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Saturday, April 30, 2011

R&D TeamBuilding| WE CAN MAKE IT!!

Team #2 yg dapat no.2!!!yey!

raft-making! gambar sea rafting dah takdok, sumer dah basah kuyup kamera simpan aa~

*sparks fly, it's like electricity
i might die, when i forget how to breathe
you get closer and there's nowhere
in this world i'd rather be~~

body-sekkei p2 r&d

the 'bouncers' yg membuatkan i look short! but layankan aje~

di pantai senja~

P2 R&D TeamBuilding 2011|WE CAN MAKE IT!!
@Selesa Beach Resort, P.D.

human rhythm by 325 people~

selected few photos from last weekend's teambuilding.
first day - indoor activity by 'human ryhthm' terrsangat la best! basicly we were given instruments randomly that this mat salleh guy started to instruct us this and that. n we ended up playing a nice powerful rhythm! pastu got into groups and had to play our own rhythm and guess what, our group got the highest score ~

night - the red carpet dinner! despite merungut sana-sini everyone turned up all glamourous for the dinner. owh and we performed a sketch during dinner - office working culture - and guess whatm our office won!haha~
after dinner wajiblaa berposing sana sini..mmg ber 'tukar-tukar' pasangan la mlm tu haha - sort of cam dimaafkan la kan tak kira la orang punya ke tak ke..ehem..yg sebetulnye posing amek gamba ngan yg 'lain-lain' tu as excuse jek so that tak awkward nak pose ngan yg 'sorang' tu :-)
so pics ngan yg lain takyah laa...x penting pon haha~

2nd day - ahaaa ini hari byk penat. for the first time in the history of rnd teambuilding, mula pagi2 dgn subuh jemaah dan kuliah. ehem yours truly 'tak berapa sihat' so menidokan diri jek sampai 6.30am gitu..still awal la kan under that circumstances. turun for the so called exercise which turned out to be a one minute stretching! =duhhh~

activity started after brekkie. in groups, we had to make our own rafts. with detailed instructions of cos. yelahh walaupun kami ni sumer engineers tp biase buat keta bukan buat rakit ke bot ke yek heh.
dah siap rats, race pulak ke tgh laut amek belon, satu team ade 2 trips.. fuuuuhhhhhh penat nye ya amat. mmg legam aaa pas abes tu..sampai skrg berbelang mcm pakai topeng ye.
sampai dkt noon laaa berjemur kat pantai..pastu balik mandi, check out etc.

after lunch was the closing caremony...our team (#2) dapat no.2 la pulak! out of 16 teams ye. semua disebabkan oleh top score kami ketuk gendang the previous day :-)

after closing sambung lak r&d sports nye launching. your's truly and team shoot this time. and owh, my team - the green crocs - ,menang la pulak for team presentation! strategy to play around with story-board rather than a greand havoc show worked!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dialog lepas geram

hi dinding dan silling, saya stress dgn kerja hari2 skrg sbb hari2 duduk dalam kilang yg panas. saya stress not so much of the work, tapi saya stress sbb penat dgn manusia. telinga yg penat ni kalau la boleh ditutup mcm tutup mata...dah macam gunung berapi dah ni...tunggu time jek nak meletup! owh..and lets not even start abt buat keja yg sometimes seem pointless. n s.s (syok sendiri)~

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Monday, April 25, 2011

souveniers from pd!

back to work!!!!! uhuh, last wiken was our team building 2011 at selesa beach resort, pd - probably the only place that could cater a record number of 325 participants from our department, also the biggest group handled by the consultant (fishcamp).  photos are still in the the story of what went on during the two days one night event will (maybe!) come later..everyone is back in one piece i suppose. there were fun, exciting and glamorous moments..owh and even moments that made me blush (maybe not literally~) and the heart skip a beat ..heh bleh plak! and the souveniers? sunburnt face&arms, sore throat and hampers!!owh and some great experience learned along the way~ * got home around 7PM yest., went straight to bed after shower and unpacking and slept till 6AM today - no excuse for monday blues!!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 years-anniversary?

uhh...dunno if this is qualified to be labelled as - an anniversary - but yeah, April 12th marks the 5th year of my working-hood.
and owh, and i haven't moved anywhere, am still right here where i started :p
setia kan haha~

april 12th 2006, was the day i reported for duty here (where i work now)..the whole lot of about 16-17 ppl, sama2 fresh grads from nihon tp ekceli kenalnye 4-5 org jek sbb sume tu from mcm2 programs.
about a year prior, attended the interview kat tokyo, applied by maybe a hundred++ final year students. biler kuar results, o-oh naik pulak nama i among the 25 recruited that year.naseb baek aaa sbb ekceli tak apply byk tpt pon - cuma apply p2 & p1. konfiden giler nak masuk line automotif nye pasal. dah, nama pon buat mechanikal kan?
ade 3 pempuan kot dlm list. tak kenal pon lagi 2 org ni. 12 april 2006 tulah first time jumpe diorg n became good friends sampai skrg. at least with one lah, another one dah 'moved on' somewhere else..but we still keep in touch~

what happened in 5 years?
certainly a lot. but somehow am feeling a little..short? nak ikutkan 5 years kalau gi kompeni kecik-kecik maybe dah naik 2-3 tingkat. tp kat sini agak slow aa nak naik. 3 thn stgh baru naik satu takuk, lps ni nak naik lg satu takut entah biler lah.

there were times when work was tough or when i was going through a hard time personally, i would think of running away = looking somewhere else...but so far am still quite attached to this place. keja tu takdela best sgt, tp best la gak kot. ade masa challenging, ade masa boring mcm skrg tp ermm ekceli susah la nak jumpe masa boring ~
paling susah nak tinggal the 'people' i know here lah kot..friends, frienemies?
not the type yg baik sgt ngan ramai org ade lah a few yg mungkin agak payah gak la nak tinggal...payah nak let go biler dah attached ngan org. maybe thats why i dont do it often.
only with certain ppl for some reason..poor them. haha~

so kesimpulannye genap 5 years kat sini..nothing special pon. almost lupe pon ekceli sorg member tu remind - the other girl. satu opis jek kitorg pon heh.

the same day gak, sgtla ira-ira suru. tak senang duduk. sbb takdak keja lol~
hish...takleh jadik.
sehari dua ni mmg dok ligat cr jalan nak isi masa lapang, to take my mind off things. weekend2 takde keja dah agak bosan nam melayan bosan. the lepaking around borders and starbucks thingies works so far - but a bit costly!every weekend nak drive to these places, makan n minum yg agak mahal utk sthg yg not that healthy and hearthy pon, only to feel even more lonely.
gotta fill my weekends up. and if i cud fill them up and get money, weh even better kan.

tetiba teringat, waktu jumpe ucu last month waktu adik nye wedding, she mentioned abt a friend yg tgh cr photographer, wedding smwhere in june..akak ni org BP jek so kenduri nye pon kat BP la, looking for photographer yg simple (=budget!!) jek..nak album sticky jek. huk..exactly what i do anyway..
ok so its been a month but manelah tau kan..ym ucu straight away tanye pasal akak tu, there and then gak ucu tanye akak tu bla2...
30mins later - i got the job !
weehuuu...extra income in june. bonus is i get to go balik kampung - siap leh claim outstation charge lagik hehe..ok so maybe kurang best sbb balik kampung kena keja, tp cuti byk pon, i can take a day off the following monday :-)

at the same time i'm actually thinking abt opening up for orders for some of my 'baking stuffs'.
and a day after posting the thought on FB, i actually got a text from a vendor who is based in JB, said she wants 'durian cheesecake' when she comes for a meeting next week!! ooh..dlm byk2 benda ni lah paling leceh nak bawak travel.
but no prob! i can get ice packs that breastfeeding mommies use to keep chilled their BM and use them for the cake :-) takat kl-jb drive 4-5 hours shud be no prob :-)

meanwhile, gotta work on getting the words on the pricing etc.
might be using FB for a start. maybe bring some samples to the office - the best place to start.

yg penting, i will be making my first order for pick up next tuesday hihi..jauh plak tu akan diangkut sampai ke JB. so gotta make it perfect!

eh btw...
made a list of the stuff i want to take order..

- durian cheesecake
-oreo gula melaka cheesecake
-red velvet cupcake --> ni gotta work out on the coloring tho..and the topping.
-black bottom cupcake
-over the top brownies

kalau level ketidak-ada-kerja-an mcm skrg ni shud be ok to bake...but once i get busy like crazy mcm dulu2, takleh la kot...
will see, plan is a plan. if it works, at least can get extra cash. and who knows, it might start sthg up :-)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Al-fatihah buat Along..

asalnye dah karang entry special utk hari ni-hari genap 5yrs keja..dan 5yrs setia pada company tpt keja skrg. dan jugak ade benda nak story pasal photography job, kisah tiba seru utk start baking bisnes. tp citer2 tu sumer rase cam dah x best nak citer...maybe next time.... br dpt call dr mak, Along yg menderita kanser pankreas(pancreatic cancer) just passed away...terasa sunyi dunia. dah lame tak dikejutkan dgn kehilangan ahli keluarga terdekat....patutlah rase kuat sgt nak pegi melawat Arwah kat hospital 2weeks ago. kalaula bukan kerana mengantuk yg amat, skrg jugak nak gerak balik, tp am being sensible. pagi2 esok akan gerak amek adik kat kl, then straight to muar. hopefully sempat sampai sebelum dikebumikan...Al-fatihah untuk Along, semoga rohnye dicucuri rahmat Allah.. 

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

matters of the heart

agak sedih dan dunno what to do..bila emosi yg x berape stabil and kadang2 jiwa kacau ni ditambah lg dgn certain ppl yg cpt buat andaian bukan2. ok so bila aku stress or perlukan masa sendiri, mungkin senyap dr biasa, they speculate that its because of this one specific reason(=person) padahal its not entirely true and straightfwd..truth is these ppl are just too obsessed with their misconception that they refused to see what i myself hv been trying to tell all the years..they choose instead to try to read my mind and screw the one person who's been so supportive at my difficult times,making it even more difficult for me to handle emotional breakdowns. serious i'm thinking its only a matter of time before his patience dries up and give up on me, but again and again he comes around to help me to figure things out, tho its a hard and difficult process sometimes...these ppl if they're so concern why cant they ask what's keeping me down? guess its more fun to gossip and speculate. so now not only that i still dont know how to feel things right, i also need to pretend that i'm happy and ok in front of these ppl even when i feel like hell so they wud stop speculating the wrong way and making things worse. and some of them , ironically are actually among my confidante, whom i've talked matters of my heart to, yet they still choose to look at a totally different direction, at the same time giving an even worse impression to the one person i'd want to impress....and why do i still care what he thinks of me? but i still haven't quite figured out how to let him go...and if only that is more obvious.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


bosan... dalam konteks yg amat besar. teramat besar.. bosan.. yg bukan sekadar sementara sejam dua.. tp bosan yg bertahun-tahun.. kadang2 bila datang menghimpit dada sampai sesak. bosan.. rasa mcm nak lari. bukan dgn kaki, tp dgn hati...

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the odds

you meet thousands of people everyday. and then one day u meet that one person, ad wish your life is changed forever. but really, what are the odds?


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Monday, April 4, 2011

doa buat along..

Uhh..sambungan kisah sabtu malam. lepak at tony romas sampai around 10.30-10.45pm..then instead of heading back home, decided to take the roads downsouth...mmg dr pagi mcm terase nak gi visit cousin yg tgh sakit teruk due to pancreatic cancer..she already had part of her pancreas removed due to the cancer, and undergone 5times of chemo. which is why she is so weak she's now being last night sleptover kat uma another makcik kat sg.rambai melaka. siang td around 12pm br ke hospital- ikut waktu meLawat. tepat jam 2 datang dah jaga 'halau' visitors to leave the ward. i hv read stuff abt this particular cancer but nothing cud prepare me for what i saw. poor Along is left with only bones n skin, she weighs around adult with that weight, anyone cud imagine how thin she is.. sedey tgk.didnt know what to say. so amazed at how calm the mother left the hospital at 2pm, singgah sg rampai for lunch etc, by 3.30pm dah gerak balik. ngantok ya amat bawak keta sesorg dlm panas2 tu..finally sampai umah around 6. masih terbayang bayang wajah Along yg cengkung dan menahan je td Mak mesej katanye malam ni keadaan makin kritikal..let us all pray utk kesihatan my cousin along dan kekuatan buat keluarga..amin.      P.S: cubaan tido awal sbb esok kena bgn pkl 5am, kena anta hsemate gi umah brader tpt kumpul derang nak gi epot - syoknya gi motorshow!! tinggal sorg laa seminggu ni while hsemate gi seoul....

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engagement assignment - experimental.

ehem..akhirnye abes gak cuti 4days. jumaat, sabtu basicly nothing productive pon. mm lepak2 je ngan friends. ade org datang dr jauuuh perlis nun semata-mata nak tgk Lat the musical and lepak2 kl me sort of playing host la. sambil lepak2 adela shopping2, makan2..uhh part makan tu yg byk kot!*geleng2* ahad plak, ade member baik dr opis bertunang..uhh biase org bertunang esp. lelaki tak melibatkan kekawan pon kot, tp yg ni lain sket- dulu aku n dia shoot si panjang #1 bertunang, so this time aku n panjang #1 plak shoot si panjang #2 ni bertunang. owh in case its still not that obvious, mamats dua org ni panjang cam galah smlm from around 11am da berkampung kat umah si bakal tunang nye (skrg dah jd tunang) sampailaaa majlis setel pastu sambung lak outdoor kat putrajaya - tu dia bertunang siap ade outdoor! xpe, member nye hari penting, kita layankan aje, nanti i punye time jgn x layan ye!ok gak wat keja2 experimental ni. plus sbb bwat suka2 so no pressure sgt. mlmnye si panjang #2 belanje kami makan kat tony roma's the curve...seyesSs dAh lame gell x mkn red meat tp this time mmg melantak abes. abes kami kerjakan one full rack of the infamous ribs. dgn shrimp pasta lg. next punye 'open table' kena gi las vacas plak laa..leh pekena steak lak! so another one close friend dah halfway done nampaknye:.and by end of this year nampaknye org2 yg rapat dlm daily life aku akan selamat 'goal'. things dont necessarily hv to change but surely will change. as always, i'm happy that they've found (well almost) their way. happy for them. but now, more than ever, gotta find that way to be content abt myself and be happy myself, and for myself.gotta learn more than ever to do things & go places on my own n be ok with it. and gotta do it soon. better do it soon.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

the dress :p

uhuh..4 days weekend and i'm spending it just around kl. watched the lat musical on friday with old-schoolfriends. after a round of selendang shopping at jalan tar. saturday, hanging out at the gardens and midvalley. so in the mood of shopping..if i were alone, probably wud have shopped more!! yg penting, main objective to get the dress for the upcoming dept.retreat dinner- theme:red carpet. huh...mcm siot je kan, kalau ikutkan malas nak layan tp 'ter'jumpe plak the 'perfect' dress for it at Robinsons. me in a dress?? haha agak experimental laaaa tp time ni setahun skali jek pon leh buat gile2. huuu pejam mata jek bayar! ni kalau pakai sekali jek mmg rugi settled, just gotta find a nice shawl to go with it. owh, and some heels :p 

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