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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tie breaker.

I'm used to making my own decisions.
Think my parents have let me be my own decision maker as early as primary school.
I chose my school, my class, schooltrips, my course of study, where i live, where i go. Its always been my own decisions and consequences.
i dont go to them for opinions..i normally just tell them when i'm decided.
they dont tell to not do one thing if its dangerous, they tell me to be careful.
Being my own decision maker, i dont know if that makes me bad or good, but its made me wise. Smtimes i made a wrong one, but then i get to learn from it.

But at times i do wish i dont have to make the decision all by myself. When its difficult to decide over sthg, normally split between the head and the mind, i wish somebody wud say sthg that will make it easier, or make me feel better to follow my heart.
Because sometimes i know what my heart says, but my head is playing funny.
My heart is one vote, my head is another. So its a tie.

I need a third vote. A tie-breaker.
Between being ambitious, or being intuitive and safe.

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