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Monday, June 18, 2012


I drove 3 hours to the most spontaneous tril ever, where my wheels brought me to pangkor!
I've planned to go there a couple of times before but always sthg came up likw kena work or no available rooms or smbody cancel etc2.

But this time i really did not plan at all. I just did not know where to go n i couldnt  just stay home for some technical reason....
Luckily last2 minute pon i managed to get a room tru

Funny thing is, ended up i wasnt actually alone the entire time.
I found a friend n his wife when i got to the jetty on the man made marina island - had a good 1 hour chat with them while waiting for the ferry.
And then off i went on the ferry alone. Zzzzz...

Took the pink taxi van to the chalet, puteri bayu beach resort on pasir bogak and checked in. Slept like a baby for an hour, penat drive sesorg.
Ermm...ngeri jugak biler kat chalet tu org tnye sorg je ke? Confused whether i shud just say yes its just me or is it dangerous to do that?
Ke i shud learn how to lie for my safety?

I also met another friend-husband n wife there!
Was so highlight of the day, to spent a good two hours during dinner with them n the two kids. If not sure i'd only hv burger that night  ? :)

I know it is mind buffling to some ppl, the idea of me going there alone, and i hv to admit even i feel slightly pathetic at times. Plus, its quite a waste of money as i'm paying solo.
Not to mention the safety factor..some people wont even go tripping without family or some guys in the group n didnt even tell my used to it, having nobody stopping me from doing crazy spontaneous things.

But i just had to..
I'll be stuck at the starbucks with expensive and unhealthy food all weekend if i wait to have someone to drag to these places.
And planning with friends need proper planning, with everybody's commitment i gotta plan months ahead n its not helping when this 'technical' issue usually comes only 2 days in advance...huhu..sometimes only a day. And i'm tired of nomading at the shopping complexes from morning till night.

Maybe i just got lucky to meet some friends thia time. But I believe He answered my prayers to be safe and ok by meeting me with these ppl  :)

I gotta say..maybe i will do it again in the future.
I think seam reap is possible. I heard it's a safe place there even for single woman travellers, of cos gotta be careful.

But next, maybe cameron first. Think i'm ready to challenge the gayatness in me heh   :)
Tp i somehow worry that cameron will bring out the loneliness in me  :(
Cos its so unlike the beach where ppl can just lepak under the sun sorg2.

Then somewhere where i can snorkel. I so miss snorkeling! Krabi or phuket definetely on the goal!!

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