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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I have this itchiness of planning for a solo trip overseas sometime next year..i did japan last year, although not exactly 'single' the entire trip, i did depart and came back alone  :)
It was a great success and i really enjoyed it!
it was really fun - even the days when i was actually travelling alone.

Single travelling is doable - and for me, it starts by picking the right place. Somewhere that isnt weird to be seen walking about alone. Somewhere that has soooo much to offer, so much colors, culture or landscape that i dont need another person to make it fun.
and more importantly it needs to be  somewhere thats safe!
honestly if i were a guy  i probably wuf have taken the more south east asia aproach - but obviously that is not the case and a lot of places here are not convincing enough for me.
I have to find travelling mates for those.

So been thinking a lotttt the past few weeks esp.after visiting the matta fair.
Europe is sthg i've been wanting to do..but owh it cost so much.
I needed somewhere that i can reach with cheaper flights but equally interesting..or least nearly.
N.zealand was next for it's great nature and landscape. But flights are super darn expensive i might as well reconsider europe - and then i'm back to square one heh!

So next...what about australia? is not too tropical which is what i'm looking for,very colorful and has some of the most interesting landscapes as well. Destinations in australia are of a great variety, good food and i think pretty safe for a single female traveler.
Owh and flights are not that expensive. Maybe just a bit more expensive than tokyo.

So i started googling about and i thought, after Gold Coast that i visited 9years ago *or was it 10?* Melbourne sounds like another destination i will love!
Vibrant city, excellent public transport system, big city, reachable countyside and famous nature landscapes. Great for a single getaway and photography too.
Foudd this great vip backpackers tour website that i could book just in case i find it not practical or too messy to plan everything by myself. Can maybe book a few days tours for destinations that require travelling a bit..surveyed the rates and although not cheap, they're ok la.  I can save the city exploring for myself to plan. Just like i did in tokyo the last time.
Wooho.this is exciting!

Its actually beginning to look really possible and i am just itchy to book a flight already.
But holding myself a bit. Bettef wait for a good deal while maybe doing more research. Maybe on seasons, weather and timing.
But seriously..gotta make it happen.

It would be great to have a partner for this kind of travelling..and i envy people who have. But..asking people to come along on a trip especially when its not that cheap is tricky. Especially for a stubborn traveler like me who doesnt like compromising on the placee i want to see. Heh.
I am done waiting to see the world just because i cant find someone to tag along.
Also done worying that i may come across as weird by going on trips alone.
They are not the ones paying anyway  :)

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me! me!! take me!! i'll be like a pet just folloooowwww jer as long as got time to sit down for coffee n snaking between meals. hehehe

By Anonymous didie, at September 25, 2013 at 8:19 PM  

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