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Friday, June 1, 2012

i'm dopting.

Few years ago i used to set 30 y.o to be the year to start considering adoption as an alternative to having my own. Well..since it takes two to tango, and a prospect 'dancing partner' has to date been nowhere in sight...

But i thot maybe i can give it a delay..

But watching and reading stories of western ppl, couples with fertility problems or singles with issues like mine, getting 'egg/sperm donors' to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents, brought me thoughts of 'if only i can..' which i know the answer is no, cannot,HARAM. Full stop.

I'm not questioning Allah's willing and hukum, but i just fail to block the thoughts smtimes. And its bothering me very much...its bad.

At 30, the clock is ticking fast. Another 10 years of relatively low-medium level risk of pregnancies and deliveries.

But if i wait another 10, it wud be too late to consider the option of adopting. Who wud want to give a baby to a 40 y.o woman,single woman? Not a very ideal situation.

So i'm thinking now. I've given it 3-4 years to think...

And if i start now it may take a few years anyway. I can still wotk out on the commercial factor along the way. And having a clear goal is maybe the extra push that i need.

So here's me again making a big decision by myself.

So here goes, I'm adopting. It's officially on. Plan to register with jkm soon and spread the intention to ppl around me..who knows smthing might come up from there.

Owh..but first thing first gonna let my parents know of my intention first which i hv no idea yet how...

Pray for me ok friends?

I'm gonna need a lot.

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InsyaAllah... moga dipermudahkan Farah.. :)

By Blogger ashiena, at June 2, 2012 at 8:33 AM  

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