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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wedding chaos

Attending a function, wedding especially is always awkward. Unlike going shopping and other stuffs.
And although i drag the idea of attending weddings alone, i love attending weddings esp.when beong invited by people i know personally.

So todays i went to my bestie's lil bro's wedding in putrajaya - quite a high profile event, with vvips n such due to the father's position in the public service, which i shall not speak. Heh.
I've known the groom since he was just a boy, almost 15 years ago.
The only ppl i know at the wedding are my bestie n her husband plus the kids, her parents n the siblings including the groom. So once the event kicked off with with bersanding  makan beradab and all, tinggal lerr sorg.
hoho..another bestie was coming too but a bit late so i decided to grab a plate, find a seat thats the least obvious and have a bite. Still recovering from ibs so cannot risk delaying my lunch.
So i was having a peaceful time with just another guest at the table - no one i know - then suddenly this group of guys wearing identical baju melayu and sampins came to sit at the table, all looking good. Well baju melayu and sampins multiply a guy's handsomeness for about 150%. Trust me many would agree!
a closer look and i saw that each had a badge that says "team groom".
ok, awkward just became more awkward. Now have to control la makan kan :p

I was suddenly full and left the table, went inside to enjoy the montaj. Who doesnt like them! Perfect for weddings.
Then suddenly i saw a familiar face..thank God! Spotted an ex-colleague sitting nearby with his family, so i went over and said hi. Stayed on for a little chit-chat, more with his parents than the ex-colleague himself. The makcik is very friendly, or is it me who easily get friendly with makciks??!
Whats funny was that in the end, the makcik asked me questions like "dah berkeluarga belum?" Adik beradik berapa org?" Mak kerja ke?" Ayah kerja ke?"
Pulak..macam 'interbiu' pulak! Luckily i've been trained lol!
They left soon enough before i was asked weirder questions. And thankfully my other bestie and family arrived, so i joined them - finishing where i left off haha. The event had settled down so our groom's sister bff and the kids also came to join us for a bit, a usual reunion with this lot.
Left at almost 4pm thinking owh nooo..couple more hours left before having to go to work again. Zzzzzz...but i'm happy to see my best friends and their family.

So i guess, weddings are the most likely place to be asked sensitive questions. But cant help it that i love going to weddings.

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