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Friday, June 29, 2012

early weekend!

My weekend has officially just started!
Taking a day off friday - work is kinda slow anyway so i might as well be home and be productive.
How come?
I'm originally doing 100pcs of muffins for baby bercukur event, in packets as door gifts.
Its my first time doing door gift project, kinda excited  :)
Hv to get the packs ready by tomorrow evening so a day off seems practical.

And then quite the last minute, got some other orders for friday and  saturday.
So it will be my busiest record.

I'm staying up tonite making red velvet cupcakes and a midnight chocolate cake(half and half chocolate cheese cake) and a couple of batches of that muffins. Tomorrow continue a few more batches.
The r.v is for tomorrow noon pick up, and the cake is together with the muffins in the eve.

I got a hundred muffins to pack into the packets and seal. Fewwww...will be a busy friday  :)

Tomorrow night will be another half and half choc cheese cake and a box of r.v to prepare for saturday morning delivery.

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