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Friday, May 9, 2014


Semalam sgt susah hati sbb perlukan satu dokumen penting dari uni ku kat jepun nun.
Masa tu wish sgt la uni ku itu dekat2 dlm negara je..kononnye, mungkin senang nak apply la. Emailed the one contact person at the uni office that i have and also the party who required the document, explaining and bargaining (seb baek keja selalu buat email, laju sket nak buat ayat, by which time dah after office hr so this morning br dpt reply. But was so-so pleased to hear thay they were working on it right away, tambahan lg atas bantuan kohai(junior) tolong bayarkan for the print, yg sebenarnye kohai ni x penah jumpe pon...and despite the p.i.c was on leave in the morning, the document was well on it's way to its intended recipient by 4pm!
Berair mata bila baca email dari uni office tu(ye sy mmg cpt sebak)!

Tarik balik wish nak uni dalam negara. I shudnt be suprised. Japanese are strict on d/lines, rules & regulations. But they would also go to extra length helping people, especially in their service line. And they can really pull things off real fast! Sthg we still lack of, in public & even private services (berapa kali dgr cerita dokumen yg dihantar ke pejabat2 uni contohnya, m.i.a atau tiba2 muncul2 selepas sekian lama?)
I know many wud agree that we miss this when we come back home.
Working with them though can be pretty stressful because we're not used to  'near perfect' expectations, but maybe thats why their service is so darn good!
Bukan nak kata jepun xde kelemahan, ada jugak yg bila datang sini contohnya lama2 dah x berapa nak jepun, tapi cuba tinggal di kalangan mereka kat sana, u'll learn more good than bad  if u choose to see the right ones.

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