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Sunday, November 20, 2011

malam ahad yg sejuk dan bosan. sundays these days are beginning to become like this. bosan dan senyap.
quiet and alone, like the whole day. i cud leave the house, maybe to the nearby tesco or 7e, just for the sake of leaving the house, and getting some contacts with another human being, but that makes it even more pathetic.

i cooked lunch..washed dirty laundry, even the bed sheet and pillowcases..spent more than an hour ironing 8 uniform shirts..watched some movie, slept in the evening.
had nothing to cook for dinner..err except maggie mee which i'm trying to avoid. lately its so easy to get stomach upset with just a bowl of maggie mee. serious, same issue. i cud go smwhere just tapau sthg or just eat there..but after a day home alone, doing that cud maybe make me cry. huh..

so just ignored it..settled adik's application for mrsm, tgk malam gala FFM on astro yg sgt bosan..tetiba td rase lain mcm, cam angin naik ke dada, dan sakit kepala..loya2 pastu muntah. hmm..jarang berlaku ni. selalu paling2 pon loya jek.
muntah on an empty stomach sgtla tak best. what a way to welcome the new week.

degil lagi padan muka.

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