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Saturday, July 30, 2011

durian cheesecake!

its the durian season again!

k.linda pernah mintak butakan dulu, tp x smpt buat season dah abes this time around tak buang masa dah, cpt2 tanye if dia nak.

so this is for k.linda, first official full-size order.
actually dah buat smlm lagi, sbb malam td gi tgk movie, tak smpt.

9"x1.5", weigh about 1.5kg (maybe more!) ..still mcm experimenting tp this seems to be just nice for a 9" cake, kalau ringan lagi nanti the cake rendah sgt, not nice.

ok, so will be delivering the cake now.
then balik umah make another one for jem to deliver tonight, another mini one for amal, and the brownies too for tomorrow :p


p/s: owh the price btw..rm60 for the full size.

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