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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


tsk. overslept again. wasnt suppose to sleep early last nite, got stuff to do. but ended up 8.30 lelap jap sedar2 dah midnite. pastu terusla tido sampai pagi, tho cam tido2 ayam asek tebangn je (sbb dah telebey tido?!) was supposed to settle things i cudnt do during the day even tho i almost got nothing-NADA to do at the office. things i want to do sumer xleh wat kat opis..edit personal photos, update c.v lagi laa..penah gak cuber wat tp xleh focus. maybe can try today huhu..tulah skrg dok umah xde lain mesti nak tido jek..its like the easiest thing to do to let time pass quickly. lembap aa oak cani, siag kat opis pon xde mind simulating activity, balik umah tido jek pulak..maybe kena guna taktik lepak mane2 cam wiken gak :-| OR maybe shud amek cuti saje2 lg?

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