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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scuba diving license - plan in action!

..i had been wishing to go on an island@beach vacation since last year. Instead i went to japan haaa.
well flying alone to japan made more sense than taking a solo trip to any nearby islands..
actually made plans to go to sempurna@mabul island sabah, supposed to go this week..but had to cancel.
at first we were unsure because of the sulu incident in sempurna, the very embarking town to go to mabul. But then, even as it seems ok its a bit difficult for me to go as coincidently the dates we exactly my working days for the week.
And i cant 3 days off yet..still vr new.
Well i see even new people taking a.l but just cant do. guess old habits die hard.
So sad cudnt make it...really was looking fwd to swim with nemos!
Anggap je la as little sacrifice for the new job...

Missing the trip..i just cant stop thinking abt planning for another trip to an island. Been surveying perhentian. Since i've been to tioman, nak compare which one nicer. Mabul maybe next time.
Nak gi jauh2 byk plak belanja for flights etc.
Then jumped across this swimming academy - while i was surveying for swimming classes.they're organizing trips for diving courses after perhentian!and package price sgt ok, abt rm300 less than standard, so its quite limited.
decided to ask them for some details, esp if they hv any trip especially for ladies only. And they have.
messaged them yesterday..found a buddy today and terus registered and paid the deps.

So we're going perhentian in august!
not just going  but also hopefully will passing the diving course!

What mabul?..even better, if i hv a license, i can go swim with not nemos, but the sharks in sipadan!

Semoga dipermudahkan!

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