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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sayonara 2013, Youkoso 2014!!

Welcomed 2014 with a chaotic day, finally after 7 years, paid a visit to bengkel cermin to get a new glass for my back foor.
arghhh..stressful day.
am only in town for a day ++ technically, and had to spend 3 hours waiting for the glass to be fixed, still considered myself lucky finding a shop that was still, in business in this lazy pre-new year day.

so yeah, hooray to new glass!
there goes the budget for a little reward for self this month  :p

nevermind, i'll standby for somebody one day this month to cover it up heh.

What happened in 2013?
I travelled, I went back to Japan that I missed so much. I took that trip to culturally & hystorically beautiful Cambodia that I've been meaning to do since the last two years.
I learned diving, finally got my OWD license, still short of that swimming skills though! I'm gaining the confidence for my first diving trip after the license trip, soon in Feb  :p
I got a make over - in my career! Jumping from automotive to IT. Brushing up on interpersonal skills, on my speaking and writing japanese, meeting new people, learning how to start again. Got my cert in IT within the first 6 months and will be taking the Business Japanese Test thats very shining new in Malaysia, plus at least 2 certs in IT within the next year.
I moved to a new place - although still traveling back and forth. Well good frends are hard to leave behind. I am so glad of the people I know from the past 7 years its so difficult making new friends and starting new relationships with people. Everytime I am meeting someone new offering a friendly way of friendship I draw myself back not wanting to add complications into my life. I know I need new friends and a relationship but all I do is draw the line. It makes me feel safe for the moment. In this new place, I am a lone ranger more than before.
I feel slightly more secured financially after the career change thankfully, probably this new pattern and structure suits me better than the previous one. It got me the confidence I've long needed to start looking for my own singleton pad.
And now that I'm paying the rent on my own with no sharing housemates, I know I have to find that place soon!

So, 2014.
what will you bring me?

I got to figure out about recent opportunities that can happen if i want to venture..or just go with the flow and keep on building up this seemingly easy but actually difficult career.

Other than that, I just cant stand still and not do anything..i dont see myself just doing theis routine for another year or more.
2013 thought me that change can happen when I'm really serious about it.
So this year I will insyaaAllah continue doing it, in other aspects of my life as well.

I will spend more time with family and good friends..well who would want to spend time with me heh.
I will be a better muslimah and a person. I will start doing at least 2 things on the to do list - a business, charity, swimming, constant visits to the gym - any 2 of them.
I will eat healthyly, loose the extra kilos, targeting at -15kgs by end 2014, improving general health & well being.
I will work hard as long as i'm at it and spend more wisely, save up for a cozy little place for myself, go travel places i've been wanting to go, bring my family for little getaways. See the world and never wait for anyone when I feel ready.
I will read, in depth about life, history, culture. I will find an usrah group to join or re-learn Quran and Tajweed.
I will not regret about decisions I've made in the past, and start make better choices for my future.
Last, but not the very least and the very end of this wish list, I do humble-ly wish that I get closer to my jodoh, whoever and wherever he is. I know that its already written for me somewhere so it doesnt matter if it doesnt hapoen this year, I will put the wish to a wife and mother aside for now, and everytime the thought bothers me, I will remember to close my eyes and think "We are one day closer, InsyaAllah"

Ameen Ya Allah.

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