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Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday lunch.

its one of those..ermmm quiet days?
as of 4pm, i havent made contact to any living soul. haha. only the fish, which wasnt not living. but dead. hehe..
bought a jar of basil pesto yesterday. actually was planning to buy fresh basil but the place i went was out of stock of them, i found the basil pesto jar. ok gak. longer lifetime kan.
also bought a piece of really nice looking salmon fillet, salads and mushroom.
thot of cooking them for dinner actually, but it was already late so skipped dinner.

cooked them today.
made some marinate with the basil pesto and some tomato, salt, pepper etc. marinated the salmon for 30mins, while making some sauted mushroom and prepping up some salad.
pan fried the salmon nicely, then popped into the oven for abt 10mins just to make sure that its thoroughly cooked.
on the side to just some cold udon, which i ended up x makan abes pon. the salmon was quite a big portion. dgn mushroom n salad lagi. kenyang.

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