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Thursday, July 12, 2012


2 months ago as i was desperate for a new job i actually sent out  close to 50  applications. A few came back, but ended up going to only one interview.
Results came back positive but the offer wasnt what i expected. It took me 6 years to finally feel like moving on, so the whole package is important.
I'm not talking abt monthly salary, but more of the overall package. Medical benefit is one important consideration. The offer i got lacked quite much in that area so i decided to turn it down.
maybe it was easier to make that call because i was already 'released' from my previous problem - the evil boss!
It did make a big difference.
If i had gotten the offer while i was struggling with it, i wud've accepted it straight away.

Work is calm now..and actually slow smtimes. I'm doing a whole new thing which is ok, but i wud stop and wonder smtimes, feeling like starting all over again.
I feel insignificant smtimes and thats quite a scary thought.

So when i got a call few days ago from one of the recruitment agencies i registered last time, i wasnt sure.
The job they're introducing has an impossible to resist overall package, in terms of remuneration+medical..and even bonus thats close to my current - which is very rare to find. Its of the same industry, quite a big player. Irresistable.

BUT, there's a big BUT.
It's a totally different  scope.
More on the 'language side' tho i cud make use of my experience..

Quite nervous as the interview will surely be in nihongo,but more importantly i'm not sure if i'm ready to move on to a new place..esp. to be away from a few vr good friends.
Tho i will be closer to home and family.

But maybe thats the change i need?

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