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Saturday, January 7, 2012

happy january!

Alhamdulillah! Januari tahun ini yg bermula dengan kegembiraan dan rahmat-Nya.
i always love january. maybe its the spirit it brings with it. or maybe cos its the month of my birthday? matter what the number, i love celebrating getting another year older. despite i may say usually. tp down sgt2 bersyukur dipanjangkan usia satu tahun lagi.

i stepped into the new year feeling refreshed and calm. cant wait to face new challenges and to realize my dreams and hopes i have for these couple of years. no nonsense new year celebration whatsoever. spent the weekend with bestfriend n family for her birthday as usual, then back to work.

only to be suprised with a great news a few days into the new year. the announcement for upgrading and promotion is a bit early this year, suprisingly to everyone.
i was excited for a few ppl around me who i was pretty sure would be upgraded. seronok kawan2 upgrade, leh pow diorg banjer makan. haha~
selalunye org upgraded mmg akan rasa sgt happy, they'll be sgtla murah hati heh.

the announcement was done in front of everyone in the departmement, starting from the bottom-up.
so mmg org2 yg expected akan naik tu sah la naik, tho ade gak yg tercicir, bukan rezeki dia agaknye.
sampai turn my grade nye group i was actually busy chatting with smone beside me, making analysis abt this and that, and suddenly i heard my name being called.
Alhamdulillah, the the biggest joy sometimes comes when we least expect it. tho not the kind of suprise i am hoping this year, i'm grateful.
tho still a long to go, and being in P2 its still not that much compared to my peers elsewhere, it brings a great sense of accomplishment.
whether its anough to get me going another year is a different story. hajatnye this year nak improve monthly income, so that bertambah confidence level utk achieve other things in life and contribute more for my family, parents especially.

one thing at a time i guess. for the time being january still is the month to celebrate.

owh ya, another happy news, i am officially a real aunty now to a chubby baby boy!! still unnamed, safely delivered yesterday at hospital serdang around 2.30pm. Alhamdulillah my sister n the baby is healthy, cant wait to see and and play2 today. heh mcmla bleh play2 lg pon. perasaan gembira tu xleh nak explain camne tho memula rase mcm speechless and so full of emotion. kalau mcm nilah gembira menjadi makcik, tak dpt dibayangkan gembira menjadi ibu.
Satu lagi doa dan harapan yang harapnya akan nampak jalannya tahun ini.


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