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Friday, February 8, 2013

Live from japan!

Aku selalu rase instinct aku kuat.;
Kali ni pon sama.
For the same time trip ke jepun kali ni aku activated roaming.
Somehow ade instinct that one call i was waiting will come during the trip and its not a call i can miss.

Turun2 je dr plane di haneda, on phone then terus ade notis misscall - during the flight.
tgk nombor pon tau it was that call.
The next day which is semalam, they called again but 3x aku missed. Ya lah tgh berjalan mcm terkejar sana sini tulah dia call. Time tgh rileks duduk2 tu x call. Deng.

Tried calling tp x dok communicate via email. N finally dah petang smlm br managed to talk to them.
No firm words yet, but it is good news. Masuk stage 'main tarik tali' plak.
They promised to be back with another call next week after i come back.
I hope this time with a firm decision.<
At least worth it my roaming charges  :p

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