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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Post GE13.

I am not so much of a fence seater, its been predetermined pretty much.
But i wouldnt be supprised if it turned out otherwise, I dont even mind really, there's a certain level of curiosity even, but not enough for me to change side.
I have been living in a state of such 'change' anyway and pretty honest, not a single change in my life anyway for the past 5 years.
my homeground on the other hand, I have seen continuous good service, and my family have benefited greatly throughout the years.

It is scary and sad seeing ppl's reaction, pre and post. Our attitude show what kind of a person we matured and how childish.
I pity people who are obsessed, from both parties cos all these people do when they say sthg, its beginning as though they're also talking abt themselves. Seriously.
I retrain from saying much because people are so defensive and offensive. I exercised my right to vote. And for what its worth, my silent vote is just as good. And I believe there are many like me. People can judge, but that wont change anything.

Politic is a very subjective matter - like food, colors etc.
There's a reason why one likes it black and the other one likes it white.
Sometimes there's also a very thin grey line in between, but enuff to make it a decisive point.
And sometimes 'like' is not even in the equation, sometimes one stays with black when there is some thing that is just so unacceptable in white.
At least thats the case for me.

A serious reflection should be on the top of the list for both sides, why, why &why as the japanese love to ask.

There's a reason why majority drops.
There's a reason why people like me are not convinced enough to trust to change it altogether.
I had my reasons. It is not permanent, but it is the reason for now. And i know and see people where i come from that feel the same.
Yes for the opposition, it is easy to be pointing fingers at the system alone, but majority did drop and the pattern of some groups and places did come out quite obvious and overwhelming, so was it really just the system?
Look at the graph of comparison between GE 2004,2008 & 2013 of the seats taken by the parties - I say, who won and who lost is really very subjective.
In johor it used to be said that it is a fortress, but see what happened last sunday?
Same thing in pahang and melaka.
Voice of the people does prevail in the end, it should be heard and learnt by both sides.
We cannot expect the system to be in our favor 100%.
Just because the support for one party seemed so havoc pre-election doesnt mean they have more votes.
One friend actually said that the votes that remain for the government only come from those katak bawah tempurung.
Seriously..if that is the attitude, I'm curious what will happen if they eventually really win.
Maybe no need election anymore.
Perhaps maybe even more kuku besi than ever.
They forgot that people in the village are rakyat too and have rights to choose too.
Their cause may be local, but can we say its less important?
Urban, ambitious people want to change the country but after the election they wud leave their kampungs and leave these people behind, so who in the end wud face these 'local' issues.
Silent majority is still relevant to this date.
Actions speak louder than words.

The change the 'urban' people are so confident about didnt happen, but if we look closely there are some great and shocking losses on this side as well,my homeground state used to be one solid color, but now a few more has been taken.
Even a great people-leader who has been a great MB for 18 years lost to what people are playing as a racial factor.
What does that tell us?

I feel disgusted at myself for this racist thought so I'm going to stop commenting on that...we are all guilty of having that occasional thought or sentiment on others, but to say it out is wrongness at another level.

Anyway I personally feel living in a multiracial country like Malaysia there are certain things that we have to tolerate, and some things that we need to guard.
Ketuanan dan iman jangan sampai tergadai tapi kita juga perlu jaga sensitiviti dan hak yg lain.

Democracy is all everyone screams for, but ironically why get offended too much by this turn out? As if our votes as malays count more than them?
One can search for the percentage of registered voters and percentage of those who actually voted that day.
Who to blame when there are still many who fail to register, and then too lazy to come out to vote when others dont even mind flying back from overseas to do it?
The government again?

And all the dirty politics by both sides, defamation pre and post, personal attacks, including claims on how corrupted the process was, i notice most of the time people love to jump into the wagon, one click of 'share' then oee wud feel so great that he@she is voicing the right, but how many times really those things are really legit? I was tempted many times to just create a story and see how many wud believe@share@like it. I bet it will sell. My point is, if i dont see it, its going to take more than that for me to believe. For me, I stopped listening and believing most of the stuffs, the hearsays..unless it comes from a person who really experience it firsthand or if it is of my direct observation. My decision in the end was based on guts, my own life experience, careful consideration, faith and out of love for my family and my country. It is not a perfect choice, there are flaws in what I believe but what can i say, the best within the worst? Sad but thats how it was. For me. in

Let us take a chill pill and improve ourselves and let those people on the hot seats take a breath and walk their talks.

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