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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Gemokkkkkk aaahhh...
kena diet. Motivasi duduk bawah katil x kuar2.

P/s: petang ni jogging aah.

2:04 PM

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Its amazing ( ..or not) how a person can take up so much space in your heart, just by his mere existence in this world.
And the more you fight to forget, the more you think about it.

7:40 AM

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Business idea?

Lately, since before japan trip hari tu mcm suddenly dtg perasaan nak start bisnes online  sthg yg senang and leh buat duit skit2 tanpa starting modal and tenaga yg byk.
i still love baking..but lets face it, it takes effort and energy, and not much profit buat kecik2 plus cake leceh nak deliver.

So dok fikir2 ape yg bleh beli ready products dgn harga borong, then jual balik in retail, mestila kena barang yg ade market and senang nak handle.

Fikir dok fikir, antaranya is kain, more specifically cotton!
Kebetulan kat tokyo hr tu memborong jugakla cotton tp xdela murah sgt pon, but patterns all vr cute!
Jatuh cinta balik ngan cotton.
beli buat souveniers for family n diri sendiri.
The thing is i dont hv much chance wearing baju kurung, if not mmg leh wat baju kurung je senang as i think that is the best way to go with cotton.

So mostly for myself i bought them in 2 mtrs, konon nak anta tailor buat blouse@top dress.
tailor dah tgh semangat cr design nak tailor camne.

Back to business idea tu, ade jugak jumpa supplier yg jual cotton siap potong 4 mtrs in bulk orders - like minimum 12 pasangs camtu. Harga ok la blehla nak mark up sket utk jual retail.
just nice if nak start selling small.

Dan akibat jatuh cinta ngan cotton kat tokyo hr tu dan x puas shopping lg..went to jalan tar over the weekend and shopped a few more cuts. X masuk byk kedai pon, masuk jackal ke heh. Eventho dah tau situ mahal sket  tp end up membeli situ je. X sempat nak round kedai2 lain..
one day really should go early morning, sorg2 or with somebody yg gila kain jugak and spend as much time possible there.
i bet mesti ade kedai yg ade kain cantik n murah.
Contohnya smlm sambil jalan kat corridor along jln tar tu sempat masuk this shop lelong cotton lembut. Rm25 je sepasang 4 mtrs. Corak moden2 lak tu..sempat sambar sepasang sambil lalu gitu je. Kalau korek2 sure ade lg lawa. Heh.

Tetiba hari ni rase nak book tiket gi bandung.
Pegi 2-3 hari pon cukup la gi shopping cotton jek. Target kedai satu aunty ni je kat pasar baru, sonia textile kot nama dia, mane tau leh establish contact terus leh amek borong utk business!

Nak gi vietnam takut x jumpe tpt sbb x penah, vietnam mmm lg interested nak gi tpt2 cantik cam ha long bay tu.

10:52 AM

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Live from japan!

Aku selalu rase instinct aku kuat.;
Kali ni pon sama.
For the same time trip ke jepun kali ni aku activated roaming.
Somehow ade instinct that one call i was waiting will come during the trip and its not a call i can miss.

Turun2 je dr plane di haneda, on phone then terus ade notis misscall - during the flight.
tgk nombor pon tau it was that call.
The next day which is semalam, they called again but 3x aku missed. Ya lah tgh berjalan mcm terkejar sana sini tulah dia call. Time tgh rileks duduk2 tu x call. Deng.

Tried calling tp x dok communicate via email. N finally dah petang smlm br managed to talk to them.
No firm words yet, but it is good news. Masuk stage 'main tarik tali' plak.
They promised to be back with another call next week after i come back.
I hope this time with a firm decision.<
At least worth it my roaming charges  :p

8:27 AM

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Japan trip - checking in!

Time is moving like a at the lcct early, as i was sent here by my sis on their way to work.
am gonna miss ilyas, but other than that, i'm so thrilled to be going on this trip!

Am having a 'loan' phone along - thanx to ehem, a generous friend. So will be updating live from time to time insyaAllah!

Its snowing today in kanto region..hopefully no effect on flights and road traffic. Ameen!

Bye kl!

12:10 PM

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Monday, February 4, 2013


The suspens is ending soon. Maybe halfway there.
Ya Allah, permudahkanlah!

10:25 PM

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