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Monday, May 5, 2014

Membaca minda

So one of the guys from the semporna island photo safari trip me, telling me that he's going somewhere with another friend for a round of photography.
Itinerary is tempting enough, a city+island trip in a country i'never been yet and is actually on the list.

Tapi persoalannya bukan issue tempat atau itinerary.
soalannya, is this guy serious or ajak2 ayam?
Why didnt he open for invitation to the whole gang? He seems to be quiet active in the w.a group, while i'm actually the silent one.
perbualan photography diorg kadang2 tahap yg sogan den nak nyampok..huh.

This guy was one of the guys that i got along nicely on that trip, gang2 bujang. Haha.
The others pakcik2 owhh x bleh masuk bila start sembang pon mcm pakcik2.
Tapi pakcik2 tu lah yg hotai2 and kaki mencucuk bawak stuff hot2 dan high end.

Anyway. So ermmm.
Back to the question.
Luckily the proposed trip is somewhere end sept - which for now, is blocked for anything.
If everything goes well, and ada rezeki that will be very near or in fact exactly the time i'll be flying back to japan.
So...x sempat la nak pening2 angau2 pikir2 nak terima pelawaan ke tak.
Orang kata, x ada rezeki atau jodoh lerr tuuh.

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Just go with the flow. Kalau ada rezeki, ada lah tu ;)

By Anonymous Amal, at May 8, 2014 at 9:15 AM  

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