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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interview@presentation for mombusho scholarship selection

After sleepless nights and days last week, done with interview@presentation for special selection by university for monbusho scholarship.
So now, is time for praying and hoping!
official offer letter from uni will come out after 05/31, while the results whether i get the scholarship or not will be smwhere in june.
I'm really hoping on it as i dunno if i'm strong enough to pull through without it.
eventhough sensei is saying that there are other options and initiatives.

Its very unpredictable, i'm the only one out of 4 candidates that speak japanese. The way i see it, it can be an advantage and also can be played against me.
I just hope that the selection is fair, that they focus on the efforts and our research proposal & presentation.

If this come through, i will need to start preparing for it. Esp.for the stuff i'm gonna leave behind.
At the moment i'm deliberating whether i should approach the unpaid leave idea, which can be good for job security but i'm afraid that will hold me back from getting better opportunities.
Like 8 years ago when i did not even try finding a job in japan because i already had P2 since 3rd year.
InsyaAllah i plan to go all out and find a job there if possible, at least try.

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