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Thursday, August 9, 2012

2nd interview

I took a day off yesterday and drove to alor gajah again for the 2nd interview. App. Was at 4pm but i got there quite early around 2.50pm..heh.
Quite nervous..
The last time i was told that 2nd interview panel will have 'dato' of their big bosses.
..and so yesterday i reported to the lobby 10mins b4 4pm and waited the longest 20 minutes. Haha..
Sekali came out this hr dude "hari ni dgn dato' tau..'
Oh maiii..sejuk tgn.
Masuk2..ade 3 org. The hr dude, the manager yg during 1st interview came up with the idea utk engineer position instead of translator then the big boss. Balik tu gugel br tau sape pakcik tu.

anyway..this time around manager tu senyap jekkk jd tukang dgr. mmg mainly dato tu yg bertanya dan berckp..suprisingly dia tak drill sgt pon, tp ade la sikit dia tanye 'what exactly do u do in p2?'
ade jugak soklan2 trap mcm2 ' 6 thought of going other places before? so why now, why here?'
hoho..i gave my closest answer to the truth.
Rule of thumb of interviews, never talk bad about your current employer!

yg awkwardnye at the end he mentioned that he personally knows one of our GM - current dept. nye GM. am guessing maybe diorg penah keja skali automotive ni pusing2 tang tu je gak.

in the end bila aku tanye how long will it take for the results to come out..he said ' normally 2 weeks but ur case ni complicated sket, lets give it  a month'. ayohh.

actually the thing is that..he didnt quite like the idea of the engineer position the manager proposed - spec engineer post. he said that i'll be a bit overqualified for it. and he shared an interesting info that they are setting up an R&D ctr here in malaysia, to be a ctr for the region in addition to the one in Thai, as they are planning to increase their localized content. so i may come in more relevant towards that area.
interesting news..but then yg itu i feel mcm ngeri la pulak, mcm underqualified pon ade. tu yg complicated agaknye, i'm sitting smwhere in between 2 posts - satu cam over satu lagi cam underqualified.

papepon i'm actually glad that this will take a while..mental x ready nak dpt results lagi  :-)
ade org tanye will i go if i got the offer?
seriously at the moment i can only say ' i'll decide then if it comes to that. right now it's more of knowing where i stand'

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