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Saturday, July 23, 2011

brownies for potluck!

ok..this will be a very2 brief entry as i am running out of time to pack and leave the house.
dinner with besties plus one and two at the best japanese buffet in town, munakata at kl life centre. a midnite movie later one - watching harry potter!
then sunday morning, have a lil street shooting xtvt planned with some camera addict friends. meet up time is 8am at pelita klcc, so uhh it will an early day!

maybe sampai tghari kot jalan2 carik gambar, then petang having a potluck hang out at naza's @ putra heights. semangat mau pizza party :p
and i made some brownies for the potluck, as shown in the pics.
nampak sedap kan?
i got to taste a bite, and trust me, it is heaven!!

btw, its called *over the top brownies*
- double choc brownies topped with creme caramel-
well, double choc for the cocoa and choc used in the brownies. and the caramel topping, just makes it over the top!

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