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Sunday, August 7, 2011

experimental - walnut apple crumble cupcakes!

it was a vr mandom saturday.
bangun pagi lagi dah bosan thinking that petang nanti time buka baru nak jumpe org.
dok rumah layan angry bird pon x lama tahan..kejap dah bosan. tv lagi lah..makin geram dgn astro ni, biler wiken jek sumer repeat citer2 spjg minggu. ade tuh dah tgk 2-3 kali wei. agak2 laaa bill dahla mahal!hish.

lps tghari gitu terasa nak bake sthg. kebetulan semalam bday jem, and since petang ni nak gi berbuka ngan gundai tachi, ok gak bake sthg. then ade org nak makan abeskan.
baking is like a therapy actually, cuma bahaya if i keep baking when no one'2 around to eat them. kang aku gak yg makan. ape kes.
so the target today was to bake sthg out of whatever ingredients i already have. since we're having iftaar at a public place. kekyoku decided to use the apples in the fridge..then, dang! no eggs. lecehla nak wat kek xde telur. last2 terpakse gak jalan gi tesco. sejak ade tesco dpn umah ni takat barang sket2 mmg xyah drive dah. lagi jauh nak pusing kalau drive :p

so decided to make some cupcakes out of these apples. paling senang kalau buat apple crumble laa but nak bawak makan kat luar a bit i tried incorporating my fav apple crumble recipe with some apple cupcakes. added a bit of walnuts in the crumble for extra crunch :p
maybe i shud write a tutorial on this one.

the recipe:


diced apples, in two sizes. a cup of small, and abt 2 in bigger cuts. the smaller one will go into the cupcakes while the bigger one will be cooked with sugar.

walnuts, crushed. can use almonds if preferred.

the crumble

cold butter butter 100gm ( diced)
brown sugar 65gm
flour 150gm
custard powder 2-3 tbsp
walnuts 70gm (crushed)

- rub in the butter with the flour with your fingers untill they resemble bread crumbs. mix in sugar and custard powder then walnuts. mix and set aside.

apple stew.

- cook the diced apple in a small saucer adding a couple tbsps of sugar and a little cinnamon powder. cook untill the apples are a bit cooked but not completely out of shape. give it a little
taste to make sure that its good to go - or in today's case, hentam sajalh :p
set aside.


flour 200gm
brown sugar 200gm
castor sugar 100gm
large egg - 1
large egg whites - 2
baking powder 1 tsp
milk - 1/2 cup
salt - a pinch
vanilla extract

- cream the butter with a mixer. when its all fluffy, add in sugar and beat untill fully beaten. add vanilla extract and milk and mix well.
- add the mixture of flour + b.powder to the butter mixture and mix untill just mixed.
- line the muffin tin with muffin cups. spoon in the batter about 3/4 full. top with the cooked apple and crumble.
-bake for 25-30 minutes in the oven at 180 deg. untill the crumble on top become nicely brown, and the cake tester comes out clean of crumbs.
- leave for a few minuted, take them out of the muffin tin, and let cool on the wire rack.

ready to get into the oven!


the results, soft and crumbly - delicious warm or at room temp.

Brought the cuppies to the lil iftaar with uni friends. just 8 of us at a chinese muslim restaurant, Qing Zhen in Novotel Hydro Majestic Hotel, Jalan Kia Peng, KL.
what we thought was to be a course dinner turned out to be a buffet. huhu..someone got mamai and referred to a 2007 promo :p
but the buffet was nice, not too much and well different from common malay buffet. priced at rm65++tax per head. very nice ambience ang private. there were only maybe 5-6 tables that were occupied and we took our own sweet time enjoying the dinner. the surau was small but still much comfortable than
the dim sum tho, couldnt compare with the ones i had last week heh..that was still the best ~

so setel satu iftaar wajib ngan close friends. am thinking to tone down this year. maybe one more with besties amal and cikyam. then will pass on others. even maybe the office one. done going round and round the town getting lost at those 'peak hours'. almost gave up today getting lost around the there just in time for the azan. i actually screamed in teh car feeling all frustrated for having to go around and around the town listening to the stupid garmin.

tomorrow will be another day of mandomness. no plans whatsoever. maybe will make that trip to m.ngah's place in banting, sambil melawat bulan2 puasa ni, bleh gi borong kerepek at that kilang she works at.
another friend asked to join for iftarr just around rawang tomorrow, but havent figured out whether i wud go or not.

maybe its somebody else i wish to be with at this time. somebody so close yet so far.
and no, am not going to make that call again. these days i'm praying hard to get pass it, but i guess time is the best medicine but yet i am not quite there yet.

p/s: am adding some items in my wishlist for the next time i got extra cash to splurge - a new heavy duty mixer ( the one with the bowl, aluminium), new pots and pans for easy cooking and baking the kitchen...and a nice notebook for all my recipes and cooking ventures. right not my recipes are all over the place. ermmm, maybe i cud start with the notebook...

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