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Monday, December 23, 2013

Sekuhara. what do u do when a friend told u of a possible sexual harrasment problem?
Being surrounded in the men-conquered environment before, i too had been in situations where i felt that some ppl i dealt with through work were trying to 'play' it to get things to be easier for them. But it never become physical, always just vocal or phsycological. Which is easier to avoid - i simple just avoid seeing that person. Asking colleagues, male colleagues to replace me.
But if it had been physical, what would i hv done?
This friend is clearly concerned, and i can see why. Its a shame that she feels that she cudnt tell anyone at work abt it cos it cud be just her feelings. Which is its not normal for these people(guys)at work (used to my colleagues!) to be touchy-touchy with us the minority among them. And well most of us were married anyway - ok except me, when i was still there.
The point is..i dont know what to tell her. And i wonder what i'd do if i were her. Creepy.

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