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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A week to go yey!

Went to apply for the visa today! Wah..last minute huhu. Supposed to go pick up on monday..and flight is wednesday!
i thot it'll be settled on friday..but this friday is holiday for them. Uhh.
Whatever it this time next week i probably am already in japan!yey hehe...excited!

Just a little anxious that i still am not sure abt my later part of the trip..originally planned to do tokyo during the weekend and then to kawaguchiko and yokohama before return to kl..but still cudnt get anyone in tokyo to confirm anything. Was excited and ok abt walking abt tokyo alone, i mean it is safe i think..errr right?

Tokyo is supposed to be exciting and fun....what if i get bored?
i decided to go up the sky tree tower- supposedly the tallest tower in the world now, but no one to share that view and feelings with  seem a bit urmm..wasted?
Besides, if i were alone in tokyo, no point doing it that weekend la. Shud i change plans n spend time in yokohama with dot's family first, then only do tokyo untill departure time?
anyway accomodation no longer the problem - free lodging in tokyo no need to worry the logistics matter anymore.

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