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Friday, May 27, 2011

busy weekends ahead!

ok, so beginning this coming weekend, my schedule is (almost!) fully booked :p                       WEEK 1: 28th ~ 29th - weekend getaway with amal, c.yam&lil ayra@PD!! >>CANT WAIT!!                                    WEEK 2: 4/6- ATTENDING WDDG@MUAR.                                           5/6- SHOOTING@WDDG@BP.                                WEEK 3: 11/6- ATTENDING NIKAH@PUCHONG.                                  12/6- ATTENDING WDDG@PUCHONG.                   *11/6 -TENTATIVE ATTENDING WDDG@T.TITIWANGSA.    WEEK 4: 18/6 - ATTENDING WDDG@SABAK BERNAM.        WEEK 5: 25/6 - BOWLING@BUKIT BERUNTUNG CLUB.                                                                                                          ..this also means busy days ahead. since shooting job means extra time needed to process the photos, print and arrange an album. attending weddings mean presents shopping which i love doing but since weekends are full, probably gotta do it one of the the weekdays. then there's the on going department sports thingie so squeezing in badminton ,volleyball, paintball, bowling in between as well. owh and still x jumpe lg kain nak buat baju for the july wddg. ade 5 kali kena attend majlis in june mcm kat atas tu so abes dah rotation baju2 best utk dipakai...AGAGAGAGA *alasan for a new kebaya :p

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