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Sunday, March 17, 2013


A very, no..extremely close friend who's almost like a sister, asked me today if i wud like to have her mother do some 'matchmaking' thing. Not exclusive for me all of a sudden, but the mother is doing it for her sister. And my name came up in between.
I do remember having the talk abt wether i am ready to be matched-made some time ago.

The matchmaking process involves the mother who is also someone i'm quite close to, and friends of hers. Some aunty and her ustaz husband.

I have'nt said yes. Hvnt said no.
It is too serious a matter for me to simply say.
When ppl do it this way, and if they do find someone, things dont normally wait for u. Once u're in, u have to embrace the possibility.
Meaning i have to be sure that i am ready now. Not next year or later.

No doubt in my heart that i long for a family.
someone who takes care of me and lets me take care of him. Who wud also guide me when i do sthg bad and push me forward when i feel down.
And also some little person i can gomol along the way - kids!  :p
well, a family. but is that instinct enough? Being a very practical me i cant help but thinking abt other more physical stuff - financial readiness, family condition, etc.

Jadi dengan nada sgt serius, bersediakah?

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i will never be ready... kowaiiii...

By Anonymous dd, at March 21, 2013 at 7:52 PM  

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