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Saturday, June 11, 2011

PD revisited!!

It all started when amal asked when can we have a sleepover session anytime soon?
(ok..trying not to sound like yam's blog entry lol~)
i always had sleepovers at amal's parents place before she got married :p
after that, we had one at yam's place when K.S was not home for an outstation to Japan..catching up sambil berlepakan dpn TV, sambil makan ice cream and munching on junk food lol~
then in january we went to bukit tinggi for my birthday. it was gloomy all weekend - rainy season la, but we really enjoyed the room, while not outside trying not to get wet heh..
ayra had good time playing with the rabbits, err while i was just too gelikkk.

so last few weeks, amal initiated the idea of going for another trip somewhere. i got excited straight away but held my breath while the two girls get the greenlights from their hubs.
few days later got the great news - yeye once again K.S and M.K were being a sport and wud let me kidnap the girls (plus ayra!) for a weekend trip somewhere.
so start laa brainstorming for a place to go..of cos we cudnt go too far lah since it'll be an all girls trip, waht with yam and amal being pregnant, and having ayra along. an ideal place is somewhere with a nice pool - for ayra and her guardians to enjoy as well heh..
we somehow decided on PD, since ayra have not had her beach outing yet, at first trying to get a room at the Lagend Water Challets tp with the school hols the rates are absurd rm600++ last2 i booked a room at the Thistle PD - a very nice 4-star hotel, recently refurbished with nice rooms, big pools and a decent stretch of private beach!

sampai2 pd perut sudah lapar! after checking in into the room - a very nice room by the way, with really nice view of the pool and the beach, we decided to go for a drive to teluk kemang to find lunch.
had a sempoi lunch at a stall along the pesta area at teluk kemang, really enjoyed my chooice of lauk - siput sedut masak lomak cili api. wuu tak ingat dah biler last time makan siput sedut actually. lepak2 a while, jln2 sket around the pesta, bagi ayra tgk kuda, then gerak balik.owh before making the turn into our hotel ( ok we paid for it so it is ours la kan?), made a pit stop at this supermarket mesra, buying stuff for our little dinner project that night hehe...
home made kimuchi nabe dinner lol! and a very nice one!

balik hotel terus we changed into out swimsuits - owh me and my new suits haha. excited gile. still gayat woo tak reti nak float in the pool, gayat sama level ngan ayra hehe..
bising ayra jerit aunty faarahhh sambil peluk kuat2 lam air tu, dia tatau aunty ni pon x reti swim gak haha..seb baik kaki jejak!
sejam gak berendam lam pool tu, seronok giler! too bad gambar my camera takde la, tak water proof hehe..yam jek ade amek gamba with her magic camera hehe, maybe i cud curik a photo later lol~

malam..hoho..we stayed in, making our own dinner! yam brought her mom's electric cooker, and with what we bought at the supermarket earlier, we made kimuchi nabe! with yam's kimuchi no moto and amal's cabbage rolls kimuchi, it was a miracle NOT to make really delish one!terbayang lagi betapa sedapnye nabe tu huhu..amal, biler 'kawan mak' ko tu nak gi korea lagik? leh kirim huhu..
we bribed ayra with anpanman on the lappie, while we dig in the nabe! habis satu periuk~
*and desert later with my cheese cake*

lps makan golek2 la atas katil, ayra on her own bed hehe..tak kacau mummy and aunties on the very nice super king bed :p
macam wajib pulak biler gi sleepover memane mesti memalam lepak golek2 layan cerekarama kan! kena plak citer yg best nak dikritik hehe..sampai ke sudah jugak kitorg tgk dlm byk mengomen tuh heh. abes jek drama, tutup lampu lah sbb nak paksa mek kecik tu tido..pastu tak sampai 15mins rasenye ngan mak2 budak sumer dah dlm mimpi..zz..maybe its the age? dah takde stamina nak pillowtalk lelama..dulu2 time study sampai dah mamai2 pon nak sembang lagik. sampai cakap ngarut2. haha good sweet old times :p

sunday morning, we had breakfast ala kadar in the room, didnt take the breakfast buffet. went to the beach early morning. we had fun having the beach all for us! ayra really was fascinated with the sea. we practically had to drag her out of the water! sonok main air and main lambung2 (pulak dah~) ngan aunty2.

puas main air..sumer dah penat, back la to our room, siap2 mandi2 packing2 to check out. konon nak layan pool lg pon dah tak larat heh.
babai pd, we had so much fun!
i had fun personally cos of these beautiful people who again and again are willing to take that effort to do stuff with me.
amal, u're right people who stay in our lives are those who are so commited to us. so they choose to stay even after knowing all our goods and bads.
and in our case, its a lifetime commitment i wish we cud share. family who are not bonded by blood, but by common understanding and thoughts.

love u girls lots.

our room! nice, cosy and big-big bed!

the big pool ayra keeps calling 'sea~' hehe gambar curik from yam's blog :p tq babe.
(how did we manage to snap this eh?)

amal and ayra in the sunset

...same as above!

and more! kesimpulannye amal menang kategori aunty paling rajin melayan hehe..

our desert ~

our homecooked..or hotel room cooked?? kimuchi nabe! yumm!

bribe ayra with anpanman!!(unlike other kids, she's more into anpanman than upin ipin yek!)

us. blurr sket, auto focus turned to manual duhh..

memula berkepit laaa ngan (aunty) amal~

some moreeee~

and moreee~

my honeybees :p

cheese ~

ayra survived her first beach with flying colors!

it was really early in the morning, we practically had the beach for ourselves.

..ayra was just too fascinated with the water :p

pardon the big red bag! ada lens dowh lam tu..trying not to get it wet lol~

pandai gak ayra tgk kamera sambil adjust ketinggian hehe..a precious pic of the 4 of us!

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