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Thursday, January 10, 2013

From bukit merbah to enstek, tkc on majalah 3.

Watch "Majalah 3 Promo - 12 Jan 2013" on YouTube

The talks of tkc being moved to a new location had been around for as long as 4 years i think.
But every year, we returned to the school on May 1st and laughed about it.
The idea seemed ridiculous and impossible. We wud make all sorts of reasons why, trying to make ourselves sound reasonable when the actual painful truth is, we just love the place to bits to let it go.
We know too well that the current students can benefit a lot from a new state of the art campus because we worry that we will loose all the memories and sentimental values.

But it happened finally. The students returned to school this year to the new campus in Enstek, Nilai. Apparantly when they bid goodbye in Nov. For the school holidays, they were supposed to return to Bukit Merbah and only move to the new campus later, with a caremony in plan to officially close the school.But during the holidays, the pengetua was called and instructed by the MOE to vacate the school by jan 1st.
Hence, instead of a proper farewell event for current and ex-students, there was none.
No closure for everyone. I'm sure its even more complicated for those teachers and students.

Only a documentary filmed by TV3 somehow took place, which will be aired this saturday, fortunately for us to see the school one last time. Watching the promo already sent me goosebumps, no suprise if watching majalah 3 this saturday wud cause a lot of tears!

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