp pasta was nice too. but i think maybe without the pasta and the starter-onion loaf- i cud finish 1 rack(5 pcs of ribs) by myself kot!
maybe next time hehe..

THURSDAY pon another day of boring hours at the office...but finally this week, went home early and gotta sleep early. best giler tido awal n bgn awal..
asyik balik lmbt je rase segan pon ade ngan housemates.
mcm tak reti2 nak dok sama gak dok umah buat hal memasing gak.

FRIDAY finally, ade la keja sket2, meeting etc.
rase mcm tak mandom sgt sbb tak ngantuk kot!!!
balik keja at 5.46pm which rarely happens!
packing sket2 and zasss ke ikea. dinner with bestie and adek angkat.
sleepover this weekend.

no plans tomorrow just nak lepak2 ;-)

one thing to highlight tho...
its a suprise how much attention ppl give when i changed my status from single to complicated on FB.
i honestly dont know which one is worse because the last i checked, complicated means you`re prone to heartbreaks and emotional breakdown. while being single leaves you free but sometimes insecure.

papepon unfortunately everything is still pre-mature.
am happy to announce that i am still in the open market.

tp mcm sorg ckp...maybe i shud think abt sthg totally different.
like pegi haji.
buat sthg yg lebih bermakna drpd berfikir soal dunia.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010


quick update from merlion city ;-)

selamat sampai almost midnite friday (flight delay..). lucky we made it in time for the last train from changi airport to our hostel.
hisashiburi ni tido atas double decker bed.

hari ni joined streetshoot with chot touch from 3pm~6pm.
then sambung from 7pm ~ 9pm with saiful nang. demm tired but super best.
will update details sekembali ke tanah air.

checking out early tomorrw morning to attend the seminar 3ikon at the sultan mosque.

as much as i like s'pore, i'm missing home already.

rindu bleh drive around n takyah jln jauh2~
rindu bleh mkn sana sini, tak risau sgt pasal halal tak halal.
rindu tido atas katil sendiri.
rindu kawan2.
rindu someone..?


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Friday, May 14, 2010

my best friend`s wedding

another bestie from uni years, sas is getting married soon - nikah and reception together on june 5th supposedly but last minute change --> nikah is this saturday.
i`m going singapore this weekend - planned since march with rina to attend that talk by miocade, chot touch and SN. so its quite impossible to cancel..
agak sedih and disappointed cant be there during her nikah..but what to do...well at least hopefully i wud be there for the which mmg HAVE to be there since i`m the pengapit (oh no..)

since everything is sooo last minute, she`s not having any O.P for her nikah which i think is a bit sad - nikah is the most important part of it!
so i managed to pujuk 2 org panjang to be there this saturday and play the O.P, well sort of.
my little present for sas for her most important day of her life.

lagipon, i believe these guys wud do some decent stuff. maybe not some pros (yet!) but somehow relevant for sthg so personal and important to me, in this case, my best friend (bodek sambil pressure??!)
really wish i cud be there tho but.. ;-(

so guys - i know only one is reading anyway ;-)
can start thinking where to have that 'dinner' i promised.
anywhere really is fine, cos this is one big favor~

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

selamat hari emak ~

entry ni sepatutnye penuh dgn pics.
tp miskin kabel skrg. patah kaki takleh nak upload pics. tp entry ni takleh tangguh dah. nanti feeling makin tipis~

selamat hari emak/ibu/bonda/mama/mummy~

utk emak yg skrg ni walau jauh di mata tp sentiasa dekaaaat di hati, InsyaAllah ;-)
terima kasih kerana melahirkan k.long ke dunia, terima kasih atas penat lelah membesarkan dr kecik sampai besar dan terima kasih sbb bersabar dgn segala kerenah dan perangai.

utk 'bonda angkat', thanx for everything, for always welcoming me in your home. will come for a sleepover soon to finally finish our little project!(supposed to be my project but since i cant sew haha~)

utk bestie yummy-mummy, happy mothers day dear. ayra`s coolest mummy ever! mcm baru jek we celebrated mothers day together with ayra yg super chubby last year. we`ll have one nice one next year k.

utk bestie rosa, super cool mum to umar wafi, selamat hari ibu ;-) wishing u the best dear, in ur monbusho, and in everything. others(yg i dont think is reading) HAPPY MAMAS DAY!! luv u all ;-)

*mothers day weekend*

saturday was babies-visiting day.
went to visit ayu in putra heights who just delivered her 2nd baby. super comel baby boy, who is yet to be named heh.
we used to be housemates abt 5 years ago..and now she`s already a mother to two beautiful kids.
how time flies. tho i do feel stuck somehow.

next stop was sri kembangan. this time a couple of our sempais, their 2nd child WAWA was born 3 months ago. we finally made the pact to come visit. SGT CHUBBY!!!!! muka bulat urghhh gerammm...will post the pics later.

oh yes along with us were also harun&wife with their 4 months old AFIQ. jugak sgt comel, dan bulat dan botak!!!!very camera friendly and sgtlah adorable. agaknye kat umah mak bapak asek snap2 jek~
takpe, i`m not complaining. bebila korg rase nak gi date berduaan, tinggal jek afiq kat aku, taula kau nak buat ape haha.
me and babies. if only they wash for themselves haha~

not to mention a few days back, also went to visit f.w who delivered her baby, alyaa last 3 weeks. tiny little chubby alyaa. tiny but chubby?
oh yes she was born small(2.4kg) but after 3 weeks pipi dah tembam and bulat. time sampai rumah f.w tu, there were only 2 of us girls, others sumer guys masuk rumah lmbt sket..f.w seemed so happy to see us, time salam2 tu siap cium2 pipi mcm dah bertahun tak jumpe. terharu la pulak. rase bersalah lmbt dtg visit..maybe because even her own mother pon tak dapat dtg tgk lagi..sure sunyi hari2 kat rumah ngan baby.

after settle visit2 babies sumer..spent some time at alamanda. movies line up sucked. so karaoke la pulak. not really in the mood to melalak so the other 3 lah melalak mostly. ade la 1 or 2 songs yg i really2 like ade tumpang2 sket ;-)
dahla jem n opah nyanyi ngarut2..skali rupenye karaoke tu tak baper nak sound proof. huh..mau pekak telinga org kat luar tuh~

hari malas.
supposed to wake up early, go to bonda angkat`S place nak start projek bag. tp bgn dah lmbt, pastu sbb ujan lebat bleh sambung lg sampai terang dunia.
missed lunch with them. so instead had lunch with ibu fareesha, bestie sheera.
got a cake later to BRP,mkn2 sembang2 with bestie n family angkat..not anough time to catch up on everything. turned out..mmg lama rupenye tak come by. more than a month..which by my standard is lamaa..
nway cake was nice, n glad that i cud somehow celebrate mothers day there. since emak jauh sob2 *teary eyed*

pastu rushed plak to kl...a date with 3 beranak f.a&hubby and aleesha. last minute joining them for dinner at munakata - japanese ala-carte buffet. superb spread of simple and quality washoku!!
yg ni pon kena tunggu pics laa..susah nak explain. really enjoyed the unagi and sashimi~
dahla turned out yus belanja pulak tuh! first gaji tpt baru katanye haha..aiseh feel bad la plak. hv to belanja them gakla one of these days. my gourmet partners.

end up, mothers day yg tak berapa ade plan tu turned out nice.
berjaya spent sket2 masa with some of the important ppl in my life now - yg bertitle mother lah.
plan to birng mak somewhere nice the next time balik kampung. which with my weekend schedule skrg ni...might have to wait some time...even june schedule pon dah almost full tsk2.

and as in that wasnt enuff, went to OU today after work for a nice dinner that comes with a sinful desert and a great company. its been awhile since we meet to just eat and talk kan?it was short and sweet. i enjoyed tonight very much ;-)
and uhh..sempat lg singgah cold storage to grab that little tub of my chubby hubby!!! dah berminggu mengidam akhirnye dpt gak...

nak gi mandi jap.
pastu turun bawah iron baju - maybe can have a few spoons of that sinful ice cream~

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


hi guys,

the story below is about this soup kitchen recently started to help the poor around kl...sorry the story is pretty long. tak reti nak summarize. but its basicly about PERTIWI operated soup kitchen thats based on donations and volunteers.
they`re looking for more donations and volunteers to sustain the kitchen.
details on how to contribute in the last spread around.

personally thinking of volunteering one of the nights that they`re is kinda down lately thot maybe its time to start doing other things and see others who`re in worse (maybe not even comparatble..) pain.

but tatau la if this thought will just stop at that, or i`d be brave enough to come out alone. so, let me know if anyone interested. having a friend to go with will be nice.
thinking of volunteering once a month for a start.

thanks and much love ;-)

This article is from The Star Online (

A ‘vintage’ group of friends has found an inspiring way to give back to society and is hoping to get more young people to join them. HER mother had her very own “soup kitchen” when Munirah Abdul Hamid was about five years old.This was in the 1950s, when the family lived in Alor Star, and come prayer time, there would be throngs of foreigners from across the border around the mosque area.Munirah’s mum noticed that they looked poor and malnourished. So she came up with a food that is easily digestible and nutritious that she could dole out conveniently: bubur susu (milk pudding). Munirah Hamid asked herself, ‘What can I do to help?’ Not something many people ask of themselves.

“Back then, you didn’t get milk from the shops like you do now,” says Munirah, a businesswoman who turns 60 in June.“The Bengali man would come around with the deep milk urn and he’d stick his entire arm in to scoop out the milk! So what we would do was boil the milk to pasteurise it. You had to take care not to over-boil it. To the milk, my mother added rice.“Because I was too little to help with the cooking, I was given the task of cutting patterns into the banana leaves that would be used to hold the pudding. My mother was very particular about presentation.“She would pour the pudding into the fancy-cut banana leaf moulds, and just before they set, put in slices of pisang rastali, which is a special banana. It’s a temperamental fruit, very rare nowadays.“And this way, the people at the mosque got a complete meal.”That was Munirah’s first taste of the act of giving.

As she grew up, the youngest in a household of nine siblings, she watched her sisters give selflessly back to the community.Her mother had always drilled into them that, as educated Muslim women, they had an obligation to give back to their fellow women and society. In full swing: You’d be surprised how fast more than 100 packets of food can go out in a night! –

So Munirah’s sisters founded Pertiwi (Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam Malaysia) in 1967; it is an NGO that focuses on outreach, social work and the education of women, teens and children.The then 16-year-old Munirah was their little helper, assisting her sisters with anything and everything they needed.“I watched as my sisters worked tirelessly for the community. They were in their 20s, sometimes pregnant, often saddled with their little kids, but totally absorbed in giving back to the community,” Munirah says with a laugh (she herself now has two children, Baida, 33 and Adlan, 35).

She helped her sisters organise awareness programmes in rural areas and travelled with them as they took mobile clinics out to villages.Birthing of an ideaSo it was this environment of community work and ties that shaped Munirah. The team, all set to give back, on this night and many more to come. Want to join them? At school, she formed friendships that have lasted till today.

She has one particular group of friends she has known since she was 12. “We call ourselves Vintage 63,” she laughs.They hold annual gatherings to keep in touch. At these get-togethers, Munirah and her friends would brainstorm about things to do together. “We wanted to train our children to help other people. It’s payback time!” Munirah says.Among their plans were beach cleanups and, eventually, a soup kitchen, an idea suggested in 2008 by one of Munirah’s best friends, Saadah Din. Munirah was immediately on board.Her years of unofficial training under her sisters had taught her a lot; she knew the big task wasn’t starting the soup kitchen, but sustaining it, and that would need the support and legitimacy of an NGO, not just a group of friends.

Getting ready: The volunteers being briefed on their duties for the night. So she went to Pertiwi, and that was how the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen project was born. Pertiwi handles handle the donations, menu and food while Munirah and her friends would handle the logistics.She also asked the Rotary Club to donate a van, and the Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur Diraja came through with one.

Future plans; Their first night out was on March 17; they went to three locations in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and distributed 230 packets of food and drink to the needy.They have since allocated four nights for taking the soup kitchen out, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and each night they hope to give out 150 packs of food and drink.It costs them RM300 per night to feed 150 people, so individuals who want to contribute may do so through Pertiwi (see details in How you can help above).

At the moment, the soup kitchen is purchasing food in bulk to give out, but the friends hope to establish a central kitchen in future where food can be prepared. This would have two benefits: it would cut down food costs and provide an income for the people preparing the food. Food for the body – and desperately needed human contact for the soul. Munirah is planning to work with the Selangor Cheshire Home (a home for the disabled) on this, but that will be many months down the road.“The main objective for now is to make it sustainable,” says Munirah.Now that the project is up and running, she is only sorry that her friend Saadah is not around to see their ideas come to fruition. She died from cancer in May last year.But Munirah is not one to dwell on the past; she chooses to honour the memory of her friend by making the soup kitchen a success.

The soup kitchen needs volunteers. Ideally, there should be 40 regular and committed volunteers, 10 for each night that the kitchen moves out. The 10 volunteers can rotate duties among themselves over a month so on any given night, there would be a minimum of three people going out – one to drive the van, two to distribute the food and talk to the people.At the moment, it is mostly friends and family helping out, but Munirah hopes to rope in young volunteers.“When my sisters started Pertiwi, they were so young, but they had so much heart about working with the people. Now we are all old and we find ourselves asking, where are the young ones?

“We need young people to continue giving,” says Munirah. “I want this soup kitchen to be something young people can relate to, that they will want to volunteer for.“Hunger is a terrible thing. If you’ve ever gone hungry for any period of time, you will know that the feeling of hunger keeps you awake at night. Being able to feed people is very rewarding.“Also, when you’re out there, you’re doing more than feeding the hungry, you’re interacting with them and reaching out, providing human contact.

If there are young people out there who are talented in music, they can bring music to these people. Bring your guitar with you and entertain the street kids.“The people who come for the food, they are of all races, all religions. They are sex workers, homeless people, drug users, street kids. It doesn’t matter, they all need help.“And despite what certain parties insist, that such people are mostly foreigners living on the streets with no shelter or food, they are mostly not. They’re local! Just like you and me.“The years of living on the streets, the drugs and the hunger have of course taken a toll, and some look disfigured and different from normal people. They would not be able to find jobs; who would hire them?“And some of these people are born into this life. Right from the very beginning, from the time they were born, it was never a level playing field. I ask myself: what can I do to help? There are so many things to do, you can’t do everything. But do what you can,” urges Munirah.

Although she is still working full time and running her own group of companies, she is already planning her next big give back: “We’re going to clean up those beaches,” she declares. “Perhaps get the big corporations involved. I’ll call you when it happens?”For now, the soup kitchen is her baby. As I make my way out of her office, Munirah is getting ready for a board meeting and also organising the soup kitchen’s outing for the night. If you haven’t done your big give for the month/year/decade, give her a call. Society thanks you.

How can you help. MONEY – RM300 can feed 150 people a night. Individuals or companies interested in making donations can do so by making cheques out to Pertiwi and sending them to No. 63, Jalan SS3/53, Kelana Jaya, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Contact number: 03-7874 4203.Alternatively, you may bank it into RHB Bank Bhd, account number: 2-14035-10201591.All donations are tax exempt.Time – If you would like to contribute your time, even if it is only once a month, you can sign up as a volunteer. The soup kitchen goes out on Mondays, Wednes-days, Fridays and Sundays at 8.30pm. Go to Pertiwi Soup Kitchen’s Facebook page or write to
Talk – Tell people about this community project.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

comfort cooking~

the long weekend is here.
plant shutdown untill tuesday so we`re having a 4-days-weekend ;-)
no plans to balik kampung.
instead, am meeting some friends. all my besties on different occasions.
tomorrow`s that day of the year. a bit excited to take that little trip down memory lane somewhere near bukit merbah in seremban ;-)

made some choc chip muffin with nigella lawson`s recipe i got from the youtube!
turned out quite awesome. wish i had a BIGGER oven tho..penat menunggu almost 2 hours just to get them baked in 4 batches ~
so will be joining alep in her booth at the bazaar tomorrow. all proceeds will go to some funds for the girls.
its nothing much really..just doing my bit for my alma matter i guess.
the rest of the weekend will be free n flexible.

dunno y i`m feeling a bit nervous abt meeting some of them..maybe cos i`ve been vulnerable lately and these are the ppl who`ve been there to make me realize that its not worth it to cry over sthg so material..

ppl who dont know may see me as strong and cool..but these are the ppl who know my worst and my weakest side.

maybe knowing that its impossible to hide under this happy mask makes me nervous ;p

1:07 AM

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