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Monday, November 14, 2011

pak utih akad nikah dan bersanding ~

highlight of the week, pakcik saya kawen~
my one and only pakcik. since mak has no brother and this one is the only pakcik on abah's side.
he's aged more than 45, truth is aku pon x sure umur dia bp. we've always known that he's not too well. stories are he's had it since he was small..he has histories of getting seizures and pass out when he's nervous or too tired. err actually he passed out on the wedding day of all his sisters. heh.
so we were worried that he might pass out on his on wedding day! huhu...mau kecoh!
the moment we stepped into the house on saturday morning for akad nikah, i cud see his face was white. sambil mulut terkumat-kamit, maybe baca selawat dan doa penenang hati..
it was so obvious that he was shaking that the imam (muda~) teased him a few times. but guess what, he wedded his wife in one lafaz. Alhamdulillah. semua lega ~~

to cut the story short, akad nikah was held in the morning, then later in the afternoon was the bersanding.
me n my sisters and mak helped putting up a nice cake, the sirih junjung and the bunga pahar. lain2 tu some other makcik buatkan.
thought i wont be taking so many pics but turned i got quite a few :p

eh...byk pulak gambar imam muda ni hehehe..
*2nd time 'jumpa' imam ni, the first time was when
i was on a shooting job*

selamat. dalam satu lafaz.

segak in pink!

tol no.1!

tol no.2!

tol no.3!

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