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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Travel plans.

Currently obsessed with the idea of going solo travel. Bukan dkt2 dlm local but luar malaysia. Starting with south east asia maybe, safer from other places. Ade gak usya2 tour gi europe berapa..bleh tu bleh tp secara waras nye maybe not in this one year. Ade more important priority than spending rm10k on a trip.
So...usya2 nak gi siem reap je, which dah bertahun tahun overdue. i did pangkor on my own few months ago to test whether travelling alone is do-able. This time it has to happen. between the packages on sedunia holidays which will be safer, tp maybe a bit restricted..or just plan sumer sendiri which will be cheaper n more adventurous but slightly risky. Good thing cambodia is cheap.
Also will be nice to hv a little trip smwhere to snorkel and enjoy nice underwater. Last skali pon snorkel time gi k.k end of 2010 dulu. Beautiful place kalau malas nak pk pi k.k je pon o.k. leh berenang renang dgn nemo!
Utk snorkel ni nak gi luar gak, alang2 naik flight.
thailand - krabi or phuket mcm paling straight fwd n simple. Rase selamat je kot
tp recently discovered about indonesia - seyes jatuh cinta tgk pics and baca reviews abt places like pulau banda, pulau weh etc..belah2 banda acheh, sumatra sana. Tpt yg dulu kena tsunami tu, water crystal clear and still not so touched by commercial tourism. Selain snorkel bleh gak hiking.
cuma ckp pasal indon, teringat trip ke bandung dulu so ade sikit scary. x pasti if it is safe for solo woman traveler. Tp online blogs an  reviews kata ok je.

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