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Friday, January 3, 2014

6 fantastic staycation spots in Kuala Lumpur for under RM250 a night.

owh i so love this!
there was once time when me and my bestfriends were looking for a nice weekend getaway spot around klang valley, one that has a nice swimming pool, a little pantry/kitchen and that doesnt put a hole in the pocket.
and while we ended up in the not-too-bad The maple suit in bukit bintang, it lacked authenticity and attractions - although the pavilion was a 30 mins walk away. Yes we did walk half an hour, 3 adults + 3 kids under the streetlights of KL  :p
Pool session was superb though as we had the pool to ourselves heh. And of course, the main was achieved succesfully - to bond between us bestfriends and spend some time with the kids as well..owh and to let the kids bond between them as well~

But this list below has even more interesting places to stay for similar reasons at even more competetive rates.
I am so going to refer to this the next time I am planning a weekend getaway around KL.

#Credit to Lolaloot#

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