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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Planning for the trip!

The excitement is unbelievable!
Planning out for a solo trip overseas is actually fun..its nerve wrecking, especially the part where i will truly be alone in tokyo for 2 days.
But that is actually the most fun part.
All i did in tokyo back then from my visits as a student was just jalan2 tanpa tujuan, makan2, shopping etc.
its unbelievable how much i have missed!

Maybe because i am going for sightseeing this time, and that i am into photography now thats different.
Too bad i can only squeeze one and a haf day of tokyo in between gunma, yokohama & kawaguchi-ko trips.

I still cant quite decide on the hostel@hotel to stay for that one night in tokyo, but the itenerary seems all set!
Gotta figure the best transport pass i can get to benefit me far i though the kanto pass is good since i'm also traveling outside tokyo.but i cant figure out how to get it since my arrival in haneda will be way past its opening wud be great if they permit ppl to purchase the pass for somebody else, then i can probably get somebody to buy it for me.

Whats also interesting is finding out how cheap accomodation in tokyo can get if oee doesnt mind sleeping in a  dorm or a 6-jyou tatami room - with shared baths and toilets.
Reminds me of the year i was living in the kaikang.
As i go through my little ground itenerary plans, i pick up little things here and there that i need to study and confirm - like luggage issues,lockers, train passes, schedule etc.

I really got to pass the big hurdle first though, the visa!aiyai!

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