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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

krismas wiken update - 1

krismas wiken yg lps ended up x ke mane pon. sabtu pagi2 bgn terus online check n hampeh jek..berlambak plak available rooms kat pangkor n cameron. jahat aa diorg ni nampak sgt diorg simpan bilik nak bg harga naik! hmphhhh. sabtu, adalah hari yg paling bosan. dok umah the whole day berperang ngan washing machine rosak. hampeh tol...mmg feeling mandom abes. nak gi mane2 pon xde idea. risau nak ke mane2, sbb manusia ni( ke saya jek?) kalu bosan gi sopping ade tendency utk hilang self-control. haha. same gak kalu shopping dlm keadaan lapar. nafsu tinggi jek. so elakkan drpd ke shopping mall dlm keadaan bosan atau/dan lapar. nway, slps sabtu yg mandom, saya berjaya menjadikan ahad saya smwhat berisi dgn xtvt. xtvt memuaskan perut(makan!!) dan menyegarkan badan ( spa!!). itu saya akan story mory dlm entry seterusnya, ade gambar nak share tp x smpt transfer pon lg. so skip saturday. sunday, woke up in bangi at sister's place. mak n adik pon ade situ, they got there on saturday. so ahad tu gi market, masak2(mak yg masak of cos) dan lepak umah je..petang ahad br gegas ke ou, ade barang nak beli, mmg end up beli itu jek. dah lama x shopping lain2 tu mcm dah lost touch. haha. tetiba jd kedekut. bagus2. maghrib gerak ke the curve lak, ade makan2 dinner with a few colleagues. after a lengthy discussion of where n what, we decided to hv dinner at the italianies. big2 dinner that is. ade 4 coples plus kids n saya sorg je single mingle. huhu..ok je dgn diorg ni, tho ade la gak moments rase cam out of place. esp whe ppl start talking abt babies, nurseries, schools..etc. and even tho dah xde tekanan perasaan biler terpaksa be on the same table with the guy yg pernah mengusik perasaan dulu2, owh plus the wife n the kid ye. ingat lg i said once to him waktu we had our closure talk sort of, that it was difficult for me then, but maybe, maybe we'll be ok again, maybe i cud try to know his wife. we probably cant be bestfriends like we used to be, but deep down i know the reason why i got close to him before was because he was good as a friend so it's such a waste to cut all ties. so i guess yes, the time did come. its not that bad in the end..u hurt urself a bit along the way smtimes, but got a few more friends in the end. it sucks at time seeing how ppl move on with their lives. a lot seems to change every year for them, leaving me feeling like i'm on a standstill, but if that.s what to be of me, then i hv to accept and find a way of dealing with it and enjoy life the way i can. its a continuous but worth it struggle towards a complete me.

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