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Thursday, October 20, 2011

(in)security issues.

....status on a friend's fb wall caught my attention this morning. from the status i understood that somebody tried to break into her house last night@early morning. tsk. creepy nye! made it worse when she had no phone credit, so se cudnt call out and had to resort to fb. ok another benefit of social network sites. was waiting for her to update later but didnt get o read it untill well after lunch time. what the! it wasnt just an attemp! the man actually got into the house, and tried to get into her room, luckily she woke up and screamed. the man took off in panic. well lucky he got panic, what if he got more bold?? urghhh this is so disturbing. i will be staying alone from starting this weekend untill mid of december, thats abt one and a half month. we never had any security issue but really, i seems like sthg that cud happen by chance. the grille gate is basicly just a simple one that even a kid cud jump over it. the grille at the door is always locked with a pedlock, but urmm we all know thats not too hard to pick. the door knob is quite new, just got i changed last few months but, it is now a bit loose- results from some knocks last few weeks when housemate accidentally left her keys inside and got locked out. my room's door knob basicly doesnt work anymore, so yep i never lock the door. owh my. even tho i lived alone over 3 years previously, i was never scared, because well i just wasnt. i don hv ppl worrying abt me abt these things so maybe thats y i never really thot abt it. but now, i am actually quite scared. maybe because i'm not used to staying alone in the house alone for a long period of time. i do get weird feelings sometimes when i'm alone on weekends, some sounds outside. but thats probably just dogs or cats o rats..huhu.. i told myself a hundred times to save the phone number of the nearby police station, but never did. maybe i shud, nope, i am doing it right now.  now the only concern i cannot stop thinking is what if..what if one day the odd happens to me? what  i didnt wake up quick enuff? there's always been 2 cars parked in front, so what if it attracts attention of the wrong ppl that suddenly it became 1? huh..this is disturbing. i used to be carefree, even for my own safety. but i'm a paranoia now. guessin it won be long before i stopped driving around in my car alone for my long single driving trips. 

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oitt..kakak ku dpt pegi haji? tahniah2.. ko tinggal sorang?
are..erm..anyone nk lepak2 ngan ko ke..aha, ape kata suh liza lepak situ?? suh la dia dtg teman..
ckp kt dia, ni arahan sultan dari jepun.hihihi.. ;)

By Blogger bopandot, at October 20, 2011 at 5:18 PM  

haah dot, Alhamdulillah k.ita dah kompem dpt gi, khamis dpn. Call la dia bebila.esok dah last day keja pastu terus balik kg kot tu. Ni mlm ni mau dinner ala2 meraikan la ni hehe..sayu gak aku, x saba nak tunggu turn dpt gi lak. Walaupon kalu haji tu mungkin lama lah lg kot..

Liza? Haha..xleh aa kang aku yg x larat nak layan dia ngomel plak!

By Blogger fhana, at October 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM  

rumah aku pon penah kene break in!!! aku tgh tido org tu bukak pintu bilik aku. tp aku tk sempat jerit dia dh blah.

seyes trauma. dlm seminggu aku dh cr rumah lain n pindah tros. house owner tanak pulangkan deposit plak tu. padahal rumah dia yg lack securities.

maa, doudemo iii.. yg penting kene selamatkan diri.

By Anonymous didie, at October 22, 2011 at 8:16 AM  

aaaaa didi u're not helping!!huhu..bikin aku suspens. Malam td first night sorg (padahal penah je sorg2!) masuk rumah yg terasa kekosongannya sedikit creepy...

By Blogger fhana, at October 22, 2011 at 9:49 AM  

ala tp kalo pencuri tu dh nk masuk, mmg dia akan masuk gak. tak kira security loose ker tight. aku pindah kuar sbb trauma jer.. tk bleh dah nk dok kat umah tu sbb akan teringat2 n terbayang2.

By Anonymous didie, at October 22, 2011 at 12:15 PM  

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