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Monday, October 29, 2012

I booked!

Taraaaaa ~
i'm going to semporna and mabul in june!
and whats more exciting is i'm going with a new friend, who happens to be the same travel junkie like me. Owh and a baking junkie as well.
just abt last week kot, a friend ( u know who u are!) introduced us. So became friends on fb, stalked each other hehe.. then today - i was looking for a travel buddy to go smwhere n she sent me a mssg to initiate! So we're officially not on stalking mode nmore. Haha.

We spent nearly 2 hours chatting via fb while going tru the airasia booking page. Narrowed it down to tawau then finally got the dates with the lowest fares end of june.
it will be a hectic trip to get the cheapest one but good thing is we both agreed that we dont mind that.
we'll just fully utilize our time there.

June may seem a bit far, but by experience, time will pass by so quickly if we dont do anything.
Its actually just perfect timing, gives us enuff time to plan our trip n save money.
plus, june is perfect in terms of weather.

Which means i still have that 5 days stretch during the golden week in may. Plan to book for siem reap or vientiane plak but maybe after bonus kot. Or maybe just dkt2 tioman or perhentian, backpacking nek bas jek. save budget!
Maybe leh ajak gang2 office yg sama cuti time tu. Tho i doubt, that will result in anything...

Its a happy feeling really, i asked (read:prayed) for a travel buddy, and i got one out of suprise. Thanx @anifauzia, we owe u one  :)
Lets meet up the 3 of us + eecha chang!
I gotta know my travel partner right?

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no biggie my friend! don't thank me laaa ok, tader menda pun. actually i should introduce both of u waaaaayyyy before already, tp the idea just came up on my mind lately je...gomen ne.
btw, enjoy your trip!
psst...langkah bertambah panjang la lagi pasni eh..hihih

By Anonymous ani, at October 31, 2012 at 4:49 PM  

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