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Monday, November 18, 2013


A few locations i decided to start the list with. Places i can see myself settling down - well at this point of writing. if sudenly i'm getting married to someone..say, who lives in penang or jb(??!) the list will be invalid! heh!

The list:
- putrajaya
- bangi/kajang
- cheras
- sri kembangan / serdang
- puchong
- shah alam

Cyberjaya itself is not on the list yet..a lot of reviews on cyberjaya claim that it is still to early to say that cyberjaya will be a good place to stay. too many new projects are on going now people are talking abt a possible more supply than demand. Many ppl are still looking at cyberjaya as a place to work rather than stay, night time population still on the low, too many foreigners/students population is also not to my liking.
SO for now, cyberjaya is on the wait n see list.

Shah alam suprisingly has quite good rates. Found a couple thats within my range (on the smaller space), and at good locations. Need to narrow down to areas more towards batu 3 area. Need to consider the distance factor.

Thats all for a start.

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