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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

life big plans?

let me be honest..i never really put on paper, when it comes to 'financial plans'. i just save what i cud, s'times they stay, s'times the run away. haha. i've been living a care free life i shall say. few months ago i realized that maybe i shud start setting a target of a certain savings for getting married, buying a house etc. maybe because in my mind i knew when the time comes i dont want to wait any longer just because i dont hv enough money,  and i knew whatever it is all the expense will be on me, cant count on family and stuff..and at the same time a 'my home' is of cos essential. to be honest there is still this slight hope in me that maybe, maybe i cud still get that dream of buying a home together with the man i'm starting a family with but look what that hope brought me? guess that hope is somewhat i was making plans, life plans for the next 2 years or so, and actually writing it down on paper, to see how much i need for umrah, then for buying a house - u still need cash money right? cant rely solely on epf money right? i heard the rule of thumb is to have some cash for the d.p x 2. so roughly, i wud need abt rm40k. i hv no idea how  much i cud get from my epf, say around rm15k~20k, can aah?and counting together abt rm7.5k for umrah budget (including pocket money..), i need to save up abt am speechless. ok how do others do i actually weh? then i start jotting it down, the plan. on paper it actually seems possible. but at the rate i'm earning, it very much means no entertainment and no treats for self anymore..assuming i wud still be here untill end of 2012, with monthly saving plan yg agak x masuk akal, assuming there wud still be bonus at the end of 2011&t2012, after clearing out all credits, debts and stuff, i may only be able to go a bit closer to buying a 'my home'  somewhere end of 2012 - that is if it was still possible at that time with only abt rm40k of funds. which means for now i can only plan n dream, no point surveying now when u cant really buy right? not that u can book a house and the price stays untill the next 1 and a half year...owh and no, i'm not planning on anything big. a nice little 2 rooms or studio type apt. will do, gated and secured. one room also can, the room will be the closet@guest room, i'll tun the living room into a living+dining+ bedroom lol. rindu life kat nihon dulu, how cosy it was to have everything in one space kan? makan, minum, tido sumer situ my head, it will afterall be a little hut for one anyway. how often wud family or guests come nway. maybe few years after that the room can be turned into a nursery room for one lucky girl@boy, a gift from above..ok lets not go there, but i want to have a child. LIKE SERIOUSLY be a mummy one day. so even if the hope of getting married like normal ppl do seems to be too far fetched one day, and i may lost it then..but the hope to be a mother will never subside. one way or another, i have faith that i will be one, be it for my own bred or not. it may take another 3-4years for it to come to that stage, for me to be ready to do it but when that had to happen, the plan of a 'my home' and a better (=higher paid) job will be big points. so this better work. no, i better work for this. tho it scares me knowing it will be tough, huh who thought i will hv to buy a home by myself..but i took comfort in knowing i hv nothing to rush really. one thing at a time. it goes like umrah-my home-change job@location and be a stay at home on weekends woman since i probably wudnt have money left for going out, having to pay for the house monthly anyway...maybe spend more time in photography and baking. but then it hit me!!ironically, in this plan, lined out for the next 2 years to come, getting married is not in it. in the past i always include an imaginary 'getting married' plan in my yearly plan. every year in fact. *blush while lol*. cos i thought, if i want it so bad i might as well make plans for it. nanti biLer dah jumpe xyah sibuk2 nak mental prep. LOL. Dr.fadzilah kamsah pon ckp gitu dowh. but i suspect getting married wont be in my 30y.o resolutions that i will hv to make pretty soon. am not sure if thats good or bad.

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mmg patut plan awal2 dan letak target sbb lagi senang utk fokus..bila cakap mulut je, mmg kita jadi alpa..akhirnya, impian terkubur..

aku pun ada big dream utk ada rumah sendiri by 30y.o tp skang aku anjakkan ke umur 35 y.o..masa single n dah jadi isteri org ni, perspektif tu dah berubah sikit n skang tgh berpkir2 pasal utk settle down keje yang secure..

By Blogger tUtyRAhiZa, at September 8, 2011 at 10:03 AM  

..aku dah lama gak bercita-cita nak tuka keja, nak ikut secure tpt skrg ni sgt secure. Maybe sbb tu payah nak benti..the only sbb kalau benti is sbb nak higher monthly pay, Tp makin lame makin susah nak carik tpt yg konsider current job as related experience.
Sbb monthly tu yg penting utk another 30yrs to come kan, dpt yg lebih balance bulan2 brlah tenang hati nak beli umah..kalu cam current ni agak kowai gak nak beli umah sesorg, papehal xde back up mau umah kena lelong huhu ~

By Blogger fhana, at September 8, 2011 at 3:54 PM  

good start. seriously kena ada target. kena tulis kat kertas, strategy n everything. barulah kita akan move forward. skrg ni boleh survey2 dulu jenis rumah, location, value etc sambil2 saving. when the right moment comes, insyaAllah u ll get it. pasal kahwin, ada anak tu kita x boleh plan coz it is out of our control. jodoh di tangan tuhan. apa yg boleh kita buat is just berdoa hari2 seikhlas yg mungkin, saving for the future, gain knowledge for ilmu rumahtangga & just be prepared. jgn terlalu mengharap sgt & enjoy ur life. aku rasa bila kita happy & comfidence with our life, then it will come naturally :)

By Blogger Atsueyan, at September 10, 2011 at 12:18 AM  

Honestly aku dah jemu dgn org ckp enjoy life n be happy it will all come naturally craps tuh..truth is kita xleh nak tipu diri bila kita happy atau x...
Momentary happiness tu mmg la ade time to somehow bila balik rumah sabishii tu is the problem..

By Blogger fhana, at September 10, 2011 at 7:28 PM  

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