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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The weekend.

On my way to doing one of my checklist for 2013!
Since the penang plan was cancelled..i was just looking for ways to make this weekend productive, and coincidently got this invitation by Muslimah Divers fb grp to attend this try scuba lesson. And so i signed up.

So after a few hours of craze shopping session with budak botak at the sogo day card sale, rushed to the panasonic sports ctr in shah alam for the scuba try lesson.
it turned out there's only the two of us with one instructor, which was good so we got the full attention we needed!
actually there are other groups which were bigger grps but since we were under the muslimah divers group, so well..lucky us!
Anyway, from today's lesson i most definetely say i have to make sure when i'm taking my full scuba course, it has to be a female instructor.
It cud get pretty up close and personal when u're under the water depending mostly on the instructor.
we had a female instructor today of course *tho there were other guys instructors for other grps who actually are from the same diving group, so errmm..cant do anything abt that.

Will update details of the lesson today..but all in all it was AWESOME! first time under the water was kinda scary but very exciting!
I am more determined that ever now to take up the full course and be a certified diver, so i can see more of the world and have more fun in life!

P/s: guys who dive mmg wajib cool and smart eh? U know..tan2, tough2.
Kidding  :)

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