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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm ITIL certified! level that is  :)
There are about 5 levels in the course, and the foundation course is compulsory for all in the company to pass.
While the first is sponsored, if one get unlucky enough not to pass, he@she wud have to fork out usd175 from own pocket money to sit for another one..
Hence the big suspens!

It was nothing too difficult..mostly definitions and concepts.
tp still, suspens to tetapla ade..sbb set of questions x sama. Takut jugak unlucky dpt yg susah ke. Nak hafal the whole module mmg impossible within the short course.

Anyway, passed it! With flying colors \(°o°)/

Walaupun hanya level macai compared to the next 4..but getting a cert within my first 3 months here is a good start!

And with that note...5 days off starts now!

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