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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sakit perut dan sakit...

the thing about fb is we get to know every little details of everything and everyone that matter and that dont.but sometimes we dont get to choose what we see and we read.

we cud be having a good-fine day, then we`d scroll down and voila ~~ here`s sthg we`d rather not know.well a friend of a friend cud most of the time eventually be a friend too but sometimes it cud be sthg..errr less pleasant.and when that happens, it takes more a blank mind to pretend that it doesnt su*k.

my guts was rite. i knew sthg`s coming today. and i was rite.i`m feeling sick. both in the stomach, and inside here..

i guess i`d need all the extra strength, a little bit of a poker face to go tru this, untill i`m sore enuff not to feel anything.
maybe some unpacking and photo-editing cud help me deal with it tonite...

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back in town back in town. happy but broke. dada rasa berdebar-debar campur malas nak masuk opis esok. think i know y..praying for the best n that i dont crack.this is the perfect time for the saying what doesnt kill ME make me stronger~

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

taking my days off

*huh..the long anticipated trip is finally here. last trip was the new year s'pore trip with azian.more like a short jln2 leaving for bandung early tomorrow morning with bestie,adik angkat dan mak angkat lol. so here i am signing off before drifting away. leaving rite after subuh esok katanye...praying for a smooth trip and lotsa fun. a great retail therapy is really what i need now before the big thing...daaa..dont miss me huh~

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Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend tit-bits

hari ni hari malas cakap.

kalau time ade mood maybe bleh celoteh pjg lebar -esp. wafter such a happening weekend.

but let the pics speak for themselves lah.

kesimpulannye weekend was occupied with - hot air balloons putrajaya - flower girl no.3 bday party cum housewarming f.a&yus-balloons lagi plus cam whoring and meet up with bestie yam+lil`ayra+k.s. sambung plak sunday dgn super-duper early wake-up, only to slip back under the sheets sbb hujan, so cancelled sunday morning plan-mereput satu hari-kl streetshoot attemp in the la sbb hujan tak stop. but the view from look out point was breathtaking. didnt even bother to check the pics after i came back..rasenye pics sumer hampeh..but that view was super nice. wish i had a better vocab to express. now dah tau jln lhe gi lagi for special occasions ehehe ;-)

taktau ape yg tak kena. tp hari ni balik dgn rase penat dan panas. penat membuang masa atas jalan tak dpt hasil dek keja org yg kurang bijak...rugi jek 70km. atas jln. dahla tghari buta time aku pantang dok blkg steering wheels. super duper ngantuk. kalau terbabas tepi highway tu mmg tak berbaloi. boleh tak kalau nak buat trial tu pilih masa bagus sket..pkl 9am ke kan bagus. fresh start. ni buat pkl12 ~1pm kan mmg time hot tuh..

menyampah jugak dgn boss yg suka simpan keja org mcm buat pekasam. tau la awak tu perfectionist....kalau nak tu dan2 tu jugak..pastu longgok atas meja mcm org jemur ikan masin~

maybe jugak tak berape nak ade mood sbb lapar...lps jadi mcm org giler drive all the way to jln duta only to pusing balik masuk jln kuching then back to rawang, drivetru mcd tp sempat mkn fries jek. double cheeseburger bwk balik pon last2 tak mkn.takde perasaan nak mkn. ingat nak buat mushroom soup - dah siap beli mushroom, fresh cream etc - tp ni dah pkl 10pm satu ape pon tak buat lg...simpan perut sampai bfast la nampaknye..

lapar tp takde rase nak mkn.kalau selalu mcm ni mmg bleh kurus~

sama mcm konsep ngantuk tp takmo tido. salah satu cara menyeksa diri tanpa sedar..

pms takleh blame this time sbb obviously bukan pms..or maybe instead of PRE, its POST menstrual syndrome hehh..suke hati je..

lately rollercoaster ni mmg suka datang dan pergi tanpa warning..mcm biskut, kadang2 mcm petir.

bukan salah sesape, salah diri sendiri.

dah sifat semulajadi suka anticipate things yg bakal berlaku...selalunye bad things.
i know everything happens for a reason. but how to go through them is another story.

takpelaa satu bulan lagi.
lps tu promise i will stop torturing myself...

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Friday, March 19, 2010

dessert in a bottle ;-)

apart from photography, i love cooking, baking and stuff.
cooking is of cos so-so. can cook typical malay dishes, basic italian like pasta n pizza...japanese? never tried haha. tu rasenye better leave to the experts. can only make miso soup and tempura lol. itu pon, my version lah.

as for desserts, i have some signature items. moist choc cake, oreo cheesecake, durian cheesecake and the latest one, chilled raspberry cheesecake ;-)
part deco-mendeco mmg aku fail. tp bab rasa - i hv some confidence haha~
before ni pernah terfikir nak commercializekan the choc cake because i do get ppl asking for it sometimes. but thinking of the hassle - how messy the kitchen wud be after each time making it, and the long 90mins steaming time - i didnt dare giving it a try. i mean if i start, i have to do it right.
so the moist choc cake is sthg i`d do only i really realy hv the heart to.
but after trying the chilled cheesecake last month, i thot it cud be a great something to start ;-)
instead of the normal square-shaped cake, i`m thinking of making it in small bottles.

i mean at least for a start. cheesecake is one expensive desert to make, unless if the ingredients are bought in bulk. i mean the price for small packets of cream cheese and whipped cream are very expensive. its more economical buying them in big packs like 1 kg or sthg...

so been looking for that perfect little bottle to squeeze them in. and got this one info today from bestie amal.
serious, this is PERFECT weh. ada tutup lg tu. and the shape is very classic~
so it will be like desert in a bottle, lgpon chilled cheesecake kan not as firm as baked one.
raspberry cheese/ durian cheesecake as options for a start.

wud ppl buy it?

and for how much?
first thing first...
trial - in some of these bottles. samples hand out.
and cost study.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new layout

back to a simple and esy to read layout hehe..
takde ape nak citer ari nih.

sambung azam baru utk tido awal, bgn awal, sampai opis awal, bekpes awal dan sihat.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


notes from the 1 1/2 day course@ Masjid Taqwa TTDI.

- objective, or niat is crucially important when one decides to become a wife/husband.
- akidah, akhlak dan fiqah are all important elements in a good relationship - and family. everything is interrelated in building up a good foundation.
-its also about communicating, sharing and caring, giving and taking and forgiving.
-precedures are different according to states. need to check Johor procedures lah when its time...
-bebelisme, bengkengisme, bebalisme and pukulisme are but a few examples of factors of conflict - and divorce.
- the four points in choosing a husband/wife. interestingly, cantik is an element in choosing a wife. but handsome is not in choosing a husband. ermmmm...
- edah applies not only to women, but also to men.
*gossip sket...remember akhil hayy and waheeda...apparantly they got married while akhil was still in edah, and the never filled any borang permohonan bernikah. luckily it was waheeda`s father who did the akad himself, so the nikah was sah.
-nusyuz is not a term only for women but also to men.
-one has to declare if she is a janda berhias. lupa nak tanya ustaz kenapa...
-apparantly less ppl got married in 2009, but more divorced compared to 2008 - probably due to the economy downturn.
2010? rasanye dan up balik kot haha~

-its important to take care of health since young.
- smoking is HARAM by Fatwa from JAKIM.
...and so on.

and just some random thoughts.. apparantly they will implement a new module, with qiamulalil ( overnight la maknenye)..Johor dah start, and Selangor will follow suit. so in a way feel a bit lucky to take the course now.
some Qs are answered, some are not but its good to learn some of the stuff and let me do some check and balance - especially because the topics are also quite general since they talk about akidah, ibadah and akhlak.
and it gives some ideas that it is really worth being well prepared and also well thought for. before getting into that phase of life, need to check if one is really prepared to take the good and the bad, to share EVERYTHING, to adjust time and schedule and etc.

its been a while since i last sit for hours listening to Islamic related talks. luckily the penceramah were all very funny, serius tak kering gusi ketawa..but of cos hopefully bukan takat masuk telinga kanan, kuar telinga kiri~

maybe shud start attending more majlis ilmu kalau ade masa dan peluang. well masa tu ada je..nak ke taknak je actually...

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

rise n shine~

..after last nite i actually cudnt sleep that easily. so after staring into nothing for an hour and my head started to ache, took 2 panadols. and as if those were sleeping pills, dozed off minutes later and had a loooong and deeeeppp sleep.

bgn awal and feling so much better tp bermalasan gitu gini sedar2 hosmet dah balik with *laki baru* dia. erkk target nak keluar rumah b4 they arrived tp as usual..
this is sedikit awkward especially that the husband is a friend of mine too.

so i`m leaving early today. off to the office sat,then to ila`s at puncak perdana then to sg.buloh.
it will be a full weekend.
and hopefully a wise one.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


...and as i walked through the rain getting wet and drippy..the reality kicks in and i wondered if it cud get any worse.
and i havent stopped wondered.

i dont get it
this rollercoaster of emotions suprise even me sometimes
i`d think i`m doing ok one moment only to be so tired of trying to look like i am. i know the pattern, i just dont know how to get away.

i know i wud eventually get back up and it will all be ok - or at least seems to be- for a while.
but at the mo, i dont feel like doing anything..
i dont feel like talking or eating or walking or laughing or even crying...
hungry and tired but it doesnt seem to matter.

feel like switching the lights off, pulling the modem out, turning my phone off and locking the doors. just want to lay still, close my eyes and ears and sleep untill everything`s over.

demm this is so not working..
and i am not helping myself at all.
feel like i`ve wasted months of effort.

maybe i shud just sleep it off...
and wake up early tomorrow, hopefully fresh enough to go through the weekend course.
or maybe i shud pretend like its a bad chapter of story book where the ending is never known.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

random rabu

1) Satu kampung kecoh biler ade timbalan menteri datang melawat launch the 200,000th unit of VIVA..lucky me dpt park dekat when most ppl had to park jauuuuhhh nuuun ;-)

2) keja rase mcm 18jam ari nih sbb satu hari mengadap ven*or yg tak reti2 nak prepare before dtg meeting.

3) after so long br hari ni kelam kabut nak carik transcript 4 tahun nak register B.E.M punye pasal..dah register nanti bleh apply M.A.H haha

4) Alhamdulliah dah jumpe item no.3.

5) Alhamdulillah jugak at the mo its raining sgt2 lebat~

6) lps 2 hari tak mkn nasi lunch hari ni rase mcm heaven. with a side dish of awkwardness tho...

7) external hdd yg aku rase mcm dah rosak berbulan-bulan lps mcm boleh pakai daa....nak layan 24 lah mlm ni ;-)

8) hungry la pulak balik tak mkn lagi....kalau tak masuk dapur lg mlm ni mau tido kelaparan mcm mlm semalam~~

*e VIVA dah 200000 units??!!
dulu masuk keja benda tu tak kuar pon lagi...

how time flies.
tp aku rase mcm aku sama jek~

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Monday, March 8, 2010

penat la mcm ni~

tak, ni bukan entry PMS sbb masa utk PMS dah berlalu...entry ni lebih kerana aku mmg jenis sukar nak ekspresi dgn kata2. warning, entry ni agak panjang. i dont care if no one reads it, i just need to get this out of my system.

tiap2 thn biler masuk thn baru dan org sekeliling buat azam baru, as cliche as it is i wud have my own list too.

and the list has been quite the same the past few years.

tp tahun ni tambah lagi satu dlm list tu - utk tak menjadikan resolusi2 tu hanya angan2 kosong semata...

so honestly, selain drpd common stuff like to work harder, to live happier, kumpul byk duit, beli rumah, start bisnes sendiri bla2, secara tak sengajanya termasuk dlm list tu soal settle down. dlm bahasa melayu tak berapa halusnya - kahwin. TAPI honestly, nak kata dah ready utk kahwin ke belom, serius Wallahualam. pendek kata kalau abah tiba2 paksa kahwin ngan sape2 SEKARANG, kemungkinan besar aku akan meraung takmau dan lari jauh2. bukan setakat itu, kalau lah ye KALAU org yg aku sayang dan suka sekalipon, ajak kahwin dlm masa terdekat ni pon, 98% aku akan geleng.

sbb tu jugak sampai skrg aku tak berani kata YA biler ade org offer jd matchmaker. takut pada harapan org.

but ultimately, it has to start somewhere la kan. naluri secara semulajadi nya nak ade family sendiri, especially anak sendiri. maybe sbb ramai friends yg dah jadi mami dan ibu. this cud be the biggest factor kenapa soal ni selalu mengacau jiwa. the ticking biological clock is getting more and more difficult to ignore. kalau dikira-kira, kalau nak anak lima dan yg bongsu sebelum umur 40, lets say 38 yrs old - d/line is pada umur 29. 1st baby umur 30. dan tambah seorg setiap 2 years. itu pon bunyi tak logik kan? giler maybe kena revise balik angka 5 pada yg lebih kecik.

oh ya aku jugak tak main2 bila aku ckp aku consider adopting an option - a very difficult one tho.

dan biler makin lama friends dah settle down, berkawan pulak kebanyakannya dgn org yg sudah ber BF atau GF, bertunang atau isteri/suami org, u cant help but wanting the same for yourself. pathetic, but what to do. ni belum masuk lg bab terasa nak disayangi dan menyayangi...its great being single. free and practical. nak travel takde excess baggage. nak balik tgh mlm takde org nak bising, tp utk org2 yg dah merasa excess baggage tu surely wudnt change it for the world kan?

so although sampai skrg aku agak kompius dgn statement jodoh dah ditetapkan Tuhan, tp kita kena usaha - dan acapkali jugak rasa nak argue pada org2 yg suka bg statement cliche ni - thn ni somehow nak keluar dr comfort zone, cuba benda baru, ubah penampilan diri and enjoy what life has to offer. what i am inside wud always remain the same and how i wish people wud see me beyond the skin, but maybe thats too big a wish.

mmg aku bukan jenis yg suka attention, sbb tu dr dulu selalu jimi jek. zaman2 skolah n uni dulu baju pon byk earth colors.sejak lps uni masuk keja br hilang elergik dgn pink dan kaler2 lain.

so kalau dulu aku malas nak berbedak bagai simply sbb malas dan satu lg sbb ade spesis yg suka MENEGUR. dulu pernah pakai tudung pink pon ade org tegur so i stopped wearing pink for a while.

so lately biler mungkin berubah sket style ke office, style yg RAMAI giler org dah buat like ages ago suprisingly mcm ade yg pelik sgt. padahal its not that drastic pon. kat luar dah lame dah mcm tu cuma kat opis tu malas sbb SEGAN. tp sampai biler laa nak segan kan..if everytime nak kontrol ape yg aku suka dan yg tak suka sbb nak SEGAN boleh jd gila kot. dah masa rasenye stop acting too old for my age. i`mnot trying to look 20, just trying to be perfectly 28.

mungkin skrg muka dah makin tebal dan ego makin tinggi so mcm taknak mengalah lg mcm honestly agak penat dan taktau la sampai biler bleh tahan.

benda ni takde kena mengena pon secara langsung dgn soal berusaha ke arah settling down tu, tp directly related to being more open and confident...lagipon ultimately aku cuma buat ape yg aku comfortable doing. tp kalau dah mengundang awkward dan unwanted Qs, maybe this is not it.

bukannye marah dgn yg suka menegur dan bertanya, tp kompius why is it such a big deal when i do it? org lain siap hijau dan purple mata..yg aku cuit lipstik kaler tak berape merah pon pelik ke? kalau harap pakai weekend jek, sepuluh tahun pon tak abes stok lipstick ngan bedak yg ade tuh...silap2 sampai expired.

sama lah jugak soal memakai cincin - ramai yg dah bertunang, dah kahwin tp tak pakai ring atas pelbagai sebab - takut hilang, sayang kena air...atau mungkin takut saham jatuh! so apa bezanya dgn org yg belum bertunang atau berkahwin tp suka nak pakai atas sbb suka2 atau as a reward to own self? kalau dah ade duit sendiri nak beli perlu ke tunggu sampai ade org nak bagi? does the gesture makes one look pathetic?

nway, this year so far has been great, i`ve been happier than before knowing that there are ppl who care. tho i still have nights when i cudnt stopped crying just thinking abt nothing, but honestly i`m better. aku tau ade ramai org sekeliling, close friends especially yg doakan yg baik2 - ade tu mmg tak berselindung lg dah. siap offer anak2 diorg jd flower girls dan flower boys for that one sweet day. aku cuma mampu utk aminkan doa2 tu and keep on praying myself.

Its difficult to not be so desperate but still hopeful at the same time.

cubaan to not seem desperate tu kadangkala boleh di translate as sombong tak bertempat...senyum boleh dikata gila sedang masam boleh dikata bitter.

byk lagi org lain dlm dunia ni yg ade isu lebih besar - poverty, famine, divorce, domestic violence etc. so what i`m going through right now does not even qualify as a problem. 2-3 weeks ago pon i had the privilege of listening to a friend`s experience. she was blessed in the from of money and work, but not so in relationships. in the end bertunang pon sbb good timing and not 100% sure. lepas bertunang plak ade problem ade org buat tak elok la mcm2. kalau dah mcm tu lagi sakit jiwa raga...

kalau bleh, biarla yg datang tu 100% sure. dan yg penting lagi biar org tu terima aku lebih drpd aku terima dia. sbb rasanya utk aku nak memupuk perasaan pada org tu pada aku lebih senang drpd nak memupuk perasaan org pada aku...

so i`m not gonna take just anything that come my way. aku rase aku lebih redha pada keadaan skrg ni and just pray for the best. dan honestly mungkin ada sedikit serik utk cuba2 main api mcm dulu. sakitnye biler jatuh Tuhan je yg tau.. kalau sakit nye mcm itu setiap kali jatuh, takpelah kalau tak tercapai yg tinggi menggunung tu lagi..

so kawan2 ku, teruskan lah berdoa utk insan ini sbb hati ini sendiri mmg tak pernah putus meminta...

p/s; i`m not mad...i`m just asking for space.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

weekend randoms~

weekend random - sunday
1) tempted to stay at amal`s the whole day - bleh sambung projek jahit bag yg tak pernah start tu!! aaa...postpone lg next week nampaknye.
2) left sg buloh before noon - masuk office 12pm ~ 5pm. MENGANTUK dan BORING!!
note; my first weekend O.T this year...
3) left office around 5pm - it was too hot outside and i just refused to go home yet. melencong ke sg.kedondong hirup udara segar ( ya rite..) sambil shoot a few.
hmmm...really shud come here early in the morning one of the weekends...bawak gang seorg dua, bleh berendam skali~
4) malam kat rumah is super HOT i had taken my shower twice, and am now considering nak tido kat bawah(living room) instead of the room.
5) made dinner ( also for lunch tomorrow..) and think it was delicious hahaha~
6) wish i have MORE MONEY, and LESS WORK!!!

weekend random 1 - saturday

1) lunch at pasta zanma with amal, yam, KS and lil`ayra was nice - we ate BIG!!
2) ayra is obsessed with tissues..and she likes bling2!! melekat jek kat aunty Farah sbb berkenan kat brooch tu ehhh~

3)ayra lagi - she cud change her expression from a total clueless to total CUTENESS when yam sings her fav. rhyme ~

4) we had fun talking abt abt our so-called biz dreams. i cud imagine us doing it together ;-)

5) ALL hubbies shall follow KS as their example - in the sense that he`s very sporting when it comes to us hanging out for makan2 and window shopping. drpd sebelum kawen sampai dah ade baby atill maintain. kagus2 ;-)
if i (ever) get married, i wud want a hub that doesnt mind me going out with my girls once in a while - even better if he cud get along with my friends~

6) i will miss them when they`re out of the country beginning april - ayra especially. nanti jgn lupe aunty ye sayang ~

7) finally got my OU card after so many years being a regular there.

8) had the best street burger in town for dinner. we really shud have ordered DOUBLE SPECIAL CHEESE eh, amal?!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

kad baru

finally after 2 weeks..i got a new atm card. unlike the selayang branch customer service yg unbelievably strict, the one at rawang branch is very helpful..and sensible. kakak tu mmg very good PR dia, sgt berhemah dan sopan santun~
naseb baek smooth je dpt buat kad baru...if not terpakse guna back up plan haha~

so mentang2 la dah senang nak cucuk duit skrg...went out to OU after work today. had dinner with f.a, hubby & aleesha. then went shopping for bday present - sorry darl, i know its a boring present but u`d use it for sure ;-)
keluar OU pon almost 11..teringat plak si adik sorg kat UM tu yg tinggal belas2 hengget je dlm wallet..tsk2 adik2 zaman skrg..tau2 jek kakak nye baru gaji~

so rund UM jap, sempat tgk bebudak praktis nasyid kat kolej12.
serius sedikit kagum.
sedap rupanye suara budak sorg ni..siap jadik solo lagi hahaha~

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Friday, March 5, 2010

tutup telinga

sometimes i wish i cud close my ears so i dont have to listen to things i prefer not to listen - just the way i cud close my eyes to the things i hate to see...but its not even possible..thats why we have the saying 'masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri...' kan...

for now, well the earphones work ok.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

jatuh chenta~

first time check out photostream chottouch kat
thanks to rina to introduce.

rase mcm jatuh chenta~~~

suke giler ;-)

dan terus aku confirm booking to join street candid with this guy and lecture in s`pore by him, SN and another pro named Miocade.
so korgs, sape2 nak kawen tgh2 bulan 5.. so sorry...
i`m going s`pore again to find my love.



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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

holding back

Life is fine and calm....
but i sometimes find myself holding back in living it
cos it scares the hell out of me
knowing that there`ll come the time
when i will break and fall
and its coming fast

praying that the fall will not be as deep
saving my breaths for healing time.

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entry terlajak

ok time for some rewind.

cerita pasal cuti cny middle last month. balik dr cuti terus bz keja tak sempat nak story.
started the week-long break with 4 weddings in a weekend - almost a record so far.

saturday, siangnya kenduri alep my tkc friend, then maa's reception in the evening - angkut adik2 since we were on the way back to BP.
unluckyly pics of both these 2 weddings ade dlm thumbdrive yg br ilang last week. seb baek ade tinggal some pics in ila`s laptop. pics tu skrg dlm cd, and the cd ade dlm keta...nantilaa upload.
selain tu sumerrr pics sepanjang kat kampung during the break pon sama ilang with the t/d. ..sabar jek.
sunday pulak jadi driver bawak parents to weddings and visit relatives.

isnin ~ rabu nothing much selain berlagak seperti seorg penganggur yg tak ada kerja. rutin biase biler cuti bawak famili jln2 town, (window) shopping. this time siap bawak the girls and the boy gi men bowling - yan belanja haha. lama giler tak main..seb baik score not bad ;-)

uhuh..i remember mentioning abt this aunty & uncle yg dah 9 years of marriage without a child...well they finally got a baby boy. an adopted boy. i was excited as well. baby was born on monday and from what i heard they got to bring him back on friday - what with the procedures and all.

truly happy for them and i just wish the baby would be fully accepted into our family. since they`re in JB i still havent had the chance to see the i have another excuse to go to JB heh ;-)

anway... actually by tuesday tu dah mcm tak senang duduk...a week long break without doing anything significant felt like a total waste so biler ade org ajak gi mendaki bukit broga (sila google~) on thursday tu, mmg bagai pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.

sempat plak buat plan with amal yg baru pulang dr dubai for the xtvt - always in for the thrill huh buddy ;-)
main objective for me of cos the scenery which means good photo-chances. so together with amal n sister iman, pojan n fiance, afzan & alan the blues, up we went to the peaks of broga at around 5.45pm. we reached the top around 6.45, waited for the sunset and walked down at around 7.45pm- in teh dark yes. i`d remember to get a good hiking shoes if i ever do it again. kasut licin sgt dangerous~

the hike wasnt that bad actually only this lady has not been very phisical these couple of years so ade sket lenguh kaki laaa haha. and when we reached the 1st peak i started feeling loya2. think it was the height....
but it was worth it. view was great. altho not that many great pics taken, i still have my favs. guess i`m still blurr on how to take advantage of the wide lens when shooting landscapes...

next will be tabur?
lukman dawam janji nak bawak after dpt 5D. wohoooo..saya tunggu awak la lukman. harap sendiri ntah bilernye. funding tak cukup2~

the rest of the weekend, spent at the Dawam`s - karaoke, shopping, dining, cooking ;-)
also suddenly got overexcited over learning how to sew!!! aunty saba is a brilliant natural in sewing practically everything. spending lotsa time at their house somehow influenced me! i got over-ambitious and actually bought some not so checp fabrics at Ikea. angan2 nak sew myself a bag!!! but luckyly we didnt do it laaa because after only a few hours in the 'bilik kerahan tenaga' without aunty`s supervision we almost knock the machine down haha!
ish2 malu kalau mak tau ni!! mak tailor, tp anaknye nak operate machine pon fail huh.

so left the fabrics there for the past week - hopefully it will absorb all the good aura from aunty hehehe...
project impossible will continue this weekend. sudah terbayang how nice it will be if that fabbies turn into a sling bag!!! yummy.
i actually mis-booked myself this weekend. somehow mistakenly thot that the K course is this weekend when its actually next this weekend i`ll be 100% free yey...planning a lunch meet up with the girls (+flower girl n papa) for yam`s bday..and since they`re leaving for Japan soon, as a farewell(temporary) gathering i guess.

waa lama laaa tak jumpe ayra pasni..
yam, ko taknak tinggal ayra kat sini ke?haha~

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