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Sunday, November 20, 2011

upsr results is out!

...owh missed the update on the 17th hehe. the last of us 5, my one and only not so little brother, just got his upsr results on thursday. somehow i knew he'd nail it given the record with previous xms and trials but well of cos la suspense gak. everybody was, except for him. haha. cool jek. dalam hati dunno la kan.
Alhamdulillah..he got 5As. as much as Abah always bebel that he never study at home - mmg pon - but he's just a kid who for now knows his stuff i think. boys especially, the fast pick up one, as long as they understand the stuff in the classroom, they usually dont need much study anyway. lgpon with tuition and stuff, balik rumah dah penah, nak main2 plak. lainla zaman 20 years ago ( my time??!!), mane ade tuition ke whatever, so terpaksela study kat rumah kan.

he was here yesterday with abah. abah kept saying how he never studied at home, asyik main je bla2...dilayan la smlm with a new pair of kasut bola that abah promised him ( in exchange with internet at home haha~). i know deep down inside abah is really proud of him, just like we are :p

am trying to figure out how to settle his online mrsm application by today. hope he makes it into one of those sbp or mrsm (prefer sbp somehow..). jauh ke dekat ke doesnt matter, if around kl ke pon ok gak. senang nak visit.

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setuju!!masuk sbp lagi bagus:)
mrsm nye pendedahan pada benda selain study tak bnyak dianak tirikan sikit~

By Blogger Budakbaik, at November 20, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

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